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Covid & Shingles is there a link?

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Daisymae Fri 07-Oct-22 10:30:24

My DH who had the booster last week and this week has developed shingles. I have had a quick look at the web and there has been some research in the US and some studies indicate a 15% increased risk of developing shingles following Covid itself and other studies have looked at the possible link with the vaccine although it does not seem to be conclusive. I'm thinking that most people would not report it? Wondered if anyone else had experienced something similar?

Namsnanny Mon 10-Oct-22 13:54:40


I must point out that one is advising the over 50’s to not have the vaccine.


Vaccines have long been proven safe.

And as was pointed out somewhere up thread this is an open forum where ideas can be investigated.
Not an echo chamber.

pinkquartz Mon 10-Oct-22 13:57:01

My mum had shingles a lot of times. She died age 88 without ever having dementia so I doubt the connection.

volver Mon 10-Oct-22 13:58:11

ideas can be investigated.

Yep, and if your ideas are rubbish, expect to be told so.

Namsnanny Mon 10-Oct-22 13:59:18

I should have added I realised there was a omission in your post MayBee70 because I read the earlier ones.

Namsnanny Mon 10-Oct-22 13:59:49

Oh dear!

MayBee70 Mon 10-Oct-22 14:12:03

The vaccine doesn’t stop you catching covid. And it doesn’t stop you passing it on. Some people have all the vaccines and boosters and still get covid really badly and others hardly know they’ve had it. So it’s obviously down to each persons individual immune system. I think my biggest disappointment was realising that the vaccine didn’t prevent transmission which is why, I think, it varies from the measles vaccine (?). Look, I’m only thinking out loud here. We have shielded ourselves for 2 1/2 years and I’ve missed out on 2 years of being part of my grandchildrens lives. My ex, their granddad, has lived a pretty normal life, continued to socialise, go to work, have holidays etc and still hasn’t caught it. I’m still going to be careful, still not going to the cinema, shopping or travelling on public transport. Wear a mask if I do have to go somewhere and have done so for over two years. Keep up to date with all vaccinations, including covid. But I’m just questioning several things and certainly not advising anyone on what they should or shouldn’t do. If I don’t say something on here I only have DH or the dog to discuss it with. Isn’t that what forums are for?

MayBee70 Mon 10-Oct-22 14:25:55


^ideas can be investigated.^

Yep, and if your ideas are rubbish, expect to be told so.

They’re just ideas. And I just want to discuss them with people in a polite way. For what it’s worth I think people should have continued to wear masks, because that does protect other people. If you see pictures of people in eastern countries they still wear masks because it’s part of their culture and it was becoming part of ours, too and would have helped prevent the spread of colds and flu in winter. As it is I, again feel a bit silly when I’m the only person wearing a mask.Everyone, scientists, medics etc are still learning about this virus and it’s going to be an ongoing thing for years to come. So we all need to continue to ask questions and be prepared to adapt to the current circumstances.

Whitewavemark2 Mon 10-Oct-22 14:33:04

I still wear a mask.

volver Mon 10-Oct-22 14:43:28

Perhaps the Covid vaccine weakens immunity to the chicken pox virus ?

Ideas can be dangerous, if they are based on conjecture and no supporting evidence.

MayBee70 Mon 10-Oct-22 14:43:49

I’ve got a computer guy coming to my house tomorrow to install a new computer. I won’t expect him to wear a mask ( although he did offer to last time he came) but I will wear one myself.

Callistemon21 Mon 10-Oct-22 14:56:20

Why are there videos in the middle of this thread?

MayBee70 Mon 10-Oct-22 15:53:26


I looked up the Florida "advice against mRNA vaccine for young men" thing. It's based on flawed methodology, the reasons to doubt it are too many to list here. If Deepti Gurdasani thinks you are overreacting, it's pretty safe to assume you are overreacting.

Questioning things is good. None of us should just accept what we are told without question. But sometimes understanding the answers you get requires a bit of specialist knowledge. Promoting this mRNA thing as meaning that "Florida are advising young men not to take the vaccines" is dangerous. I'm making assumptions here but I think that Namsnanny is taking it as further evidence for a plot or something about taking vaccines.

Do the UK authorities always get it right? No. Does some conspiracy-theory-supporting guy in Florida get it right? Rarely.

Nullius in verba. Even if it supports your preconceptions. Especially if it supports your preconceptions.

Sorry. I missed this post volver ( my internet keeps crashing and I’m constantly having to turn it off and turn it back on again) and thanks for the info. Going back to the early days of the pandemic the fact that the WHO didn’t admit that the virus was airborne, didn’t call it a pandemic until I had spread throughout the world, advised people that mask wearing was a waste of time etc ( thankfully I didn’t believe them about masks) I do find myself questioning everything and everybody, myself included.

volver Mon 10-Oct-22 16:01:46

You're welcome MayBee70.

maddyone Mon 10-Oct-22 17:17:20

I don’t think it’s silly or over protective to take reasonable precautions with the Covid virus. I still wear a mask when shopping. Today in Sainsburys there was only one other person wearing a mask. I wear the ffp2 mask because it protects me. I’ve just returned from Greece (Corfu) and myself and my husband were the only two wearing masks on the aeroplane and in the queues at the airport. I do go to the cinema, every school holiday I take my grandson (he’s already chosen the film he wants to see at half term.) I will be wearing a mask though. I go to restaurants sometimes, we associate freely with our family, including at my mum’s funeral, and we don’t wear masks for that. Nor for the funeral. We’re going to New Zealand for two months this winter and I’ll be wearing a mask on the planes and in the airports (except when eating.) So like you Maybee I’m careful, but trying to live a normal life. We haven’t been to concerts or theatres which I miss as we did that a lot before Covid. But we’ve travelled on aeroplanes every year, eaten in restaurants, been to hotels and stayed or had meals. Our daughter and her family came home from New Zealand for a visit this summer without a Covid incident. Covid will probably be with us forever and we need to stay safe but negotiate ways to live normally within that safeness.

