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Do you read a daily newspaper ?

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frida Sun 26-Jun-11 10:33:51

Or would you like to if you had the time ?

baggythecrust! Sun 26-Jun-11 11:08:15

I tend to go to the opinions and letters sections of the Independent and the Guardian (less so; I was brought up on this paper but it doesn't seem as good now) online. I'd read the Times online too if it was free!

lucid Sun 26-Jun-11 11:29:43 The Times every morning and OH reads The Daily Mail over coffee and toast. A lovely way to start the day.
How differently the 2 papers report on the same story often causes amusement.hmm

absentgrana Sun 26-Jun-11 12:09:19

The Guardian and The Times during the week and The Observer and The Sunday Times on Sundays – not always both all the way through, depending on time available.

grannyactivist Sun 26-Jun-11 14:50:53

NO. There are lies, damned lies and the media to rephrase a well known saying. Having had first hand experience of just exactly how the news is 'created' and spun I give very little credence to the veracity of anything the media puts out. Having said that, I do skim the web editions and if I buy a paper (to read on the train and do the puzzles etc.) it's the i or the Independent.

sylvia2036 Sun 26-Jun-11 15:09:57

I stopped buying papers because I felt that everything I read in them made my blood pressure go up so I now only skim them on the net, usually The Times and Daily Telegraph. Have to pay for The Times on the net but it's worth it for the crosswords and puzzles. Always buy the local paper, although really the "news" in it is laughable most of the time.

artygran Sun 26-Jun-11 15:52:07

We are about to give up our daily newspaper. We read the Daily Telegraph for years and then switched to the Times, which I like but DH does not so back to the Telegraph at present - its journalistic standards can, I think, be relied upon. But now we are fed up with both of them and can't settle on an alternative so probably won't bother when our present subscription expires. I agree with Sylvia2036 - they do send your blood pressure soaring but then I find most other things in life tend to have the same effect these days!

mrshat Sun 26-Jun-11 18:31:30

Yes, we have the Daily Telegraph during the week and the Sunday Times on Sundays! Good Crossword in the Telegraph and altho DH says the Sunday Times is a ' bigger pile of rubbish each week' we still manage to read it!. A pleasure to browse through the paper over breakfast! [Sceptical]

mrshat Sun 26-Jun-11 18:32:18

What happened to th Smileys? shock

mrshat Sun 26-Jun-11 18:33:05

How did that happen, or not happen as the case may be confused

GrannyTunnocks Sun 26-Jun-11 18:52:53

I hardly ever read a newspaper these days. DH reads them and tells me if there is anything interesting. The rest of the news I get from TV, Radio and the

FlicketyB Sun 26-Jun-11 22:03:29

We read the Independent and Daily Mail. Observer and Mail at weekends, plus local papers. My DH believes you should always read one paper whose politics you disagree with so you know what other people think.

I find news on TV, Radio and internet is very sketchy just headlines and a few details, you need a paper to get the full coverage and the discussion and analysis and when browsing a paper you end up reading articles and news items you wouldnt bother to read if they were just a headline on a screen( well I wouldnt). I know you can find commentary and discussion online but you have to look and click for it. A newspaper just puts it all in front of you without any effort. I like my news the lazy way!

Rosiebee Sun 26-Jun-11 22:47:12

Daily and Sunday Telegraph. I read out bits to my DH, which irritates him, I think. Yes lots of it really gets up my nose but it does get my brain in gear every day. He does the crossword and we often copy out the Sudoku and race each other to finish it. The features pages are usually interesting and disagreeing with some of the columnists keeps the blood circulating round the old arteries. Sadly I also enjoy the Letters page. Very eccentric at times. Many years ago the Guardian was my choice but to be honest it's a bit on the worthy side and also a bit dull. I might not agree with much that's in the Telegraph politically, but it's a good read and keeps me engaged for a good hour each day. And Saturday's telegraph is brilliant for weightlifting if you can get one in each hand.

Annobel Sun 26-Jun-11 22:56:42

I read the Guardian and Independent on line and try to do the crosswords. I buy the Independent on Saturdays and the Observer on Sundays. If I do buy a daily, it's the I which is a great innovation on the part of the Independent.

