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Autumn covid booster over 65

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Annapops Tue 13-Sep-22 19:18:35

Accidentally discovered today that over 65's are now eligible for their Autumn covid boost. This doesn't seem to be widely publicised which quite surprises me, but there again the news is dominated at the moment by the death of our dear Queen. I booked myself and DH online this morning for an appointment next week at a local pharmacy. Just thought I would let others know in case this information had passed them by too.

rafichagran Tue 13-Sep-22 19:27:12

Thankyou, I am just 65 so not certain I would get it. My partner will though.

joannapiano Tue 13-Sep-22 19:30:17

I first read of these in the Evening Standard on line, yesterday. Booked for DH and myself for Friday, on the website. Going to a big hall where we had the others done. It will be DH’s 5th, as he is classed as vulnerable. Several neighbours said they had been texted by their GP about this. We hadn’t.

joannapiano Tue 13-Sep-22 19:31:03

It is for all over 65’s.

ixion Tue 13-Sep-22 19:31:54

Thank you - I hadn't realised!
Now successfully booked.
Again, many thanks.

Annapops Tue 13-Sep-22 20:51:53

Our GP has not contacted us either. Looking at Sky news this morning online I came across a brief mention that 65's and upward could now book. I haven't seen this news advertised anywhere else but admittedly we no longer buy newspapers and only watch TV or read news online. Haven't read any mention at all on BBC site.

MayBee70 Tue 13-Sep-22 20:56:20

I spoke to my doctors last week and they said they weren’t doing them. And when I googled local covid vaccine centres there wasn’t one for miles.

Grammaretto Tue 13-Sep-22 20:57:13

Too late for me. I have covid. ?

Calendargirl Tue 13-Sep-22 20:58:51

I heard it on the 7 o clock am radio news on Monday, but when I went on the website, it hadn’t been updated to the over 65’s.

Was able to book it later.

Cabbie21 Tue 13-Sep-22 21:10:53

Last week I received my letter of invitation. I booked online but at that time it did not include over 65s. My husband booked the next day but there was much less availability, so I guess slots will go quickly.

Jaxjacky Tue 13-Sep-22 21:10:54

Our GP have said they will be doing both flu and Covid, notifications will go out when they have guaranteed vaccine deliveries. We’ll await that.

joannapiano Tue 13-Sep-22 21:18:28

Our GP is starting flu vaccination in October. We were anxious not to have the covid jab within a few days of the flu one in case of overload!

MayBee70 Tue 13-Sep-22 21:28:31


Our GP is starting flu vaccination in October. We were anxious not to have the covid jab within a few days of the flu one in case of overload!

Same here. I’m booked in for my flu jab on 21st.

cornergran Tue 13-Sep-22 21:50:16

Our surgery is only vaccinating over 80’s at the moment. Mr C is over 75 so booked a covid jab for him a week ago via the NHS site, he went yesterday to a local vaccination site. Noticing the lowering of the age range I booked yesterday and had my jab this afternoon. Really pleased. It seemed very easy to book the appointments. We’ve got flu jabs booked next week as we prefer to keep them separate.

Charleygirl5 Tue 13-Sep-22 22:05:20

cornergran it is sensible to have your flu jab and Covid vaccine separate in case you have a reaction and it is better to know which one is the culprit.

Are you not having your flu jab rather early as it is still September? I intend to have my flu jab in October and my Covid vaccine on Friday. I am fortunate and can walk into my local pharmacy without an appointment.

Ladyripple Tue 13-Sep-22 22:08:57

Thank you for that,just booked mine for Thursday.

Urmstongran Tue 13-Sep-22 22:12:18

Our GP surgery sent a text to us on Friday to book in for our 4th Covid jabs plus a ‘flu jab. We made appointments to attend in a couple of weeks.

dragonfly46 Tue 13-Sep-22 22:23:50

Our GP is doing the jabs at the same time but we opted to have the Covid first then the flu a month later.

Esspee Tue 13-Sep-22 22:38:42

That's us done and dusted. We got the bivalent booster and our flu jabs this morning. There were three options for the covid, Pfizer, Moderna and the latest bivalent booster. Felt a bit like Starbucks for choice.
Anyway we are feeling fine, both of us never get side effects with any medication.
NHS Scotland are doing a great job.

Daisymae Tue 13-Sep-22 23:23:50

Thank you. Just checked and we have booked for the next available date which is the end of the month. Having flu jab separately. Doctors sent a blank email recently maybe that contained some relevant information. Or maybe not

Ann2 Tue 27-Sep-22 13:35:25

Has anyone experience difficulty finding a reasonably local venue to have booster via NHS booking site? Husband had his appointment cancelled on Sunday evening, for yesterday as pharmacist was ill - since then only appointments available are 15-16 miles away or there are non available. Are new appointments added daily/weekly?

Keeleklogger Tue 27-Sep-22 13:37:37

Had ours on Saturday at the local pharmacy. Booked online no problems

seadragon Tue 27-Sep-22 13:51:28


Too late for me. I have covid. ?

We were both sent an appointment for last Thursday. Accepted both vaccinations - one in each arm. Very slight discomfort - to my enormous relief as I had been subject to projectile vomiting after last 3 jags. Please go for your booster once you are fully recovered Grammaretto. DH was very ill with Covid in early June and only just avoided hospitalisation with the help of our brilliant paramedics and GP surgery He is only now recovering his strength so we were keen to get our booster and flu jag as soon as possible to reduce the chance of recurrence as much as possible. We have been very pleased with our local (Scottish) NHS throughout the pandemic..

PollyDolly Tue 27-Sep-22 13:54:08

I also found out quite by accident and managed to get both my Covid Booster and seasonal flu vaccine last weekend. Got really sore arms now but that's nowhere near as bad as the bout of Covid I had in the Spring.

essjay Tue 27-Sep-22 13:56:11

received text from NHS this morning saying am eligible, have booked for october at local hospital.