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Covid case surge

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Daisymae Mon 11-Apr-22 17:20:32

I thought that I would mention it as no one else seems at all bothered that 1613 people have died with Covid in the last 7 days according to the official stats. An increase of 45%. But I don't think that anyone is bothered.

Whitewavemark2 Mon 11-Apr-22 17:23:00

I am. And we are adjusting our behaviour as a result.

Elizabeth27 Mon 11-Apr-22 17:32:11

That is with Covid, not of Covid.

lemsip Mon 11-Apr-22 17:35:57

a hundred people were admitted to our hospital in a 7 day period, all with covid! has not gone away as some seem to think!
I have continued with precautions throughout.

Daisymae Mon 11-Apr-22 17:39:19

Sorry I was being factitious. My friends mum died week before last. I just think that ignoring the facts is official policy.

Pepper59 Mon 11-Apr-22 17:40:34

I can assure you it does bother me, but it looks like we are being left to it.

Daisymae Mon 11-Apr-22 17:44:10


I can assure you it does bother me, but it looks like we are being left to it.

Exactly. The Mail is leading with the drop in cases which is obviously because people are not testing as previously. I think cases may have peaked, but who knows?

Sparklefizz Mon 11-Apr-22 17:44:37

It bothers me very much ... for myself because I am still being ultra cautious, and for my adult son and daughter who are both teachers and see for themselves how Covid is affecting both children and teachers alike.

Grandson has had to miss several days of school because teachers are off sick with Covid. Infection is rife.... and look at all those people queueing at the airports - how much infection is being spread around there?

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 11-Apr-22 17:45:59

It concerns me that we have to search for the numbers now. No information given out each day as it used to be. It lulls people into a false sense of security and they behave as if it’s all over. Is this what living with it means?

kittylester Mon 11-Apr-22 17:46:53

A scientist on TV at the end of last week said that most people were going into hospital for something else and were found to have covid not being admitted because of covid.

Mollygo Mon 11-Apr-22 17:51:17

In school for the pandemic - and I managed to miss it. 4 days in the sunny south and now I’m isolating.
If people aren’t testing I can’t see how we can monitor anything.

Ailidh Mon 11-Apr-22 17:51:40

I am concerned. I've continued all precautionary measures. I am on Day 2 of Covid.

Daisymae Mon 11-Apr-22 17:51:55

Meanwhile Shanghai in is still in lockdown. Apparently China is still pursuing a zero Covid policy. What do they know that we don't?

Daisymae Mon 11-Apr-22 17:53:19


I am concerned. I've continued all precautionary measures. I am on Day 2 of Covid.

Sorry to hear that. I wonder if that's our future, an endless circle of infection. Hope you are soon better.

Joane123 Mon 11-Apr-22 18:02:50

It is extremely worrying. I have just tested negative after ten days. My next door neighbours have had it and a young man across the road - and those are the ones I know about.

growstuff Mon 11-Apr-22 18:11:19


That is with Covid, not of Covid.

Who says?

25Avalon Mon 11-Apr-22 18:18:00

I am also worried by the increase. Put my mask on to go in the small village shop and older man asked if he needs a mask. “Up to you” I replied “but there is a lot of it about and we need to be careful especially when we are older.” Off he went and got his mask.

Then next day I met another older woman in the shop with no mask. She assured me she’d already had Covid at the start and it was only like cold or flu. I pointed out people in the village who were currently very poorly. She was completely unbothered. So what do you do except try to protect yourself - I have a silver coated face mask.

rosie1959 Mon 11-Apr-22 18:29:26

Our hospital has just reported they have a high leval of Covid positive cases but the majority are there because of something else they just test positive on admittance. They only have one Covid patient in intensive care
What do we do ? Bring back masks do they actually do any good with Omicron

Yammy Mon 11-Apr-22 18:35:51

The elderly chap next to us died of Covid a few weeks ago. He actually caught it in hospital so though he is registered as dying of Covid, he had underlying very bad health issues. We do not seem to get the facts like we were with a daily update.

LOUISA1523 Mon 11-Apr-22 18:39:11

I am more laid back because I have now had covid , as has my partner, my 3 children's and partners and all my grandchildren...we were lucky that it was nothing more than mild cold mum who's 85 mixed with all of us yet never showed any symptoms....she goes about life as normal now I don't think she thinks about it at all ( although she's had her 4 jabs) .....I still wear PPE for patient facing contact at work... but because we don't wear it in the office anymore feels like life is back to normal....our ICUs have very few covid patients now and staff covid levels are significantly reduced...think we've turned a corner in my part of the NW

MaizieD Mon 11-Apr-22 18:56:19

I am extremely bothered OP. I'm also extremely bothered by the fact that covid is known to attack all the organs in the body and cause interesting effects, such as brain shrinkage and an increased risk of heart attacks.and more.. There is also Long Covid which can leave people incapacitated for 'normal' life for a very long time.

But let's not worry about that shall we. Hospitals are on their knees with staff off sick with covid, and huge backlogs of waiting lists, airlines are cancelling up to 100 flights a day because of staff sickness.. .but the government think it's all over... In fact, our Health minister thinks that we're world leading at beating covid...

I'm not only 'concerned', I'm very angry...

MawtheMerrier Mon 11-Apr-22 19:04:57

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Casdon Mon 11-Apr-22 19:12:45

We’re still getting the figures for Wales regularly, so I extracted the information about patients admitted due to Covid as opposed to patients with Covid last week.

‘The NHS also reports figures showing how many people in acute hospitals are actually being treated for Covid as opposed to being in hospital for another condition and contracting it there. As of April 7, some 93 of the 666 Covid patients in acute hospitals were being treated for the condition.’

So here it was between 1 in 6 and 1 in 7 reported Covid patients in hospital who were admitted specifically due to Covid. Hope that’s helpful, it’s no doubt available for England too if you know where to look.

volver Mon 11-Apr-22 19:45:14

For those concerned that we don't know how many cases there are and wondering how we will know if it has peaked.

The ONS survey is carrying on and is probably a more realistic picture of the Covid landscape at any one time, because it is a random sample and not dependent on people volunteering to be tested if they feel ill.

Released every week, on Fridays at noon.

Mollygo Tue 12-Apr-22 06:57:41

Thanks for that Volver. I’d forgotten about ONS and an estimate is better than no figures.