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I’m a pear !

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NanKate Tue 08-May-18 16:04:23

I have returned to my own healthy eating plan as I need to lose a stone. I am pear shaped with a small bust, reasonable waist and overlarge hips.

On reading the ever sensible Dr Scurr in the DM this morning I discovered a healthy waist size is 31 ins for women and 37 ins for men. I rather smugly measured myself expecting a pat on the back only to find I am 5 ins over the recommended size 😲

Onward and upward or preferably downward.

Panache Wed 09-May-18 11:33:36

Please dear Gn`s.......Candelle,Kim19,Nankate,MawBroon and all...........thanks indeed for your kind concerns, whilst let me put it on record here and now........I have a very broad sense of humour, and I am not the sort to take offence easily.

Furthermore my putting over my own six pennyworth here for all to read, I can quite expect to have various comments passed.
At least as a fairly newbie, it is highly comforting knowing I am not being ignored!!
In fact a big thank you for showing concern,it is much appreciated.

But as MawBroon kindly states I have a long history of serious health issues, although believe it or not, this vast loss of weight only started in Sept 2016........after a week in Hospital.
I have continually been under several Consultants undergoing a massive programme of procedures ever since the following January 2017.......when it was discovered I had lost well over 3 stone in weight during those few months.
After another 3 weeks in Hospital earlier this year I then lost another 9 pounds............making the total loss some 4 stone..........totally unacceptable.
I am due to undergo another serious `op the tuesday after Whitsun.
So have been strictly advised to make up these last 9 pounds at least... prior to the ` apart from eating as well as I can (a very limited choice may I add) I am trying to manage 4 cans of Ensure Plus(a meal in a can) per day until that date.

As a plus .................and I certainly have no intention of hogging this particular thread...........I have had the somewhat double edged "pleasure" of clearing out my entire wardrobe,and starting anew!

So it ain`t all bad folks!!!!!

Wishing you a very healthy weight loss NanKate..... (and all those following the same diet)........just think of the joy of renewing your various wardrobes again,that should be a great incentive every time you feel like “slipping” in your given diet!!

JaneD3 Wed 09-May-18 12:10:52

I am in NanKate! Lost 3 1/2 stone by last Spring, put on 1 1/2 😪. Daughter’s wedding in August - would like to lose 20 -25 lbs by then. Some hope!

NanKate Wed 09-May-18 12:37:18

Welcome and join the Club JaneD. I often think keeping the weight off is even more tricky than losing weight.

MawBroon Wed 09-May-18 12:47:28

I’m in too!
Years of slowing down, spending more time in the house with Paw plus doing everything possible to keep his weight up, organic/ full fat/butter basted /full cream two hot meals a day, not to mention the evening wine when the going got tough, have all taken their toll of my weight.
My recent gastric “episodes” also scared the sh*t out of me.
I feel I have tried every diet know to man and despite losing weight “found” it again all too easily.
Now 2 stone over what I would be happy with, although more like 3 over what is considered “ideal” so time to get a grip.
I have decided to give up alcohol and bread/wheat for starters . But need to be more structured than just that I expect.
Where do I go from here?

Jane43 Wed 09-May-18 12:52:49

I saw the string test on TV last week too but what it equates to is your waist should be half your height. My height is 5’8” so my waist should be 34” - a way to go to reach that I’m afraid.

I have done many diets over the years but the only foolproof one for me is writing down everything I eat and drink and calculating the calories. I also recently started cutting out breakfast and only eating between 12 noon and 7pm. It is tough at first but it is an excellent way of cutting calories and according to Doctor Michael Moseley it is very beneficial to your health.

Jane43 Wed 09-May-18 13:11:27

Another item on the obesity programme was to avoid processed foods, especially ready meals because they require less chewing and digesting thus expending fewer calories.

DH has just been diagnosed diabetic therefore we have had to stop buying processed foods as much as we can. We find the traffic light system on food labels is useful, in fact we scrutinise food labels very carefully now.

