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Monday 16th April weigh in

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glassortwo Sun 15-Apr-12 23:02:54

Well its Monday again, they are coming think and fast. I know most of us have had snow showers over the last few days but before we know it the sun will be shining and you wont want to be covering up.... you will want to be stripping off stick in it will all be worth it.

I have had a few weeks off, but I intend starting again tomorrow. I know I said this last week but other circumstances changed that, but there should be nothing to stop me now.

Good luck to you all. smile

GillieB Mon 16-Apr-12 07:59:59

Glass, I thought I would weigh myself again today so that I am on the same day as most people. Another 500 gr loss since Thursday, so am feeling very good - and I feel different, too; I actually wanted to go and weigh myself today. It would be good if I could lose another 1 - 2 kgs before I go on holiday on the 29th April.

Good luck to everyone else.

Carol Mon 16-Apr-12 08:07:14

Thank goodness my family have visited and eaten all the tempting stuff I bought in for Sunday dinner, otherwise I would be stuffing myself today. I am back on home made soups, fresh fruit and light meals. Still the same as last week this morning, but I am not too bothered as that will even out this week, and I have got myself out of that habit of grazing in the evening. I still feel motivated to keep going now I have had a wardrobe clearout and found more clothes I can now fit into.

Notsogrand Mon 16-Apr-12 12:54:29

I've stayed the same this week, but feel quite relieved! I had a few indulgences at a birthday party at the weekend. blush

gracesmum Mon 16-Apr-12 12:56:54

11st7 is that the same as last week? Not sure, but heading the right way - albeit slowly. It would help if I remembered that I am trying to cut down give up alcohol

jeni Mon 16-Apr-12 13:15:02

13st 3lb. I seem to have put on 1/2lb. Must try harderangry

raggymac Mon 16-Apr-12 13:37:39

I have not posted for two weeks because I had DD and grandchildren over Easter and I'm afraid that is my poor excuse for putting on two pounds......

But today I'm back to it and hope to lose some weight every week until the middle of next month when I go on holiday hmm

glassortwo Mon 16-Apr-12 13:41:27

Well done gillie you will get that off for your hols. smile

carol thats the way to handle it wink it never fails to amaze me the clothes that hide in our wardrobes, n o idea how they got there wink

notso you had a good loss last week so to stay the same is a good result. smile

Yes grace still the same but thats better than putting on smile

jeni 1/2lb is nothing at all, a cup of tea can weigh more than that, keep at it smile

glassortwo Mon 16-Apr-12 13:45:21

raggy its hard when you have family to stay,especially over Easter with all the temptations there are, something to work toward your holiday. smile

greenmossgiel Mon 16-Apr-12 14:31:53

Three-quarters of a pound...I think I'd like to get another 4 or 5lbs off, then it's time for the maintenance regime. (That's a good idea, glass, to carry on being careful during the week, then relax a bit at the weekends). smile

Sbagran Mon 16-Apr-12 14:42:01

Hi everyone!
Have stayed the same again this week but am ok with it as my extreme lethargy/exhaustion etc. is still to be investigated.
Fasting blood test on Thursday morning will hopefully discover iron deficiency, thyroid probs or something that makes me totally exhausted after the slightest exertion.
Once the cause is discovered it can be remedied. Can't understand why, with my good healthy eating I should be deficient in anything but my late Mum had problems absorbing B12 so although her diet was good she wasn't retaining the goodness - solution a B12 jab every three months = new woman!
Hoping it won't be anything more but considering I have been sat around a lot and not gym/swimming I am happy to have stayed the same.
Good luck fellow losers!
Watch this space!

greenmossgiel Mon 16-Apr-12 14:54:24

Good luck with the tests, Sbagran. In the meantime, take it easy and don't push yourself to do anything much. flowers

glassortwo Mon 16-Apr-12 15:04:48

Well done green not far to go now, and I dont think you will have any problem maintaining once your there.wink

sba get these test out of the way then you can get back to your exercising, take things easy until then flowers

Sbagran Mon 16-Apr-12 22:10:13

Thanks green and glass for your good wishes - I am fine really providing I don't do anything!
Sitting down at work etc I am fine - stand at the ironing board or go to the shops and I am knack exhausted after 10-15mins! Weird but then I am weird! Sure I will be fine so no need to order wreaths etc just yet - hubby keeps checking the life insurance is up to date grin
Got to get up and running soon as am doing the Race For Life on 13th May - mind you I only jog, walk or crawl so I will manage - and we go to the pub for lunch afterwards which is a good incentive!
Hey Carol great you no longer go on nibble-missions! Well done! grin

grannyactivist Mon 16-Apr-12 22:35:18

I can recommend prolonged trauma as a weight loss aid!! (Although there are one or two drawbacks.)

glassortwo Mon 16-Apr-12 23:11:32

sba dont you rush into that Race for Life... even if you have to walk it !!!!!

grannya not a recommended form of weight loss smile hope you are fully recovered sunshine

susiecb Tue 17-Apr-12 10:09:38

Another pound off this week and now only nine to go but I am getting quite grumpy and tense about it. I have now lost over four stone but really need to get this last bit off to be a healthy weight for my height.

greenmossgiel Tue 17-Apr-12 10:14:01

You've done so well, susiecb - no wonder you're flagging a bit at these last few pounds! You'll have it off before the summer begins, without a doubt. You're an inspiration to us all! sunshine

glassortwo Tue 17-Apr-12 14:35:34

susie another one off, you are so nearly there. Its to be expected when you can see the finishing line just up ahead for you to be a tad bored with it all, but keep at it smile

Grannylin Tue 17-Apr-12 15:29:41

Can add violent sickness bug too for instant weight loss....also not recommended! flowers to susie and grannya

GoldenGran Wed 18-Apr-12 12:56:28

Back to ten nine, so lost 2 pounds I added last week!

glassortwo Wed 18-Apr-12 13:46:24

grannylyn hope you are over your bug flowers

golden great its off again, well done.

Sewsilver Wed 18-Apr-12 20:03:33

Oh no. Got back from Scotland last night convinced I would have lost loads of weight. Walked a lot and been really careful with the eating. Half a pound off. Disappointing but at least it's too wet to get summer clothes out! Grannylin hope you better.

glassortwo Wed 18-Apr-12 20:05:58

sew I think thats a good result after being away smile hope you had a good time.

Grannylin Wed 18-Apr-12 20:31:31

Thanks S and g, its lingering but I've discovered a new diet: porridge and Pepsi. ..its all I feel like eating and I've lost 3 lbs. No doubt it will all come back with my appetite!