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2nd Booster...

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farview Sat 03-Sep-22 10:24:29

Just opinions wanted..
I'm really not sure about having one...I haven't felt 100% since having the 1st booster... also had covid in March...

Minerva Mon 19-Sep-22 08:49:52

I had my 4th booster last week. One day a bit tired but otherwise fine. I too am so thankful for this protection.

Kartush Mon 19-Sep-22 08:50:49

I have had two covid shots and two boosters making 4 in total, had no side effects from any of them. If they told me to have another one I would have it no problem, the reason? I am 66 very overweight, all colds and flu turn into bronchitis as I inherited my dads limp lungs. I have had covid and it knocked me around for almost 2 weeks, all I can say is heaven help me if I had not had all the jabs.

Athrawes Mon 19-Sep-22 09:18:20

I had a Moderna jab yesterday [Sunday] at a walk in centre - all very well organised and friendly. No problems except an aching arm later in the day - and today. It was a sunny day and as you do in queues, you get chatting which was nice

SpringyChicken Mon 19-Sep-22 09:39:56

We had ours yesterday. As with the other three, I felt lousy yesterday evening. But we haven't caught covid yet and if we do, I'm hoping it will be milder than without the jabs. We'll never know.

MayBee70 Mon 19-Sep-22 10:58:52

I’m away from home at the moment. If I was at home I could have m covid jab 2 miles from my home but here I’d have to travel 30 miles. I really wanted to have it done asap.

Davida1968 Mon 19-Sep-22 11:27:37

Ours are booked with flu jabs. A no brainer, IMO.

Blinko Mon 19-Sep-22 15:18:30

If people have the flu jab, why wouldn't they also have the Covid jab? Same principle, surely?

Lexisgranny Mon 19-Sep-22 18:25:50

We were told that our jabs today (5th and 6th) would be done in tandem with the ‘flu jab, but it was not to be. However, there was no waiting, we went straight in and they even had a TV tuned into the funeral to pass away the quarter of an hour waiting time afterwards.

Aveline Mon 19-Sep-22 19:24:20

That's a nuisance Lexisgranny. Does that mean you have to go back for your flu jab? We're off for our tomorrow and hope to get them both.

Lexisgranny Tue 20-Sep-22 07:55:39

Aveline unfortunately yes, we will have to wait for the ‘flu jab. It’s usually mid October. For the first time out of the 6 that I have had, I don’t feel great this morning, hoping a couple of paracetamols will sort it out!

Bamm Tue 20-Sep-22 09:55:25

I am booked for 5th Covid vacination on Saturday. Have had Covid ( mildly) between 3rd and 4th vacination. I have refused flu jab as, after a severe reaction in 2012, I was advised by my doctor not to have it again. (Guillian- Barre).

Aveline Wed 21-Sep-22 10:41:58

Had Covid and Flu boosters last night. Much better organised than last time. Glad to have them though. I've printed out my certificate to present when we go on holiday next month.

effalump Wed 21-Sep-22 15:04:57

I know I'm probably a lone voice here but if you're only listening to local media and your GP, you really need to do some serious research. Even the Pharma companies are saying that the product is pretty useless. I wouldn't touch it with a barg pole. I'm in no doubt that this comment will be deleted too.

volver Wed 21-Sep-22 15:31:21

I doubt it will be deleted.

"Scorned" maybe.

Just off to do some research...

volver Wed 21-Sep-22 16:09:41

I really should add - that is all a product of someone's overactive imagination. Got any corroborating links effalump?

yogitree Wed 21-Sep-22 17:42:40

I have just had my 5th one 10 minutes ago. It’s Moderna with a resistance to Omicron added. I have never reacted to any of them and have never had Covid so was happy to accept it. I had a flu one just now too and that did sting a bit but worth it to stay fit enough to keep up my exercise which is really important to my health. Good luck everyone whatever you decide.

Sunnysideup Wed 21-Sep-22 19:36:23

Really don’t know what to do. The last one I had in December last year was flagged up by a neurologist as a possible cause for me having a seven day migraine with aura which completely floored me. Ended up in A&E as I was so frightened I was having a stroke. Have suffered with migraine for sixty years but never like that.

Iam64 Thu 22-Sep-22 09:14:13

I had my 4th Moderna with resistance to omicron. No problems.
We recently saw an emergency doctor covering our GP practice at the weekend. Having examined and prescribed for Mr i, he delivered a 15 minute lecture on the dangers of the covid immunisations. Strongly advised us not to have the latest variant. Mr i was unwell and neither of us challenged the inappropriate behaviour of this otherwise likeable doctor. There was a waiting room full of poorly people, yet he spent time giving us links to the conspiracy websites. Yes, we informed our practice.
I accept some people react badly to the immunisation. I’ve a friend whose long covid had her in hospital for a long period. Our GP practice encourages patients to have the vax. I trust them

sazz1 Thu 22-Sep-22 13:21:45


I don’t think it fair to put your allergies on this thread. The Covid vaccine team would not give a vaccine that was dangerous to someone who had had an allergic reaction on previous occasions . Makes me cross to think someone might be unprotected because of a scare story ?

Yes they would give the vaccine to someone who had an allergic reaction to the first one. My friend had anaphylaxis minutes after the first and ended up in hospital. She recovered really well and wanted the second one to go abroad. So she went to have it. They gave her a different vaccine but she collapsed again with anaphylaxis and was blue lighted to hospital again. Has recovered and all ok now

M0nica Thu 22-Sep-22 20:05:29

I am sorry but in that case the lady in question should just have accepted she couldn't travel and left it at that. To knowingly put your life on the line by having a second jab, even if it is a different vaccine, is, quite frankly, dicing with death. No holiday is that important.

growstuff Fri 23-Sep-22 08:09:56


I really should add - that is all a product of someone's overactive imagination. Got any corroborating links effalump?

I'd be interested in a link to this claim too.