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Spring booster

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FoghornLeghorn Fri 10-Mar-23 09:49:48

The Spring Booster for over 75s and the vulnerable will commence on 3 April. We haven’t been told who will administer these but presumably GPS/Pharmacies. Roving teams being put together for care homes and housebound.

Sparklefizz Fri 10-Mar-23 10:22:16

I will definitely have it.

MawtheMerrier Fri 10-Mar-23 10:37:41

One good reason to be glad it’s my birthday before then and I will qualify! 🥳🥳🥳
Could we please, please have something for the not-so-common cold? Everybody I know seems to be down with this current sneezing, coughing, feeling wretched virus! 😮‍💨😷🤧🤒

YorkLady Fri 10-Mar-23 13:39:26

I’m CEV. Will certainly have it. Thanks for the info.

Norah Fri 10-Mar-23 13:41:43

Thank you for telling us. Can't be too soon!

AGAA4 Fri 10-Mar-23 14:35:34

I will go for mine. Just getting over a really horrible cold that knocked me down for a week so don't want anything else.

YorkLady Mon 17-Apr-23 11:55:09

Just had mine today. Anyone else had theirs yet?
Very quiet in the walk-in centre too.

BlueBelle Mon 17-Apr-23 12:12:18

No not heard any more about it apart from the original piece of information that we would be offered it
No messages from GP s
Not sure if I will or not most people I know aren’t going to

annsixty Mon 17-Apr-23 12:59:36

My invitation came on Friday morning, I haven’t been online to book it yet.
My friend and I try to arrange to go together but she hasn’t heard yet.

Salti Mon 17-Apr-23 13:03:57

My husband got a text on Friday to book a booster. I went online and put in that he needed disabled parking and the options were were very limited and not close. I'm hoping our local surgery get in touch with other more local options as they have in the past. They are also usually much more accommodating with their booking system, meaning that I can take the elderly in-laws two at a time.

SueDonim Mon 17-Apr-23 13:33:31

My Dh received a letter with an appointment a few weeks ago and received his jab last week. There were plenty of other people turning up and the team said they’d been vaccinating people on Easter Monday. That’s in Scotland.

BigBertha1 Mon 17-Apr-23 14:55:21

DH has his at the GP surgery next week.

cornergran Mon 17-Apr-23 14:56:12

We have ours on Saturday. Our surgery offered end of May appointments, as Mr C has a deteriorating heart condition we used the NHS site to bring things forward by a month. Our friend in Wales could have had hers last week at a central clinic.

Anyone in England who will be 75 before June 30th or is in a priority group can book via the NHS site whether or not an invitation has arrived. I’ll be 75 next month, no problem booking for Saturday.

Kate1949 Mon 17-Apr-23 14:56:54

My husband is getting his at the pharmacy tomorrow. He is 77. He booked it online.

NanaDana Mon 17-Apr-23 15:02:30

DH and I both waiting to be called forward by our GP surgery, who have continued to provide us with excellent service throughout Covid. We're both classed as vulnerable, and I'm also immuno-compromised due to tablet-based chemo for the rest of my life. So this will be the 7th jab for me, and the sixth for DH. I suspect that these vaccination programmes for both Covid and seasonal flu will now be with us forever.

shysal Mon 17-Apr-23 15:09:34

I am another who is due for my 7th vaccination. I am booked in to my GP for Saturday morning.

MrsKen33 Mon 17-Apr-23 16:02:39

DH and I had it this morning

Ladyripple Mon 17-Apr-23 16:04:50

I booked online,going Wednesday.

Marydoll Mon 17-Apr-23 19:35:39

I'm immunocompromised and booked in for my seventh in our Leisure Centre.
I have received a text message, email and letter from NHS Scotland!

Iam64 Mon 17-Apr-23 19:38:57

I had a message via the NHS app on Friday, I’m CEV. I booked with my nearest centre, a pharmacy three miles away. Had the jab this morning and feel fine
I’ve avoided covid so far

Hetty58 Mon 17-Apr-23 19:44:59

What about us under 75s? Thrown to the wolves?

MawtheMerrier, I'm still feeling pretty awful from that 'rotten cold' virus, coughing and spluttering, can't shake it off - oh and sneezing again with hay fever. I'm so fed up!

Whitewavemark2 Mon 17-Apr-23 19:46:24

Will probably go to the local walk in on Thursday.

rosie1959 Mon 17-Apr-23 19:55:35


What about us under 75s? Thrown to the wolves?

MawtheMerrier, I'm still feeling pretty awful from that 'rotten cold' virus, coughing and spluttering, can't shake it off - oh and sneezing again with hay fever. I'm so fed up!

I am under 75 had a booster around November time I certainly don’t feel there is any need for more than one booster a year for the younger age groups.

Kate1949 Tue 18-Apr-23 10:49:22

They've just cancelled my DH's appointment for today. No reason given.

pandapatch Tue 18-Apr-23 11:17:50

I am 67 with no underlying health conditions and am just planning on having an annual booster (like with flu).
I agree about the "rotten cold virus". I felt worse than I did when I had covid. It turned into a chest & ear infection which needed antibiotics to clear it up