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I’m a pear !

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NanKate Tue 08-May-18 16:04:23

I have returned to my own healthy eating plan as I need to lose a stone. I am pear shaped with a small bust, reasonable waist and overlarge hips.

On reading the ever sensible Dr Scurr in the DM this morning I discovered a healthy waist size is 31 ins for women and 37 ins for men. I rather smugly measured myself expecting a pat on the back only to find I am 5 ins over the recommended size 😲

Onward and upward or preferably downward.

Teetime Tue 08-May-18 16:21:03

I'm joining you NanKate after several months of stress eating waiting for my foot up and then the last five weeks loafing about with my foot up I find in total I have a stone to lose so I started today. I'm doing the NHS Choices Diet Plan, using MyFitnessPal and I have ordered a tracker. I too am a pear. Good luck to us both - at least its salad time. smile

Eglantine21 Tue 08-May-18 16:29:12

How can you give a universal measurement for all women? My 5ft friend is bound to have a smaller waist measurement than great big me.
I take a size 8 shoe, she takes a 3. We can’t possibly have the same waist measurement.

That’s not to say I couldn’t do with losing a pound - or six.....

Panache Tue 08-May-18 16:39:46

For the past 20 months my once nicely rounded figure has depleted by losing over 3 stone in some 4/5 months and would you believe, even though eating for a Rugby team in order to gain weight for a forthcoming big `op...........I have lost another 9 pounds, so a total altogether of some 4 stone.

Of course my bust has but vanished,my cheek bones are on show and even my shoes are two sizes too big!!!

So why is it that you ladies are dieting to lose weight and I
am struggling to put some back on .....but failing totally?

No justice in this world at all.cupcakecupcake cupcake all round!!!

Bathsheba Tue 08-May-18 16:42:19

Oh please tell me how you've motivated yourself to get back to your healthy eating regime!! I was doing so well, lost nearly a stone and a half, and then stalled. I keep promising myself I will start again 'tomorrow' which, as we all know, never comes, does it hmm
So here I am, stealing the GC's fancy biscuits instead of picking out a couple of sensible rich tea from the biscuit tin. And I've just had a doughnut.
I would be made up if I had a 31" waistline. But it's not going to happen if I keep eating biscuits and doughnuts, is it? blush
Right, serious now: I will start again tomorrow!

NanKate Tue 08-May-18 17:11:29

Teetime I am also basing my eating plan on the NHS Choice Diet. I know if I tried a diet with few carbs, or meal replacements (which I almost started) or anything that said there were certain foods I couldn't have, then I would fail at the first jump.

To be honest I am going through an horrendous family situation and I am stressed and instead of filling my face I am filling sick most of the time. So I have had a jump start as I am not feeling continually hungry.

Eglantine I accept what you say so another way to check what your optimum waist size should be is to get a piece of string and measure your height, then fold the string in half and put it round your waist and it should easily meet. I saw that on the TV last week and it looked quite a good thing to do.

Panache I can understand how you are at the opposite end of the spectrum and ill health can cause weight loss as you have found yourself. What I can't eat I will get sent to you !!

Bathsheba I have been pussy footing about for months trying to motivate myself and then last week My DH had to go away to help our DS and GSs and I can't join them, so I thought that as I could eat anything I wanted and when I wanted without cooking for 2, this would be my golden opportunity and I grabbed it. Today I have bought a selection of nice salad items and made myself an boiled egg salad, which would make DH vomit! Tonight I am going to do similar but change the egg and shavings of cheese to avocado and low fat prawn cocktail. I really do like my puds so when I have one I put some very nice frozen fruit (blackberries, red and black currants)from
Sainsbury's in a dish sprinkle lightly with half sugar put on two dollops of fat free Greek style yog and a sprinkling of seeds and nuts, yummy.

I do realise I am not counting calories but I managed to lose 3 stone ten years ago by just cutting back everything and walking more. So I intend doing it again.

I also bought some Slimfast chocolate caramel treat bars. I have put them in the freezer to make them chewier to eat. They are 95 calories. I cut them in half and put the other half back in the freezer, then cut the half piece into 4 and slowly eat it with my morning coffee if I feel a real craving for chocs.

Also I love Fevertree drinks, especially the naturally light ginger beer. I pour 100 grams into a glass and top up with cold water which I think comes to about 19 cals. It is very refreshing and filling.

I would appreciate if anyone else has any tips on what works for them if they could share them with me, thanks.

Also I would appreciate anyone with a negative attitude to what I am doing to keep it to themselves as I need all the encouragement I can get.

Anyone who wants to join me as a slimming buddy would be most welcome.

I hope as I go down Panache you go up my friend.

Finally I will tell you on Thursday how much I have lost in a week.

shysal Tue 08-May-18 17:13:47

Me too NanKate! I was always a pear, even when I had an 18 inch waist in my 20s. I am now just a blob all over!

