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Confused - how long am I infectious for?

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Ann2 Wed 22-Jun-22 13:36:16

Feeling very confused! Do I need to wait for a negative test before being deemed not infectious? Government advice is to stay away from others deemed at risk for 5 days (not including) day of test. Reason for asking is that I am due to look after my grandson soon (10 days after positive test) and dil is not happy unless I have produced a negative test - many of my friends have not produced a negative test for 10- 12 days.

Teacheranne Wed 22-Jun-22 13:51:24

I think it is now up to us to make sensible decisions, I stayed in isolation earlier this year until I got a negative result on day 13 as I did not want to infect other people. If your DIL wants you to have a negative test result before looking after your grandson, then I guess you will have to agree.

I was actually quite poorly for over a week so was not up to leaving the house anyway but I would probably have felt different if I’d been feeling normal.

Okdokey08 Wed 22-Jun-22 13:54:31

5 days from the day AFTER you test positive followed by 2 consecutive negative results 24hrs apart, ( if still positive then rolls over till 2 negative) HOWEVER there is a tendency with this strain (which people are confusing as a bad cold or hayfever) for some of the symptoms to last quite some time. People are feeling better and that they have their energy back, but then realise they don’t have sufficient oxygen/ stamina to do the simple tasks, so it is affecting people in different ways. People can go to work if they have Covid, but it hasn’t went down well with others at work as the severity of symptoms can vary from person to person… and that includes the fully vaccinated.
The fact people are treating symptoms as colds or hayfever means fewer people are testing so it’s spreading like wildfire, as even the basic precautions are not being taken. On the other hand people who do have these symptoms and are testing are getting negative results maybe for at least 4 days before a positive shows up, so they either think they’re ok and don’t retest ( given that you have to pay for them now) and that’s why this situation is escalating. More and more people who are testing positive this time on LF tests are not registering it, so even though it’s being pointed out by the media that it is rising significantly, it is by no means anywhere near the figures outed by government. Understandable they want everything back to normal, and people will do what they want to do now, be it cautious or toss it! and maybe partly down to BJs attitude when it was at its height. Either way people will get on with their lives, with their own rules and common sense.

BlueBelle Wed 22-Jun-22 14:03:25

I tested positive for a full 2 weeks and didn’t go back to work until I had a negative test but I think people are much less inclined to test now I haven’t bought any test kits since they became priced so I m sure preople are out and about with it

Ann2 Wed 22-Jun-22 14:14:06

Just wondering what is the experience of others out there - how long before a negative test is achieved? Many thanks

aonk Wed 22-Jun-22 14:15:29

I have it and first tested positive 6 days ago. Yesterday’s test was also positive. I’m supposed to be looking after grandchildren on Friday and at the weekend. I intend to follow the NHS guidelines which advise 5 days of isolation before seeing other people. I know you can test positive for quite some time afterwards but it’s ridiculous to stay at home for that long. If you’re positive does that mean you’re still infectious?

Ann2 Wed 22-Jun-22 14:20:55

That is exactly my question.

Ann2 Wed 22-Jun-22 14:22:51

I believe nursery staff are able to return to work after government advisory 5 days without producing a negative test!!

Jaxjacky Wed 22-Jun-22 15:04:33

I was 9 days until my first -ve test Ann2, that was in April.

FarNorth Wed 22-Jun-22 15:34:57

I am due to look after my grandson soon (10 days after positive test) and dil is not happy unless I have produced a negative test

If that's what Dil says, that's what you'll have to go by.

Farmor15 Wed 22-Jun-22 15:56:03

I assumed I was infectious until I got a negative test, which took 12 days after 1st positive. I think the 5 day guideline was just to get people back to work sooner!
A person is probably less infectious after 1st 5 days, but while still testing positive, there's still some risk of spreading Covid.
So follow dil's instructions!

Ann2 Wed 22-Jun-22 16:16:26

Think I need to clarify my post - I will most certainly not disregard or question my DIL - I have suffered with covid anxiety during the pandemic for which I have sought and received help with - my anxiety is that I am still infectious as there seems to be blurred advice around the official advice.

Ailidh Wed 22-Jun-22 16:49:53

I had it over Easter and didn't test negative until days 11/12. I kept away from other humans until then.

I was having the very debate by phone with a friend the other day. She was planning on Day 4 to go out with friends "because the government says you can".

Me, I'd rather err on the side of caution.

FarNorth Wed 22-Jun-22 20:26:28

I don't understand why you're posting then Ann2.
Wait till your test is negative before you have contact with anyone else.
That way you won't risk infecting anyone unwittingly.

What other people do is irrelevant.

PamelaJ1 Wed 22-Jun-22 20:48:13

I waited till I was negative. I understand that this could be difficult for some but felt I should.
I wouldn’t be happy if I inadvertently infected a vulnerable person.

Knittynatter Wed 22-Jun-22 22:17:00

I’m day three and feel really rough - I can’t imagine wanting to go anywhere any time soon!

Ann2 Wed 22-Jun-22 22:21:38

Thank you everyone for your replies. I intend to isolate until I have a negative test. I was just interested in the interpretation and experience of others as I had not really thought about it until I tested positive myself.