Joan Mon 27-Jun-11 14:11:52

I read papers online: The Australian (our only national daily), the Queensland Times (our utterly hopeless local rag) and then overseas papers: The Mail (for a laugh), BBC, The Guardian, and the New York Times. If anything big happens, I go to the relevant country's newspapers: I can read French and German so this expands my search base.

I don't trust much of what I read, but checking around helps. My eldest son is a high school teacher, teaching English and History, and he takes every opportunity to teach the children, ages 15-18, to deconstruct the news, to see what is bovine excrement is being peddled, and to work out what the truth might be.

Oh gawd - reading this has made me realise I'm a news junkie. Ever since the Twin Towers, first thing every morning I have to check that the world, well my world anyway, is safe.

Hilary Mon 27-Jun-11 16:32:43

Only online these days, I'm afraid. I read the Times on the beautiful iPad edition. Might consider the old-fashioned version if anyone in our neck of the woods offered delivery, but that seems to be a thing of the past.

goldengirl Mon 27-Jun-11 17:15:36

I read the Mail and the Telegraph [I like the crossword] depending on how I feel. I like Channel 4 News and Sky News and if I'm on my own I like BBC 1 Breakfast. I loathe articles about so called celebrities both in print and on screen. I do find reading papers takes up an awful lot of time so I do skim quite frequently. Reading online news doesn't really appeal - yet. I would love to sit and really read every article each day. I'm sure it would do me good hmm

absentgrana Mon 11-Jul-11 15:28:04

How many people have changed since this question was first asked? I was always a bit iffy about the right-wing Murdoch rags but, in the light of recent events, have ceased to buy The Times and The Sunday Times. I wonder how many other people are boycotting the News International stable.

janthea Mon 11-Jul-11 15:34:34

I read the Daily Mail online. I like the Sunday Times and Mail on Sunday, but very seldom get the time to read them. Like goldengirl I enjoy BBC Breakfast. I used to watch GMTV until they change it to Daytime and I can't stand Chiles and Bleakley.

crimson Mon 11-Jul-11 16:33:10

Independent on Saturday and Observer on Sunday. Have always bought the lasts me all week and I even take piles of articles on holiday with me that I haven't got round to reading. My partner used to buy The Times on Fridays, but that's stopped now for obvious reasons; will now buy the Independent instead. Buy the Daily Mirror and The Sun during Cheltenham Festival week to get the free bets. Will probably stop buying the Sun, free bets or not.

Hattie64 Mon 11-Jul-11 19:55:39

Read the Guardian and a local newspaper every day. Used to have the Observer on a Sunday but it was getting so thin switched to the Sunday Times. Well after yesterdays edition, that will certainly be cancelled, you could read they were practically choking having to explain all that went on the previous week.

susiecb Tue 12-Jul-11 08:33:57

We only have papers at the weekend - a hangover from work when we didnt have the time for newspapers in the morning. Its a dilemma now which ones to choose. We always The Times but have now switched to telgraph on saturdays as it has so much in it and I love the gardening section (incidentally the plants on sale are very good). I loved the Sunday Times lots of sections which took me all thorugh sunday but we are now boycotting anything R Murdoch. We took the Independant this Sunday but not much in it so i think it will just be the one paper on Saturday and make that last.
my husband is a news freak and watches news on the internet, TV and listens to radio (even in the night with a portable DAB in bed!) so I get a running commentary all day. I use the internet a lot so I guess thats us out of buying newspapers and magazine 9see separate thread).

Elegran Tue 12-Jul-11 08:53:06

Used to read the Scotsman, then the Telegraph, then went over to reading the Telegraph online (cheaper) every morning partly to read the comments on each article - all human life is there, and much of the subhuman. I sent in a few comments of my own here and there.

Since I have joined Gransnet I seem to have less interest in the DT comments. The posts on here are much better.

Annobel Tue 12-Jul-11 09:04:55

55 years ago, my father stopped taking the Sunday Times because of its support for the Suez action. Such was his influence on me that I have never bought it, though I had plenty of other reasons once Murdoch took it over and now those have been reinforced a hundred-fold.

Baggy Tue 12-Jul-11 09:18:40

My father wouldn't have the Telegraph in the house. He got the Guardian and one day when it was late arriving the newsagent sent the Telegraph instead. Dad picked it up by a corner like something stinky, walked round to the newsagent and dumped it on the counter. Never put this through my door again!