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What was on the TV or Radio the day you were born?

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Starling Thu 16-Oct-14 23:45:55

Watch with Mother, Wells Fargo and Juke Box Jury in my case!


"A new digital archive of Radio Times listings has opened up a treasure chest of TV (or radio) nostalgia."

It goes back to 1923!

Teetime Fri 17-Oct-14 06:30:17

Mostly coronation news I should think.

pompa Fri 17-Oct-14 06:47:21

Not sure I can remember the day I was born.
But my earliest memories of radio were Listen with Mother and Dan Dare on Radio Luxembourg. I remember my parents listening to the Archers and forces favorites ?. There were also comedy programmes such as Round the Horn, Educating Archie (how can you have a ventriloquist of radio ?), the Glums and lots of others.

baubles Fri 17-Oct-14 07:24:53

I'm off to search the archives of Raidió Teilifís Éireann to find out what was playing on my birthdate. News, the Angelus and ballads probably.

Pittcity Fri 17-Oct-14 09:01:31

Sophocles' Antigone at 2pm followed by Andy Pandy. What a leap!!

hildajenniJ Fri 17-Oct-14 09:13:59

Oh this is good! On the day I was born were:

Rugby Football: Oxford v Cambridge

A documentary about Louis Braille

"For the Children"

"Sara Crewe" by Frances Hodgson Burnett - Episode 6

"We must kill Toni" - sounds scary.

Amateur Boxing.

Newsreel, then at 22.30 the weather forecast and that was the end of broadcasting for the day.

ninathenana Fri 17-Oct-14 09:42:09

Watch with mother and a children's programme called A Castle and Sixpence a six part series apparently. Also in honour of Australia Day a version of Alice in Wonderland were she falls in the hole and ends up in Australia.

Have discovered I was born on a Tuesday.

MiceElf Fri 17-Oct-14 09:45:53

No Tv but radio programmes were fascinating. A discussion on Equal Opportunity in Education, lots of schools programmes and the wonderful long mourned Children's Hour.

annodomini Fri 17-Oct-14 10:22:42

On the day I was born Franklin D Roosevelt was re-elected (uniquely) for a third period as President of the USA. I understand (though don't remember) that Big Ben was striking 9 for the 9 o'clock news on the wireless at the moment I was born. There was, of course no TV in 1940.

henetha Fri 17-Oct-14 10:38:17

Isn't that marvellous! And I have just discovered for the first time ever that I was born on a Monday.

annodomini Fri 17-Oct-14 10:53:17

I and both my sons were Tuesday's children - 'full of grace'. hmm

KatyK Fri 17-Oct-14 10:59:27

On the day I was born (a Wednesday, DH says he always wondered why I was full of woe).


Mrs Dale's Diary
Housewive's choice
Lift Up Your Hearts
Victor Silvester and his Ballroom Orchestra
Music While You Work
Womans Hour including a story read by Daphne Oxenford
Charlie Chester and his Crazy Gang
A demonstration film
The News (sound only)

Blimey I am REALLY old smile

Galen Fri 17-Oct-14 11:28:41

I can't remember but I'm told it was a sundaygrin

Starling Fri 17-Oct-14 18:32:49

Have checked DH's birthday now - he missed:

"An enquiry into schoolboys' shoes
Conducted by Isobel Barnett in co-operation with the footwear industry"

This was part of a programme called 'Mainly for Women LOOK AND CHOOSE'

Did they not need to inquire into schoolgirls' shoes as well, I wonder?

(Which reminds me, I actually remember spending my childhood correcting TV announcers when they said things about boys that applied to me too )

Granny23 Sat 18-Oct-14 11:44:10

There was no TV when I was born and I suspect that there was no radio either as it was 7.35 am on a Wednesday. I was born three weeks late, in my Granny's front room (because 3rd floor, one bed flat with outside toilet was family home) with cord around my neck. Says it all really - Mother tried to strangle me at birth, always late, perpetually full of woe grin

AlieOxon Sat 18-Oct-14 12:21:31

This is mine:

I always knew I was born on a Sunday.
No TV, it started again after the war.

But why the news in a) Norwegian ?
and b) Welsh - didn't know there were any Welsh programmes then!

Galen Sat 18-Oct-14 13:16:32

Apparently the king made an evening broadcast. Didn't know I was that importantblush
Also the home guard stood down!


HollyDaze Sat 18-Oct-14 14:09:34

The site won't let me put my birthday in - I can have the month or the day but not both - it jumps back the month before when I click on the date confused

Starling Sat 18-Oct-14 15:42:30

Galen grin

Starling Sat 18-Oct-14 15:51:31

AlieOxon yes I see the day of your arrival seems to have been marked by the News in Norwegian three times!!? I know there was a war on.... ah, have just found out that the Norwegian government was operating in exile in London at that time..... I didn't know that before

rubysong Sat 18-Oct-14 15:53:29

At the moment I was being born the Rhyl Silver Band were playing in the radio programme 'Bright and Early ' but I don't suppose my mother was listening. There seemed to be a lot of music in the Home Service, also a talk by the Very Rev. John Tiarks, Provost of Bradford on the 'Bethlehem Story', Philip Harben was 'In the Kitchen' making rich shortbread and Petula Clark was introducing a music programme.
On TV there was a children's Christmas story, Tom Arnold's Harringay Circus and an American comedy called 'Spotlight Scandals.

Starling Sat 18-Oct-14 16:06:02

rubysong I'm guessing you were a December baby!

If the radio was on during home births, and the time of birth is known, we could even discover what music people were born to!!

feetlebaum Sat 18-Oct-14 17:54:05

The day I was pupped, the BBC National Programme featured a new play, [i]Nikki Makes News[/i] with music by Mr. Spike Hughes.

On the Regional programme at 9 there was Speedway Racing, commentary by Commander C O Foley and John N Lampson,and at 9:20 the BBC Military Band

TV? Well it had started the previous year, but viewers, or 'lookers-in' were counted in the low hundreds! It was 1937 after all...

feetlebaum Sat 18-Oct-14 17:55:58

Bythe way, the BBC Military Band was made up from the wind players, woodwind and brass, from the London Symphony Orchestras - so it was probably rather good!

AlieOxon Sat 18-Oct-14 19:19:30

Starling I didn't know that either!
Do you think the BBC could be heard in Norway too?

I was born in the early hours so radio unlikely.
My mother must have heard the start of the war announcement already knowing she was pregnant........