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Am I being too cautious about covid?

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NittWitt Mon 16-May-22 19:55:20

I am still going almost nowhere and meeting no-one except sometimes seeing a friend for a walk and going to the supermarket at quiet times & sometimes the post office etc if needed. I still wear a mask to the shops.
As an older person, 68, with a relative living with me who has health problems, not CEV tho, am I being too cautious?

Is anyone else still being as cautious as this?

NittWitt Sat 25-Jun-22 19:10:01

I hope you're not too badly affected Whitewave.
Get well soon.

You're very sensible to protect yourself growstuff and I hope the op goes smoothly for you.

Kate1949 Thu 30-Jun-22 10:26:19

My husband tested positive yesterday after all this time and four jabs. Thankfully he's not too bad at the moment. I admit we had become somewhat complacent.