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2nd Booster...

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farview Sat 03-Sep-22 10:24:29

Just opinions wanted..
I'm really not sure about having one...I haven't felt 100% since having the 1st booster... also had covid in March...

tanith Sat 03-Sep-22 10:54:51

Luckily i had no side effects so I'll be having mine when called.

growstuff Sat 03-Sep-22 10:56:42

I can't wait to have mine either.

BlueBelle Sat 03-Sep-22 11:03:41

I had no side effects at all but I m not sure
I m all CoviDed out I ll have my flu one but not sure I want anything else pumped into me I ve had 4 do I want 5 ?

Kandinsky Sat 03-Sep-22 11:06:29

I’ve had 3, not having anymore.

merlotgran Sat 03-Sep-22 11:24:51

I’m going to have everything on offer! ?

Greenfinch Sat 03-Sep-22 12:50:36

Will definitely have it but then I haven’t had any side effects so far.

Jaxjacky Sat 03-Sep-22 12:52:16

We’ll be having ours.

Shinamae Sat 03-Sep-22 12:53:48


I’ve had 3, not having anymore.


growstuff Sat 03-Sep-22 12:55:40

I've had three and, to my knowledge, never had Covid. I haven't had any side effects, so I see no reason not to have the booster.

Zonne Sat 03-Sep-22 13:36:10

The effects of the first three have pretty much worn off, and most people are as unprotected as if they’d never had one.

I’ve had Covid for the first time this week, and I’ve been not too ill, although I deadheaded half a rose bush yesterday, and that exhausted me so much I couldn’t finish it.

My CEV husband has it too, and despite being stuffed full of antivirals and prophylactic antibiotics, has an oximeter reading which is hovering just 2% above the level at which his doctor says we must call 999.

If you can have a booster safely, please do, for your own sake, and that of others.

Aveline Sat 03-Sep-22 13:57:24

Just received our appointments for Covid and flu boosters today. Glad to be having them.

nanaK54 Sat 03-Sep-22 15:17:51

My sleeve is rolled up already!

MerylStreep Sat 03-Sep-22 15:28:20

Neither of us are having it.
I thought I was in the minority in my circle of friends and family, but no, the vast majority aren’t going to have it.

Aveline Sat 03-Sep-22 15:50:57

I've never met anyone who doesn't want the vaccines.

Pittcity Sat 03-Sep-22 15:51:01

I'm itching for 12th September when the general booking system opens. Our GP is already booked up with oldies!
I take anything that's offered. We had COVID and it was like a nasty bout of flu. That was after all our jabs.
Having a full vaccination record means that we can travel without testing or form filling. Another plus.

farview Sat 03-Sep-22 16:22:24

MerylStreep same with my friends and family..

lovebeigecardigans1955 Sat 03-Sep-22 17:31:01

I've had the full complement and will have the booster and flu jab in October. I don't want to take any chances, having had bad flu twice and pneumonia in the past.

kittylester Sat 03-Sep-22 17:38:57

What is the criteria?

Esspee Sat 03-Sep-22 17:56:07

We’re booked for the 13th. This time it will be the flu and covid booster at the same time. We had them separately last year as I was unwilling to have both together but thousands did with no additional ill effects so we’re game.

I have been having flu jabs for many, many years as I was a carer for my mother. Her mother died of flu and many, many thousands including some I knew died of covid. I cannot understand anyone wanting to risk being a statistic of the next wave.

Are those refusing vaccinations willing to stay away from their doctor and hospital should they have a severe bout of covid or flu?

Esspee Sat 03-Sep-22 17:58:45

Another point is we want to be able to travel. If some countries demand proof of recent vaccination we want to have an up to date record.

Aveline Sat 03-Sep-22 19:39:25

Good point Esspee. I hope they maintain these requirements so we don't come up against unvaccinated people.

Pittcity Sat 03-Sep-22 19:43:41


What is the criteria?

All over 50s I believe.

Ginnytonic5 Sat 03-Sep-22 19:59:07

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Marydoll Sat 03-Sep-22 20:06:29

I have an appointment for my sixth vaccination in October.

I had very severe side effects from the first two, which were Astra Zeneca.
However, as someone, who is immunocompromised, I have no qualms at all about getting another one.
Along with anti virals, they stopped me becoming hospitalised with Covid, after being in contact with someone, who was asymptomatic.
I will be ever grateful to those scientists, who developed the vaccines.