Bathsheba Tue 08-May-18 20:37:10

Oh dear, I’m an apple - if I wanted half my height to equal my waist measurement I reckon I’d have to be almost 7’ tall blush

aggie Tue 08-May-18 21:53:21

I am a barrel sad need to lose at least a stone

Cherrytree59 Tue 08-May-18 22:25:47

What do you call an upside down pear?
16 on top but size 14 in jeans, trouser etc.

lemongrove Tue 08-May-18 22:34:37

Good luck with it Nan and anyway, pears are delicious .🍐

Cherrytree59 Tue 08-May-18 22:35:55

So yes I'm joining you NanKate
Also re-joining Slimming World next Tuesday.
1 stone to lose.
I blame the long cold winter for my over indulgence smile

M0nica Tue 08-May-18 22:37:19

There is only one way to know whether you are overweight strip naked and stand in front of a mirror.

I am within the approved BMI, my waist meets approved standards but when I stand in front of the mirror I have a fat round tummy, spare tyre and wobbly inner thighs. I estimate I need to lose 7 - 10lbs to be in a healthy weight zone, as distinct from some silly one size fits all figure from government 'experts'

GrandmaKT Wed 09-May-18 00:20:58

I've just lost the stone I needed to lose for summer by going back to Slimming World. Although I know the way the diet works, I just couldn't be strict enough with myself to do it alone. The weekly weigh-in is a good motivator for me. Just done the string test and I pass!!! I retire at the end of the month and wanted to be fit enough to start an active retirement, so that was my motivation. I find the best thing is to have a holiday, wedding or some other occasion ringed on the calendar and work towards it. Don't put it off, start tomorrow!

Willow500 Wed 09-May-18 06:13:43

I'm an apple and any weight goes immediately round my waist. I lost 3.5 stone about 4 years ago with the (then) Boots diet (it's called Nutracheck now) but as with all diets I've slowly put 2 of that back on. I feel uncomfortable in my clothes and although a couple of things from back then still fit I have to layer to make them look half decent so really do need to lose a stone too. I keep putting off starting - my other half has at least 4 or 5 stone to lose - he also lost 4 stone on the same plan but was pretty miserable doing it! We need to get out and do more walking as well as eating less - hopefully we'll start once his sciatica has cleared up!

Good luck with your diets everyone smile

NanKate Wed 09-May-18 06:57:50

Well done GrandmaKt it’s not easy but you have done it.

I think starting a diet is always the the hardest part. When I was so successful 11 years ago I got into my mind that it wasn’t a diet but an eating plan for life. So this is how I am approaching this weight loss push. Also if I want to take a day off I do but I find I don’t go mad as I know how hard it will be to lose it again.

Now I could be wrong but I think the older I get the harder it is, not mentally but physically, to lose weight. Mainly as I am not as active as I was.

I’m sure you are not a blob Shysal and thanks Lemongrove yes pears are lovely especially when lightly cooked in the microwave.

Now GrandmaKt could you give us a few tips on what helped for you or a low calorie treat you really enjoyed. I am keen to pick up ideas from others.

Finally I do think I have the benefit of a DH who is slim and does not have a big appetite. I would find it harder if he ate a bad diet. This is not a criticism just my thinking on a benefit for me.

Please keep going because the more weight we lose the healthier we will be and possibly live longer.

Panache Wed 09-May-18 08:43:22

Please keep going because the more weight we lose the healthier we will be and possibly live longer.

At the rate I am losing weight then I suppose I can expect a VERY LONG LIFE up ahead!!!

Sometimes one has to take the light hearted approach and it does far more good than being all morose and miserable!!!

Teetime Wed 09-May-18 09:32:21

NanKate happy to be your diet buddy and we can chat here or pm. Had a good day yesterday but an evening meeting which stopped me lusting for wine!!. I have put my meals for today in Myfitnesspal andknow that I have a few calories for snacks this evening plus small glass of red. Good luck with your day. smile

Eglantine21 Wed 09-May-18 09:40:01

Nankate, Idid what you said with the string and am happy to report that I passed that test. No problem.

But then I have always been quite small down to my waist and then I blossom! Totally out of proportion. Like God had two spare bits of people left over and stuck them together!

NanKate Wed 09-May-18 09:43:02

Thank you Teetime that would be lovely.

My DH who has been away recently is taking me out to lunch today and I will definitely have a glass of wine and choose my main course carefully and no pud, but the wine will make up for that!

Pananche my comment was a bit thoughtless and I realise many people, such as yourself, lose weight through illness. However I suspect from our PM chats you will not take offence at my comments, as you appear to have a good sense of humour.

Candelle Wed 09-May-18 10:10:01


Have you considered having your weight loss checked out by your GP? Just a thought...

Kim19 Wed 09-May-18 10:30:45

Good morning Panache! Wouldn't dream of undermining your intelligence but I'm thinking along the lines of Candelle in that your weight loss seems extraordinarily severe. Think I also picked up that you may have been unwell recently so maybe the whole situation is under control. Please don't regard this as interference. Simple concern actually.

Sheilasue Wed 09-May-18 10:48:57

I am apple shape and I am eating sensibly and healthy.
Also found a blog for woman who are not the average sizes.
Found it useful some things on there I thought I could never wear so am quite glad I found it.

MawBroon Wed 09-May-18 10:55:23

Would it be advertising to share, please Sheilasue?
I am sure there are many (like me) who might be interested.

MawBroon Wed 09-May-18 11:02:30

I think if you were to read between the lines of Panache’s posts here and elsewhere (Good Mornimg, Is there life after cancer,etc ) you would find that she has indeed been very ill, but (🤞🤞fingers crossed ) is much better now.