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meandashy Sat 08-Jul-17 08:54:39

Hi lovely Gransnetters 😎
I am finally getting a much needed break after being a kinship carer for 4 years.
I really want a holiday, some sun on my skin. Unfortunately none of my friends are available to during these two weeks to come with me.
My question is have any of you travelled alone? I'm not classed as senior (45) and I have looked at travel agents solely selling 'single travellers holidays but they are seriously expensive!
I'm slightly anxious about flying but I'm sure I can manage a short haul but what would I do with myself during this holiday?
It sounds like I'm talking myself out of this doesn't it 🤔 .....

NanaandGrampy Sat 08-Jul-17 09:32:16

Sounds like you really need the break , so as our American friends say- put your big girl panties on.... you can do this.

I have travelled alone extensively , although mostly for business but I think the same things apply.

Why not book yourself the perfect holiday. First off find a hotel you like the look of - what MUST you have ...beach? pool? culture? Then book flights with a low cost carrier. Take your kindle ,stacked with books and an open mind and head off.

People on holiday are likely to welcome you, everyone seems friendlier somehow so you are unlikely to speak to no one. You can suit yourself and really relax.

Enjoy!! You deserve it x

shysal Sat 08-Jul-17 09:38:51

I used to holiday alone several times a year, often in the Canaries. I am a bit of a loner anyway, so always booked a self-catering apartment. I would have felt uncomfortable on my own in a dining room at a hotel, didn't want anyone feeling sorry for me and latching on!
I would hire a bike and explore during the day and in the evening cook myself a meal. On some holidays I would speak to nobody except shop assistants, but that didn't worry me.
If you like company check out HF holidays who do walking and special interest holiday in the UK and abroad. There are always several single people in the group, mainly middle-aged women. I really enjoyed the UK walking ones that I did. Not cheap but you don't have to spend any money at all while you are there. The meals, especially the packed lunches, are amazing!
I hope you will pluck up the courage to go away, it sounds like you really deserve a break!

shysal Sat 08-Jul-17 09:43:23

Click on this link for more about HF.

Luckygirl Sat 08-Jul-17 10:27:43

Yes - HF are good - they also do holidays for particular interests - e.g. a music festival. All tickets booked, coach travel to venue, full board etc. Lots of other interests catered for.

Jane10 Sat 08-Jul-17 11:56:27

Cruises are ideal for sheepish single travellers. Most lines are very helpful in this regard.

silverlining48 Sat 08-Jul-17 12:57:18

A cruise would be interesting as you would be visiting fifferent places, or a tour maybe with lots of stops in hotels which means you would probably meet lots if people but they coukd be a ( good) bit older than you.
But if you want a break to totally relax then its probably going to be a hotel. a smaller one might be more friendly. Somewhere there are places to get too to visit. Perhaps a week or 10 days might be an idea. Enjoy yourself

silverlining48 Sat 08-Jul-17 12:59:31

Or a few days at a spa resort, when i go i go on my own, and its truly relaxing. At mealtime you can choose to sit at a table for others on their own, or not, as you like.

meandashy Sat 08-Jul-17 13:07:17

Thanks for your suggestions. I checked out HF. A bit out of my budget on this occasion but i will keep them in mind for the future.
I'm going to the travel agents tomorrow to see what deals are available 😎

mumofmadboys Sat 08-Jul-17 15:34:14

HF often have reduced holidays very close to the date. We go on their walking holidays and I recently had an e mail 're ones in two weeks time at half price. You spend next to nothing when you are there as everything ( except booze) is included

Flossieturner Sun 09-Jul-17 08:36:56

If you do not like flying, how about the Channel Islands for your first holiday alone.

cookiemonster66 Sun 09-Jul-17 08:39:17

I used to go on holiday alone all the time to recharge my batteries. Its always a bone of contention for me that as a solo traveller we get charged almost double for going alone plus end up with the shoe box size room in the hotel! It was scary at first but you only have to look around you and see how lucky you are that you can do what you want when you want on a solo holiday. I would always take a book to the dining room, and be in bed by 9pm, lots of sleep and relaxation, sounds like just what you need. Malta tends to have hotels which does not charge for sole occupancy and its safe there. Also canaries is brilliant for sole female traveller. Dont risk Turkey or Morrocco unless you want to be hassled with local men declaring their undying love for you hoping to get a visa!

Kim19 Sun 09-Jul-17 08:40:20

Travel agents tend to be pricey and a bit specific, I find. I have a rough order of thumb in that I decided (roughly) where I want to go, seek out the cheapest flights thereabouts and then usually s/c or student type halls for digs for complete freedom. I've had many an enjoyable trip (usually solo) following this routine and hope to continue. Good luck! Be interested to hear how you end up.