MayBee70 Mon 10-Oct-22 17:25:37

How much use do you get out of a FFP2 mask? Sometimes we’ll only wear one to pop into a garage to pay for petrol so keep it in the car and use it again two weeks later ( assuming any virus wouldn’t live for 2 weeks and we wouldn’t have been anywhere else in the meantime?). If I was eg at a cinema for several hours or if I’d been shopping for an hour or so in a supermarket it would go straight in the bin. I’d happily use and throw away the blue masks even if I’d used one for a few minutes but they don’t really protect against omicron.

Nannee49 Mon 10-Oct-22 18:01:42

Well, it may just be coincidence or it may be that I'm just bloody unlucky but a week after having my second covid vaccination I developed the most horrendous dose of shingles causing severe nerve damage and subsequent neuralgia (PHN) from my hairline down to my elbow on my right arm - I'd post a picture but I don't want to put people off their tea - with debilitating fatigue and constant flu like shivering/temperature fluctuations.

Don't be so quick to judge or dismiss as rubbish a possible causal link between the covid vaccine and shingles. There may not have been any peer reviewed papers published on this to date but in my long covid support group there are many anecdotal examples of developing shingles very shortly after the vaccine including my own. Just because it's not happened to you doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

I feel for your husband Daisymae, it's a horrible condition with severe, long lasting effects in some cases and should be taken more seriously especially in the over 70's demographic.

MayBee70 Mon 10-Oct-22 18:38:45

I am surprised that my surgery phoned me up to advise me to have a shingles vaccine given that, apart from the first covid jab they’ve never phoned me up to remind me about having a vaccine before. I’ll ask the nurse when I have my pneumonia jab next week if more people than usual are getting shingles. I still think about what my doctor said ‘get out and about and mix with people because that will strengthen your immune system’ because so many of us haven’t been doing that for 2 1/2 years. At the end of the day everything is linked in one way or another and everyone is different. Tim Spector says the way forward is away from a one treatment fits all health system but when your dealing with a world pandemic you can’t really do that can you?

volver Mon 10-Oct-22 19:02:08

Don't be so quick to judge or dismiss as rubbish a possible causal link between the covid vaccine and shingles.

I don't think anyone has done that. Don't be so quick to misunderstand what people write.

Harris27 Mon 10-Oct-22 19:04:59

Lady next door to me doesn’t go out much bless her. She went last week for covid booster and flu jab and now she has shingles. I’m worried that will happen to me when I get mine!

Daisymae Mon 10-Oct-22 19:22:56

My husband ended up in hospital over the weekend, he spent Saturday in A and E having collapsed. I spoke to my husband's specialist nurse today and she has also had shingles recently. I asked her how long between the infection and the booster and she wasn't sure but is going to look it up. Obviously could be total coincidence.

Nannee49 Mon 10-Oct-22 20:57:31

Could be Daisymae or it could be proven that there is a link. It's probably too early to call definitively but there's certainly grounds for some solid meta analysis studies to clarify any connection rather than categorise any doubts as scaremongering to put off the wary from having a covid vaccination...we would never move forward on anything if we all accepted the flat earth way of looking at things.

Sincerely wish your husband as speedy a recovery as possible and look forward to some clarity on a possible link - or not - as you first posited.

MayBee70 Mon 10-Oct-22 21:22:55

I think all we can do is have every vaccine that’s offered to us and try to boost our immune system by eating well and trying to get some fresh air and exercise. I’m taking pre biotics and pro biotics as well even though they give me terrible wind ( I blame Tim Spector for that…)

Namsnanny Tue 11-Oct-22 00:12:58

??dont they just

Shinamae Tue 11-Oct-22 09:51:17


??dont they just

Is that what it is? I have an actimal drink in the morning and a probiotic capsule at night and suffer dreadfully with aforementioned problem ????..

maddyone Tue 11-Oct-22 10:11:30

Morning Maybee, you ask how often I use my ffp2 masks. Like you I do repeat wear if I’ve not worn them long. I have two or three in the car and rotate them. As you say, they ‘rest’ in between uses and any virus cannot live long on them, if indeed it lives at all as it is an airborne virus. My son recently told me that it has been shown now that the virus isn’t transmitted by touch and it dies very soon after landing on a surface. I don’t know if this is the case as there was a lot of hype at the beginning where it was suggested that the virus could stay viable for days on various surfaces. I’m not a scientist and neither is he, but he’d seen this somewhere and told me. Nonetheless, I still use rather a lot of hand gel (I carry a bottle in my bag) and always wash my hands immediately after arriving home and after again after unpacking any shopping. If I wear a mask for longer, such as on a flight, I cut the tapes and dispose of it after use. I sometimes wear a blue mask but not usually. I dispose of those after use. Hope that helps.