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NanKate Sat 27-Jan-18 08:27:39

I usually have oatcakes, cheese and a banana for lunch but having looked on the side of the biscuit packet and I think the oatcakes contain too much sugar. Can anyone recommend low sugar savoury biscuits ?

travelsafar Sat 27-Jan-18 09:18:00

Try rice cakes. Home Bargains sell plain or cheese ones. I buy the plain 39p per pack they are great with a mashed bananasand only have 25 calories each cake.

grannyticktock Sat 27-Jan-18 09:43:22

Check out other brands of oatcake. The Aldi ones (Scottish rough oatcakes) have 1.4g sugar per 100g, or < half a gram per oatcake, which is insignificant. That's compared with 3.8g per Oatie biscuit (their version of Hobnobs).

henetha Sat 27-Jan-18 10:16:47

I was feeling really fed up yesterday, so opened a tin of biscuits someone had given me for Christmas and ate the whole top layer. Oh dear. So my punishment is no biscuits for the whole of February. I shall stick with above suggestion of rice cakes. Any more ideas of a non-biscuit that I can have with a bit of cheese?

Welshwife Sat 27-Jan-18 10:30:54

I love Jacobs Cream crackers with cheese - or Carr’s water biscuits -nothing else seems to fit the bill. They are my go to instead of toast if I have been unwell too.

Teetime Sat 27-Jan-18 10:54:29

I'm back on the Ryvita with pumpkin seeds - quite satisfying and you can put so much on them.

Shocked to find the two biscuit packet of ginger biscuits DH and I share in Nero/Costa are 129 calories EACH!!!

henetha Sat 27-Jan-18 11:16:45

Oh yes, and I think there is such a thing as low-fat cream crackers. And water biscuits are low calorie. And I had forgotten about Ryvita. Thanks.

Greenfinch Sat 27-Jan-18 11:40:54

I love the black pepper variety of Ryvita.They are quite strong.

lemongrove Sat 27-Jan-18 11:43:02

NanKate you are very slim and have no need of low sugar biccies! 😃

lemongrove Sat 27-Jan-18 11:44:33

Greenfinch I mistakenly bought those pepper ones thinking they were dark rye ones, and put marmalade on one breakfast time!Urrrrrhgh.

Greenfinch Sat 27-Jan-18 11:47:26

grin lemongrove

NanKate Sat 27-Jan-18 15:07:13

I would love to be very slim Lemongrove but sadly a mixture of having a under active thyroid and battling to come off steroids as well as enjoying my food has had the effect of me putting on about a stone since last year and all my clothes round my hips are tight 😲

I am better at reducing my food intake rather than excluding fat, sugar, dairy etc from my diet.

Hopefully onward and downward with my weight.

NanKate Sat 27-Jan-18 15:09:33

Lemongrove have you changed your name on GN ?

lemongrove Sat 27-Jan-18 15:45:55

Yes, last year ( changed names) I will pm

NannyTee Sat 27-Jan-18 15:51:35

I'm a cream cracker fan too. Love the rice cakes for a change though.

NannyTee Sat 27-Jan-18 15:52:01

Oo and Crackerbread . Lovely.

OldMeg Sat 27-Jan-18 16:52:57

Nairn oatcakes are very low in sugar. The packet I’m looking at has only 0.1g sugar per oatcake.

That’s about as low as you’ll get.

midgey Sat 27-Jan-18 17:15:31

Revita, marmite, cottage cheese with cucumber on top! Delish! And healthy!

M0nica Sat 27-Jan-18 18:57:10

midgey my version is marmite rice cakes, quark and cucumber. My breakfast is two of the above.

Grammar Sun 28-Jan-18 09:54:28

I enjoy Sainsbury's own brand Highland Oatcakes which have less than 0.5g of sugar per oatcake, and are usually cheaper than Nairn's. They are delicious, and filling, spread with peanut butter, and with pumpkin seeds sprinkled on top for extra nutrition and crunchiness.

Wilma65 Sun 28-Jan-18 11:20:56

Krackerbread is nice. Out savoury things like cheese and tomato on it. Yummy

Jaycee5 Sun 28-Jan-18 12:05:05

henetha I binged yesterday too. Maybe it was the weather! I had been steadily losing weight and I have probably put half of it back on in one day.

Juggernaut Sun 28-Jan-18 12:12:30

I'm not sure about the sugar content, but I'm addicted to Bath Olivers.
Even our 17 month old DGS is hooked on them!
They're a great base for a sweet or savoury topping, especially a slice or two of smoked venison, yum!
Waitrose stock them.

sandelf Sun 28-Jan-18 12:37:49

Cheese is nice on or with apples and with pears too. Celery is a good 'plate' and some sorts of lettuce work like that too.

GabriellaG Sun 28-Jan-18 13:18:31

Rice cakes? Oatcakes? IMHO...tasteless.
I'm all for flavour and no half fat anything. Butter and cream not 'alternatives'.
How anyone can feel joy after eating rice cakes is a miracle.