There has been programme about food on in the morning after BBC news and there have been some interesting features. The most shocking is that foods and drinks labelled sugar free can have a certain percentage of added sugar not to mention other sugar substitutes that are bad for your health so it is wise to look at the labels on such foods.

I agree with all of you who say it is hard to keep the weight off once you have lost it.

Panache Wed 09-May-18 14:08:33

I shall be taking note of all your dieting,so lo and behold those that fall by the wayside!!

Just keep your eye and thoughts on a brand new summer or autumn outfit!

lovebeigecardigans1955 Wed 09-May-18 15:06:04

I've just measured my waist and sadly it is 36" - far too big for my height of 5'1" - on the positive side I've lost a few pounds. Apparently I'm no longer overweight.
I'm an 'inverted pear' but no need to envy me - you should see my awful tummy. When it comes to dieting I find that there's no substitute for will-power. Best of luck to you all.

NanKate Wed 09-May-18 15:15:39

Welcome Panache are you going to be our friendly and very understanding Umpire?

So far we have Teetime, JaneD3 and MawBroon signed up. I in fact started my new diet plan last Thursday but I suspect the others will be starting this week.

Teetime and I (or is it me) are going for 6lbs by the end of

May, however our other members may have their own ideas.

I shall be stripped starkers tomorrow morning standing on the scales. I promise to tell you results 😉

JaneD3 Wed 09-May-18 16:03:21

I started on Monday so I will be there tomorrow!

DotMH1901 Wed 09-May-18 16:36:55

NanKate - I am the opposite shape to you - my bust is a size 22 top (I can fit in a size 20 if the material is stretchy at the front which is where I need it!) and a size 14 bottom! When I diet I never lose weight from my bust, it goes from my legs, face and bottom (any tips about losing weight on your bust without surgery would be welcome). My son is trying the Keto diet and has lost 11 lbs in a week (he is very overweight though) so might see if that sort of loss continues for him and try it myself - low carb diets do work for me far better than other sorts do

grandtanteJE65 Wed 09-May-18 17:01:22

Oops I tried the measuring trick, and whether I measure in cms or in inches my waist is at least an inch to large !
And that was when I cheated and sucked in my breath!

NanKate Wed 09-May-18 17:13:19

Hi Dot I am not qualified in any way to give advice other than from my own experience but you are welcome to that.

I always find that if I try a diet that denies me things I want them all the more, hence my reduction in the amount of food but nothing is barred other than candyfloss :-)

Also I change around the way I eat. Such as I said I am partial to a pud so today I had my usual small bowl of chopped fruit with some fat free yog. I kept it for the afternoon (a time when I am often hungry) and had it with my cuppa.

Now tonight will be a challenge going out for a meal so I am about to check whether to have a Prosecco or a glass of Merlot and I will choose the least calories main course and leave it at that.

So for me it is all about changing things around, cutting down, increasing my walking and when I felt so tempted this morning to have my usual Rich Tea with my morning coffee I thought to myself that I would just have the coffee and if I still felt tempted in about 20 minutes I would have it. Well I was never tempted.

Of course you need to bear in mind I am all positive about losing weight now, how I will feel in 3 weeks time is another thing, that is why I am so grateful to have Teetime and the team in our Club.

nana5852 Wed 09-May-18 19:36:10

I'm trying to shed about another stone and a half (lost about a stone over the last 10 weeks). I'm sort of mixing and matching....doing the 5/2 but as 4/3 instead and using the hairy bikers diet recipes....particularly the filling soups. Husband is happy with hearty soup three days a week and he's shed around 6 pounds over the same period although not otherwise 'slimming'.
I'm a 5'9" inverted pear myself so interested in the blog link Sheilasue mentions. Good luck to all those trying to ditch the flab.

icanhandthemback Wed 09-May-18 21:06:41

I'm in. I signed up again to Slimming World last Friday and lost 1 and a half pounds. I want to lose another stone but even half would make me feel a million dollars.

