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Depression after Covid infection

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Pinkrosebud Sun 06-Nov-22 15:52:52

Hello everyone. I recently tested negative after a two week bout of covid. After the initial high temperature, aches and pains I lost my sense of smell, my mouth tasted of metal and my appetite disappeared. My sense of smell returned after a few days. I am still struggling with no appetite, bad taste in the mouth - I am making myself eat but even after the smallest amount of food I get nausea. For the past few days I have been getting more and more depressed/anxious and tearful. I feel as if I’m in a grey cloud and no matter what I do I just can’t get through it. It’s three days since my second negative test. Has anyone else been suffering with these symptoms? Any ideas for improving appetite and getting rid of nausea? And especially for overcoming the depression?

NotTooOld Sun 06-Nov-22 16:53:19

Sorry to hear that Pinkrosebud. I also tested negative after two weeks but it was a good few days before I felt much better. Even now, about four weeks since I tested positive, I am suffering from constipation, various aches and pains and my breathing is not quite right. The anxiety and depression has more or less passed. Covid seems to affect us all in different ways. Now you are testing negative you can at least get out and about without worrying about infecting others, so I would do just that. Take yourself off somewhere nice and meet up with friends and family as much as you can. Talking to others is a good 'cure' for depression, I find. Best of luck. I'm sure you will soon be feeling better.

Nandalot Sun 06-Nov-22 16:59:38

It’s about six weeks since I tested positive. I still have some really bad days, like yesterday, foggy head, really tired and loss of balance. Not depressed but just don’t want to do anything, go out etc. Hope you feel better soon, Pinkrosebud.

CatsCatsCats Sun 06-Nov-22 17:01:24

It's not very pleasant, is it. I didn't feel depressed after my bout (just glad to be over the symptoms), I have had the flu just once before, and felt depressed after that.

Apparently, it's not rare to suffer from depression after infectious diseases, so hang on in there - it will clear up soon, I'm sure.

Just be careful you're not somehow feeling 'dirty' or a failure, for having caught it after having taken great care not to. Many, many people have caught Covid despite the greatest efforts.

Lathyrus Sun 06-Nov-22 17:36:09

It took six weeks for any taste to come back. Now I can taste savoury but not sweet things. My diet has changed quite a bit.

I was prostrate for about five weeks. Fortunately it was that hot summer and I spent my days in the garden lying in the shade. Then gradually energy returned but Istill have “off days” when I just want to do nothing.

I think you’re being quite hard on yourself in your expectations. The weather doesn’t help or the nausea. Maybe if you can accept it as a period of convalescence and not feel that doing nothing is wrong somehow, it might help with feeling low?

I ate a lot of Ready Brek, which doesn’t taste of anything anyway and slithers down without much effort. Some energy drinks too, to keep me going.

It will get better is the only consolation I can offer, I’m afraid💐