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Autumn covid booster over 65

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Annapops Tue 13-Sep-22 19:18:35

Accidentally discovered today that over 65's are now eligible for their Autumn covid boost. This doesn't seem to be widely publicised which quite surprises me, but there again the news is dominated at the moment by the death of our dear Queen. I booked myself and DH online this morning for an appointment next week at a local pharmacy. Just thought I would let others know in case this information had passed them by too.

Blossoming Tue 27-Sep-22 14:49:56

I’ve had 3 texts and an email so far. I’m booked in on Saturday.

downtoearth Tue 27-Sep-22 14:59:34

Sent a reminder 2 weeks ago,having trouble accessing an appointment,as the centres are all more than 20 miles away.
No walk in centres or pharmacies,GPs locally have pulled out of vaccination programme,not sure what the answer to that ishmm

downtoearth Tue 27-Sep-22 15:02:48

Unfortunately I dont have transport or any other way of getting there as centres are not on a bus route.

Nanderin Wed 28-Sep-22 11:50:29

My husband had his last Fri. I asked my older sister who had 3 and she told me her and her husband are not having them because she doesn't need them to go to Spain. So know putting me off having mine as she says they don't work.

Nanderin Wed 28-Sep-22 21:26:07

Just had mine today

pandapatch Wed 28-Sep-22 21:54:23

Have had a text and and an email from NHS and booked for next month

Redhead56 Thu 29-Sep-22 00:21:58

We get ours today but not at our local Health Centre. Our Flu jab is two weeks time at our local Health Centre. It does not make sense why we go elsewhere for our booster IMO.

FannyCornforth Thu 29-Sep-22 06:14:40

I was invited for my seasonal booster a couple of days ago.
I’m not over 65, I’m 50.
It might be because I’m my husband’s registered carer.
Lots of near by clinics to choose from.

rosie1959 Thu 29-Sep-22 06:43:21

Our local Health centre has not had supplies so far of the Covid booster that’s why they have not been doing them along with the flu jabs
We have had announcements on local community Facebook pages that there will be drop in clinics within our town.

Ashcombe Thu 29-Sep-22 07:10:55

I had my fourth Covid last Wednesday and was quite poorly for about 24 hours. My first two were Astra Zeneca, from which I had little reaction. Last November, I had Pfizer for my third which gave me flu type symptoms for 24 hours.

In March I had Covid and was ill for a week. This time I had the Moderna vaccination to which I reacted the most strongly with a headache, the fidgets and confusion! Luckily, this disappeared quite suddenly the following day. All four were done very efficiently at a large local conference centre.

Yesterday I had my flu vaccination at Boots as I couldn’t get a date from my surgery until too near by planned heart surgery. Minimal side effects from this. Walk-ins as well as bookable appointments are available at Boots.

tanith Thu 29-Sep-22 07:29:59

I’ve had lots of reminders to book both my booster and Flu jabs from my GP surgery. I’m having my booster at my pharmacy on Sat but I’ll wait till end of October for my Flu.

Sparklefizz Thu 29-Sep-22 07:50:05

^ but I’ll wait till end of October for my Flu.^

Bear in mind that it won't be effective until mid November.

Fleur20 Thu 29-Sep-22 07:53:45

Had flu jab and covid booster yesterday.. no problems so far!

Athrawes Thu 29-Sep-22 07:56:45

Had my covid booster at a local walk in centre a couple of weeks ago which was handy and I'm having the flu jab this afternoon at our local pharmacy. I'm not going to have it in the same arm though!!!

Margiknot Thu 29-Sep-22 08:07:33

I got my Covid booster 10 days ago, but our area is awaiting the over 65s version of the flu vaccine. The under 65s in our household have all had their flu jabs but not covid boosters.

Dorsetcupcake61 Thu 29-Sep-22 08:25:24

I got my invite the other day and have booked for week on Saturday. The venue my previous vaccinations at not available. I don't drive and it was a 15 min taxi ride. New venue much further away. Easy by train ,but there's a strike that day! It's doable by bus but take a good couple of hours each way. I can do that and will do it! Walk in clinics were in next county.
I wonder whether reduction in sites is because fewer people be given it?
My flu jab is booked with local surgery but may pop into local pharmacy as quicker and more convenient.

Mamardoit Thu 29-Sep-22 08:25:54

We had notification from the surgery that we can have both the covid and flu jabs in two weeks time. Dh decided to book us into a vaccination centre for this morning. I think that will just be for the covid so will still need to book for the flu.

Georgesgran Thu 29-Sep-22 08:32:27

I tried to book for a walk-in last night. It was a fiasco. I have no access needs, so the message was there was nothing available for me and to ring 119. I then ticked for ‘car parking’ and got Kendal or Bradford - I’m in Durham!

Yammy Thu 29-Sep-22 08:39:46


Unfortunately I dont have transport or any other way of getting there as centres are not on a bus route.

Has your county got an organisation that will give you free transport for medical issues if you book ahead. Enquire at your GP.
They might have a number, the drivers have usually retired men who want to get out of the house . The other week my DH had to go to our local city hospital 20 miles away and I don't drive into the city. They organised transport for him that came and picked him up, then they got another driver to bring him back. They should have something in place for something so important when people can't drive.Give it a try.

downtoearth Thu 06-Oct-22 20:34:40

Thanks Yammy the Age concern that I used to volunteer and be on commitee with used to run the volunteer drivers scheme,it folded in March,due to lack of funding and committee members sady.
I have spoken to GP surgery,and the 3 local surgeries have all withdrawn from the vacination programme.
I am trying to find out for myself and several elderly friends,and drawn a blank each time.
We have 2 taxis which are taken up with school runs during the day,and the cost would be prohibitive,thanks for your suggestions,it is always lovely when another gran is being helpfulsmile

Jaxjacky Thu 06-Oct-22 21:08:20

I had an invite 2 weeks ago, booked at village pharmacy next week, invite from my go for covid and flu, just booked flu, ten days after covid.