Legs55 Wed 09-May-18 21:40:43

I was taken off my Diabetic tablets by the Hospital when I was admitted for a Urine Infection. I lost 2 stone in 5 months, I was still above my ideal weight but looked awful in my face although I felt well. Following my Diabetic revue (my Diabetes results had "shot threw the roof") I was placed on new medication, end result is my Diabetes is under control but I have put all the weight back onconfused despite not changing my diet. I would love to lose some weight & since joining a Pilates class I have slimmed around my waisthmm. Good luck to every-one trying to lose weight, I'm hoping that being more active in the Summer will help me (maybe)

icanhandthemback Wed 09-May-18 21:56:09

Legs55, that is interesting. I have found since I have been on metformin that it is really difficult to lose the weight like I used to and it goes on twice as fast

NanKate Thu 10-May-18 06:45:40

Legs55 I do so feel for you particularly when you said that you had put the weight back on despite not changing your diet. I really do think that medication and different illnesses have an affect on our weight. It’s not fair but it is a reality.

As well as being on steroids for 2 years (almost off them) and having a slower metabolic rate due to the reduction (forced by the doctor) of my thyroxin tablets for an under active thyroid this has all had an impact on my weight. But never one to beaten by these problems I am determined to lose a few pounds.

Teetime and I are trying for 6lbs by the end of May and I really hope that we, plus are other club members, can shift a few pounds of ugly fat. I think that having each other for support is really important.

So I shall now pop downstairs for my first weigh in and shall report back come what may. So wish me luck.

NanKate Thu 10-May-18 07:10:12

Well my first report is disappointing I am exactly the same weight as last week despite my efforts.

So I am going back to the drawing board and seeing where I can make some reductions and soldier on. Remember girls/ladies/women/friends losing a few pounds can lift ones spirits, let you get into your clothes without them feeling
tight and improve your health.

Remember our slogan OnwardandDownward

PamelaJ1 Thu 10-May-18 07:25:39

Panache- now you did say you don’t take offence easily!
There is research that has investigated fecal transplants. Of course it is targeted at the opposite problem to yours but if you were able to find a chubby donor😂

icanhandthemback Thu 10-May-18 07:44:27

NanKate, sometimes you need to use a tape measure too to find out if things are going the right way. I know some people change shape before they actually lose the weight and the tape measure will show you are heading in the right direction which keeps you on track.

JaneD3 Thu 10-May-18 08:07:01

I have lost 4lbs since Monday so now total loss of 2st 8lbs. Low carb is the only diet that works for me and lets me have goodies like egg and bacon for breakfast! Now just need to wash up grin

Panache Thu 10-May-18 08:55:15

First of all signing in as Nankate`s "friendly and understanding" umpire..........
Whilst rather disappointing results thus far NaKate do not be disheartened as it is VERY early days yet...........but please keep your eyes * onward & downward*


I am like the proverbial brick wall,offence bounces off me!!
Now you do have me intrigued although I think I get the gist of what you are proposing.............shockconfused

I think I might stick with my very trim figure thank you............however,now if you know of a way to transplant faces............I am your guinea pig!!!

NanKate Thu 10-May-18 09:01:19

Thanks Ican good advice I shall measure myself later. Now where did I put that measuring tape ?

Excellent news JaneD3 are you swivelling round in your clothes.

Glad you are ready to oversee us Panache and give encouragement.

I remember when I lost a lot of weight before someone came up to me and said 'You've gone all thin in the face' I could have lobbed her one.

Teetime Thu 10-May-18 09:08:49

First two days have gone well but going alcohol free is a privation to far so it was a small measured G & T last night and 175ml glass of red- total calories under 1400 for both days- salad weather thankfully. Trying not to weigh myself until Tuesday morning. smile