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Have you had covid?

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snowberryZ Sun 20-Mar-22 08:38:49

I've managed to dodge it so far but feel it's only a matter of time!
I still mask up and sanitise going round the shops but yesterday I got back to the car, took my mask off and sanitised my hands and rolled down the window because it was stuffy.
And a woman parked really close to me, got out and literally coughed into my open window! No hand over her mouth or anything.
Some people atre disgusting. She could have turned away at least.

Only a matter of time.
I have friends who've had it 3 timesshock

ShazzaKanazza Sun 20-Mar-22 08:50:39

Yes I think it’s going to hit everyone who hasn’t already had it. We both had it in November 2020 before any vaccine and we were scared but got through it well with no after effects. I’m not worried about omricon. We’ve not had it since. I do think it will become like seasonal flu or cold. It’s never going away. I am though worried if my mum got it as she had various health issues.

Can you imagine the amount of people who would be isolating now. Before if you’d been with someone who’d tested positive you had to isolate for two weeks but now while you test negative you can go about your business potentially spreading it before that positive test. I wear a mask in enclosed spaces and medical facilities. I always wonder about people who’ve had it multiple times. Can’t believe someone coughed at you. Very rude. Fingers crossed she hasn’t passed anything on. I still cough into my elbow as was instilled in us early on.

tanith Sun 20-Mar-22 08:58:21

No and I’m still being careful. Both my daughters have also avoided it by being sensible so far.

luluaugust Sun 20-Mar-22 09:03:48

No we haven't yet, we are still careful out and about. Both DDs teach and have gone all this time until last week when GS5 and his mum both went down with it.

Galaxy Sun 20-Mar-22 09:08:19

No and have worked through the pandemic in a range of early years settings mostly with no mask, I was discussing with someone else in a similar situation whether we had some form of immunity, she got covid the week after our discussion.

rosie1959 Sun 20-Mar-22 09:10:38

Yes four out of our immediate family had it back in January the two people that were CV had bad colds myself and small grandaughter had no symptoms at all
If you are going to be out and about its a risk for all

Redhead56 Sun 20-Mar-22 09:11:34

No I have not had it so far my daughter tested positive but had mild symptoms we all stuck to advice and isolated.
I know it’s still out there it’s wise to mask up and keep sanitising and I do but we need to move on now.

LilacChaser Sun 20-Mar-22 09:11:49

No, never, despite quite deliberately trying to catch it over Christmas.

MerylStreep Sun 20-Mar-22 09:28:16

I had something very nasty in Dec 19 from which I still have no sense of taste and smell and developed some odd flavours in food.
But it couldn’t have been covid, could it because the WHO hadn’t been given the nod by China to release that information.

FlexibleFriend Sun 20-Mar-22 09:35:20

No and we are tested every month by ONS, my youngest son tested positive about 2 months ago but the rest of us avoided catching it and he had no symptoms at all. If it wasn't for the testing he would never have known he had it.

Ladyleftfieldlover Sun 20-Mar-22 09:36:52

As far as I know, probably not. But weren’t we told that we could have had it but without any symptoms? I have had a bad cold a couple of times - I have one now, but no chesty cough or loss of taste etc., or any of the other symptoms. My daughter developed covid last week and she’s the first in the family.

Shinamae Sun 20-Mar-22 09:40:45

Yes I have had it twice, the first time when they sent residents of our care home back from the hospital with Covid. ?‍♀️..The second time about a year ago. Both times I was asymptomatic and would not of known had l not taking a test.. still do lateral flow test every time before I go to work

LtEve Sun 20-Mar-22 09:43:31

I had it back in April/May 2020, didn't have a fever, cough or loss of smell or taste. Just had a blinding headache that came on every afternoon for a few days and felt very tired. I spent just under a week glued to the sofa or on a sun lounger in the garden. Dh tested positive a day before me and had a fever for half a day and was a bit tired but carried on working all through. Our adult children who lived with us didn't catch it as far as we know despite being in close contact with us all the time.
Since then I've been in contact with loads of people who turned out to have it but have not tested positive again.

MayBee70 Sun 20-Mar-22 09:43:42

No. But we’ve been uber careful. My son and his family are staying with us in a couple of weeks time…first time we’ve had anyone in the house other than tradespeople for two years, and I’m getting quite worried about it. Especially as I’m looking after my daughters dog the following week when they attempt, for the third time, to have a holiday abroad.

Nandalot Sun 20-Mar-22 09:50:14

Yes. In February. DGC who live with us brought it home from school. We all had very different symptoms. Most had sore throat and headache. I didn’t have that but had excruciating muscle pain down back of legs. We all had positive PCRs.

Coastpath Sun 20-Mar-22 09:50:27

I've not had it and only know one person who has. We've been very lucky.

Ailidh Sun 20-Mar-22 09:53:19

No. I'm careful but aware I'm also lucky. I only know one person, personally as opposed to hearsay, who has had it.

Elless Sun 20-Mar-22 09:54:37

I got it straight after Christmas, I was off my feet because I had had an operation on my foot so I hadn't been out. The only person I could have caught it off was my son who was going out to work. Luckily my asthmatic Husband didn't catch it, he swears it's the vitamin C he has taken since the beginning of the pandemic. It knocked me for six I was quite ill.

ayse Sun 20-Mar-22 09:59:56

I haven’t had it and don’t want it right now as I’m having tests at the hospital. I’m doing my best to steer clear of most people as I don’t want anything to interfere with diagnosis or treatment.

Froglady Sun 20-Mar-22 10:12:24

Out of 14 members of my extended family there are only 6 of us who haven't had covid; and the others have had it once, twice and even 3 times in the case of my great niece. I'm been very lucky so far and hope it stays that way.

Woodmouse Sun 20-Mar-22 10:28:38

No, I've not had it and I'm not worried about catching it because we're all going to get it eventually. My extremely vulnerable aunt and uncle have both had it and felt rough for a few days but they're both now "OK".

JaneJudge Sun 20-Mar-22 10:34:23

No and I have worked too over the last year and transported my dd to college daily (so her mixing) and one at school still.

All my sons have had it and my husband but not me or my daughter.

I did have a mild flu though in Feb 2020 but no testing then so who knows

Nannyfaraway Sun 20-Mar-22 10:35:10

I've got it at the moment. Tested positive on Wednesday. As I'm in Wales I have to legally isolate until Tuesday morning.
I would isolate anyway. Not feeling up to much still have a sore throat and headache and tired. My team leader also has it so probably caught it from her.
DH is away at the moment and he's fine

JaneJudge Sun 20-Mar-22 10:35:14


Out of 14 members of my extended family there are only 6 of us who haven't had covid; and the others have had it once, twice and even 3 times in the case of my great niece. I'm been very lucky so far and hope it stays that way.

it is weird isn't t? like some people seem more susceptible to catching it and others not confused

moggiek Sun 20-Mar-22 10:38:56

No, neither of us have had it. We’ve been careful, but no more than anyone else.