Lucy1958 Sun 09-Jul-17 08:51:01

I came home last night after spending a week on my own in the Canaries and I had a brilliant time!!
Last Christmas I went to New York for 5 days on my own and back in May I went to New York on my own,again I loved it!
In the Canaries last week I booked a apartment,this actually saved me money because I bought a lot of food at the local supermarket so if I fancied a meal out I would go for one and if I fancied eating in then Id go to the supermarket.
It was my idea of heaven,getting up when I wanted to,going to bed when I wanted to,going where the hell I wanted to without considering anyone else,yes its a selfish attitude but I loved every second of it,oh by the way I'm 59 years old!!
At first its a little hard going into a restaurant on my own so I took a small book and pretended to read while I was waiting for my meal or I would just play around on my phone.
I would definatly recommend it,give it a go hun,personally I would go for a self catering apartment then you have the choice of cooking a meal for yourself or treating yourself to a nice meal out.

Tray Sun 09-Jul-17 08:51:02

I have been in your situation but didn't like the idea of traveling alone. I put an ad on gumtree and found a lady of similar age and interests who could also afford the tour that I was interested in. We went to Vietnam with Kuoni, so had other company in the group. It was great and I'd recommend so long as you meet the other person first and get along. You're both out for an enjoyable trip so make it work.

Menopaws Sun 09-Jul-17 08:51:52

Def Jersey, not far, beautiful beaches, history, lovely atmosphere, quaint etc, however school holidays coming up so maybe September?

Grannynise Sun 09-Jul-17 08:52:23

I've recently had a week on my own in an apartment. I would thoroughly recommend a solo holiday. No one to consult. No one whose needs must be met. Just do it!

sunseeker Sun 09-Jul-17 09:02:33

The first time holidaying alone is scary - however I found that by choosing a smaller hotel in a less touristy area was the answer. I have since been away on my own several times, including a cruise, and nearly always found that people were friendly. A coach tour may also be a good idea. Take the plunge and have a great time.

Mspjam123 Sun 09-Jul-17 09:03:34

Holidaying alone agrees with some but not with others (I'm in the first category). But I'd be gingerish about companies actually marketing as singles specialists lest I found myself surrounded by dodgy men!

Magicmaggie Sun 09-Jul-17 09:04:05

I love going away on my own either for a week or for a few days.
My dh prefers to stay at home and look after the animals.
In fact I'm off this afternoon to Dawlish by train for a few days.
I stay at a nice B&B. I find them far friendlier then hotels and breakfasts are usually a good time to chat with the other guests.
I go by local bus (free bus pass) to visit all the surrounding sights including NT properties, museums and a day in Exeter.
In the evening I watch a film that I've downloaded on my iPad.
In the past I used to go with Inghams Lake and Mountains to Austria, Switzerland and Italy.
They would meet you at the airport and take you to your hotel and then back afterwards.They also arranged a "welcome meeting" and you could then book various trips for you to go on.
They really looked after you and I never had one bad holiday with them for the ten years I went with them.
They were excellent😀

coke Sun 09-Jul-17 09:04:44

hi I turned 70 this year,and have decided time to start ticking off bucket list.i will also be a solo traveller and am finding single supplement I wish you good luck in your search,please keep us posted.have a good day every body.

jenwren Sun 09-Jul-17 09:17:26


I did a solo cruise in May and it was fantastic. Reasons why

1 Solo coffee mornings.
2 Solo Afternoon tea
3 Solo Dining
4 Something to do (if you want it) to do all day)
5 NO partner needed for any of the above

Iglu cruises start at £295 for a couple of nights going from Southampton

I sound like a travel agent!!! no just thrilled to bits that my first solo cruise gave me so much confidence and was so enjoyable meeting all different people who were so nice to me that I cant wait for next year to repeat the wonderful experience.

I paid £1000 for seven days with P&O Azura. I paid this amount to holiday in Jersey with my friend and husband(disaster) The Mayfair hotel which I would NOT recommend, Scruffy, food awful and entertainment dire.

Try it!!! and Enjoy the freedom of being single

Nergard Sun 09-Jul-17 09:24:36

I've always used a holiday company due to the security element and have found many of the singles tend to sit together to eat at the hotels. If you go out to eat on your own in the evening abroad it can be an uncomfortable experience. However with tour companies there's always the single surcharge of several hundred pounds and sometimes you end up with a cupboard for a bedroom. Whichever you book you'll have a great time as there are a lot of singles out there just enjoying themselves.

Zandra01 Sun 09-Jul-17 09:37:50

I am in the same position as yourself.
But I have booked a half board break to Majorca all alone for 7 nights. I am going to take books, puzzles and relax by the pool and beach. I am a little nervous to go it alone but I have to do it. I am naturally shy. But speaking to several others, solo holidaying is on the increase. Go and enjoy.

Jaycee5 Sun 09-Jul-17 09:41:21

I don't mind travelling on my own but I don't particularly enjoy the evenings. Eating lunch alone is fine but dinner not so much and I end up watching TV in my hotel room. You will only know if you take the plunge and give it a try. There must be some sort of holiday that you would enjoy on your own and it is about trial and error like most things.