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Disappointed at not seeing friend.

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ElaineI Mon 22-May-23 09:57:07

Was looking forward to seeing my friend in her new home about 40 minutes away. She was keen to show me round and we were going to have lunch and a walk.
Started sneezing on Saturday like hay fever. Get this every year in May/June to do with French poplar. Yesterday felt a bit achey but controlled by paracetamol. Same this morning so thought I better test as her DH has heart disease. Sadly it's positive so have cancelled. No idea where I picked this up as no one in the family (for once) is unwell. DM new care home has just had outbreak so probably there although outbreak over. Now can't go and see her so have phoned care home and let them know. DH having to entertain DGC downstairs as school inservice day and DD1 has a course. Just disappointed but glad it seems quite mild.

HeavenLeigh Mon 22-May-23 10:13:26

Get well soon Elaine1. Hopefully won’t be too long until you get to see your friend

Hetty58 Mon 22-May-23 10:15:25

It's still about and my friend has a fourth dose of it (although different variants). For some, yes, just like a cold, for others, a serious disease.

It seems to hit any weak spots, so well done for testing, as it could have been disastrous for her husband. A neighbour, aged 60, was hospitalised with it as it caused his kidneys to stop working. Months later, he has no sense of smell or taste, so has boiled water instead of tea!

Just wait a few weeks - then enjoy your visit!

BlueBelle Mon 22-May-23 10:20:04

My daughter and three girls came to visit last month they all went down with it one by one but none of us here did ironically literally same time last year I went to visit them and we all went down with it one by one
No one was very ill just like a bad cold /mild flu but miserable all the same

Daisymae Mon 22-May-23 11:07:53

That's annoying. Good that you tested though as I think that it's a mistake to be too blasé. Hope you are feeling better soon.

ElaineI Mon 22-May-23 16:32:41

Thank you everyone. Have just finished a long call from my friend so we have caught up with all our news. DH played games and jigsaws with DGC and went for a long walk. He made lunch for them all and DD1 and they are away now so he has rested. We will rearrange the visit soon. Thank you for thinking of me 💐

Tink75 Mon 22-May-23 16:36:41

Thanks for the reminder Elaine. I have got a bit complacent. Get well soon.

aonk Fri 26-May-23 09:42:38

I have been suffering for a week now. Heavy cold, sore eyes, sore throat, hot and cold, very tired, no voice for 2 days and upset stomach. Not much fun. I’m up to date with jabs but my last was in September.

ElaineI Fri 26-May-23 19:03:45

Update - DH and DD2 have it too. Caused uproar at DD2 work. She is a CAMHs nurse and the team leader had to phone around to find out what to do now. The regulations are very ambiguous but eventually she was sent home and has to stay off till she has 2 negative tests (they have some very ill children with low immunity). For the rest of us apparently we shouldn't test, definitely not test children and stay off if we feel unwell the go back when we feel better. So I don't know if I would bother again. It's been like a cold and not lasted long. Had a laugh when told DGS2 walked into nursery and announced "I've got Granny's covid!" He hasn't grin

Romola Tue 30-May-23 12:01:46

I tested positive last Thursday, forgot to report result to NHS but tested again today - still positive - and reported the result online.
Two hours later I got a call from NHS. The caller checked my name and d.o.b., asked about symptoms and gave advice about what to do if symptoms got worse. It seems that for elderly sufferers with more serious symptoms, anti-viral medication is delivered to their home.
Fortunately I'm feeling quite a bit better. But well done NHS.

ElaineI Tue 30-May-23 22:19:11

Glad you are feeling better Romola. The symptoms didn't last long and I tested negative after 7 days this time. Was about 12 last time. Had the runs though as have we all now which I didn't have last time. No call from NHS though we did report them swabs I mean.