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COVID seems to have left me vulnerable to other infections…

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Mamma66 Thu 28-Apr-22 09:31:01

I had COVID two years ago and it left me with Heart Failure and utterly devastated my health. Two Cardioversions later, a great Cardiologist and medication means that I can still have a life even though things are different. I got COVID in January and again in late March. I felt a bit rubbish for about 5 days but gradually started to improve and then the COVID cough kicked in and shows no signs of abating. I lost my voice three weeks ago and have still not got it back. I now think I have Cellulitis and my leg is really painful. I obviously need a GP appointment, but getting one is nigh on impossible. I can’t even get one for 2/3 weeks time as you can only get an appointment on that day. At our practice everyone has to ring at 8.00am and once all the appointments are gone, that is it till the next day. I feel so disheartened. If I ring 111 then they take one look at my records and send me hospital and all I actually need is antibiotics. Apologies for being a bit miserable, I am feeling a bit sorry for myself.

aonk Thu 28-Apr-22 12:32:34

I’m sorry to hear that you continue to feel so unwell. The whole GP situation is dreadful. Is there a minor injuries unit near you? I one went with tonsillitis. There was a bit of a wait but I was given the much needed antibiotics. There has also been a mention on here recently of Push Doctor. I believe this is a phone or FaceTime service where you can get an appointment quickly. If finances allow there are other GP options such as Doctor Care Anywhere or a visit to a private GP. I hope you will soon feel better.

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 28-Apr-22 13:47:59

Have you tried getting an appointment with your Practice Nurse? they are often easier to get to see and can refer you to a GP or (in the case of ours) write a prescription for you.

Hope you feel better soon.

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 28-Apr-22 13:51:58

PS wait until after hours and call 111, you can often chat to them and get an appointment at your local hospital?
When MissOops was so ill we got an appointment through 111 at our local hospital, unfortunately it was only one person at a time allowed inside so we waited for hours in the car park, but she eventually saw a Dr. got an injection as it was so late they filled the prescription for us as well.

AreWeThereYet Thu 28-Apr-22 13:53:58

If you ring 111 and explain they may arrange for the doctor to see you, or at least supply a prescription to pick up if the doctor is to supply it. I called them a while back and they called my doctor, who called me ten minutes later and told me to go straight to A&E. We have to wait 6 weeks for an appointment at our surgery at the moment. Like you we can ring at 8 am but can never get an appointment.

ElaineI Thu 28-Apr-22 14:00:53

Mamma if you have cellulitis it is an emergency so you should say to receptionist "this is an emergency - I have cellulitis and could develop into sepsis" . You do really need seen even if you phone 111 and have to go to hospital. It is important and even more so with heart failure so please do call them. I am so sorry that covid has left you so susceptible flowers

Mamma66 Thu 28-Apr-22 21:03:52

Thank you all for your advice. We are travelling home tomorrow and I have decided I will ring 111 and see if I can get and appointment with the GP24 service adjacent to the hospital. I don’t think I dare leave it too much longer. Hopefully if they give me antibiotics I will soon start to feel better. Thank you for giving the push I needed. I will let you know the outcome ?

Mamma66 Fri 29-Apr-22 18:08:07

I rang my GP earlier today, who suggested that I rang 111, a nurse rang me back very quickly and suggested I present at A&E I have been triaged and am now waiting to see someone for a prescription for antibiotics. It’s Cellulitis which I am quite please about generally as the alternatives were not very good. So although it hurts like buggery (I didn’t realise how much it hurt) I feel quite cheerful at the outcome and have my positive pants on again ?