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NanKate Tue 08-May-18 16:04:23

I have returned to my own healthy eating plan as I need to lose a stone. I am pear shaped with a small bust, reasonable waist and overlarge hips.

On reading the ever sensible Dr Scurr in the DM this morning I discovered a healthy waist size is 31 ins for women and 37 ins for men. I rather smugly measured myself expecting a pat on the back only to find I am 5 ins over the recommended size 😲

Onward and upward or preferably downward.

NanKate Tue 10-Dec-19 21:33:45

Yes Four you have hit the nail on the head I am in great demand at this time of the year. I will be appearing at the Weight Watchers Xmas Eve supper, low calorie of course. Slim fast have asked me to endorse their new flavour of a Snowball Cocktail. Cliff Richard has asked me to his New Year’s Eve Do where he will sing Mistletoe and Alcohol Free Wine. It’s so tiring being a Star 🌟 but someone has to do it.

I think The 12th of Never will suit me well for the ribbon cutting at yours. Finally I assume you will be handing me a cheque in a brown envelope at the end of the ceremony. I’m not cheap you know.

Sadly at midnight on the 31st I will change back into NanKate and the weighing a calorie counting will resume for the I’m a Pear Club, all 3 or 4 of us. Let us enjoy the frivolities whilst we can. 🥳🥂🍷🍪🍿🍫

Shirleyw Tue 10-Dec-19 21:47:53

Thanks guys .

Are you signing autographs? ...for a fee nankate? Lol...

Been on my second Christmas lunch today, I thought I was good as I only ate one potato and left the others......had profiteroles for dessert though lol....Saturday am out to st.albans for a Christmas dinner ...I am trying to be sensible and be portion aware...

It's getting harder the nearer Christmas gets ......

NanKate Sat 14-Dec-19 07:53:08

Morning folks. Well I must admit I had a great time at Four’s grand opening ceremony. She had organised the press (well the local parish magazine really) to take photos of me cutting the ribbon. A few very pleasant low calorie snacks were handed round and a glass of Irn Bru. Then I decided to sign a few FREE autographs as a festive gesture. My outfit was admired by many. 👗👠.

So now back to the reality of keeping or losing those pesky pounds. Shirley IMO it is all down to portion control.

So onward and downward girls 👎. We may be few but we are determined to keep going.

fourormore Sun 15-Dec-19 10:21:01

Well NanKate firstly I must thank you for such sterling work! You certainly looked stunning in purple! tchgrin
You must agree that the photos are superb but of course, like the Emperor's new clothes, only the educated are able to see them tchgrin
I am pleased to say that the new calories exterminator machine also worked quite well as, in spite of the caviar etc. I have lost 0.6lb this week! There is no logic after yet another Christmas lunch yesterday but it's a loss so I'll go with that!
Good luck to the three determined 'weightlossKateeers' as we start the final countdown to the festivities flowers

Shirleyw Sun 15-Dec-19 21:22:07

Up half a pound......was hoping for a loss....last weekend must of caught up lol...

NanKate Mon 16-Dec-19 10:58:51

Hi girls sometimes up sometimes down and it doesn’t always relate to what you have eaten in the past week, it’s odd.

Off to Keep Fit Xmas Lunch - prawn cocktail (will only eat half the toast, turkey lunch will remember portion control, cream liqueur profiteroles 🥳. Intend taking a small box to take some home to my slimline DH, but will eat one, just to be polite😉A glass of Prosecco. Can’t imagine the calories. In days gone by I would have scoffed the lot !

Onward and upward for me today.

Shirleyw Wed 18-Dec-19 05:02:26

Sounds lovely nankate....enjoy it .

Shirleyw Sat 21-Dec-19 20:37:08

Lost one pound this week will be an eye opener for a few of us I expect lol

fourormore Sun 22-Dec-19 10:47:48

Wow, well done on losing a pound Shirley that's an achievement being the last week before Christmas when we all tend to 'treat ourselves' a bit!
I am pleased to say I have stayed the same this week - I am 185lbs which is still way too much but as we've had a 'picky' week with snacks etc. so I am happy to have not put on.
We are off tomorrow morning and, with nothing to do except spoil ourselves, I don't think I will be reporting that I am the same next Sunday morning! tchhmm
The evening meals alone will be more than we ever have, then there's the full Welsh breakfasts so I will try to be sensible but know I will be naughty!
Good luck to us all this coming week tchshocktchblushtchshocktchblush - we all must enjoy the break and we can all pick up the pieces in the next few weeks!
Merry Christmas to us all and thank you all for your wonderful encouragement throughout 2019!

Shirleyw Sun 22-Dec-19 19:21:23

That's good fourormore staying the same.

Hope everyone has a good Christmas ☃🎄

NanKate Sun 22-Dec-19 20:47:52

I’m still 1 and a half pounds up but I am not going to worry too much.

I am off tomorrow to Sussex to be with our DS and then on Boxing Day we will have our two DGSs join us and the party will officially start.

Thank you Four and Shirley for sticking with our select thread I really appreciate your company.

Have a great Christmas and we will regroup in the New Year all ready to go Onward and Downward 👎


Shirleyw Sat 28-Dec-19 21:10:31

Got weighed today...up 3 lbs......quite happy with that, was expecting more lol.....

fourormore Sun 29-Dec-19 12:22:18

Well done Shirley - we all expect to have put on over the festive season and those three pounds will soon go once we are all back in proper harness with NanKate at the helm tchshock!
I am stunned but delighted to have only put on 1.6lb after a fantastic five days away. I admit to being spoiled but I just kept aware and watched the portion sizes to some extenttchconfused
I honestly thought the cooked breakfasts would do real damage but I kept away from the naughty sausages (well most of them!) and mainly having bacon, scrambled egg and tomatoes. We then needed little or nothing midday as we had a three course evening meal every evening.
That fat woman is still in our new posh bathroom and stares at me from the mirror when I'm in the shower. She has just got to go!
I wish all my fellow strugglers and those that drop in occasionally a very happy, healthy and tinier new year tchgrin

NanKate Sun 29-Dec-19 12:35:32

Hi Four and Shirley.

Well done to you both for keeping the weight increase to a minimum. As I lay in bed last night eating a chocolate that my DH had bought me, I suddenly thought of you two and decided to keep the choc eating to one not two. 😉

I intend weighing myself after the New Year festivities and reporting back. I want to get back to my weight from November as I can already feel some porkiness round my waist.

So good to have you 2 there to keep me on the straight and narrow. We may get a few more joining us in January, but will they be like us 3 determined not to give up. We shall see.

Shirleyw Sun 29-Dec-19 21:25:29

Hi girls, yes, I expect a few more will join in January....also , will you start a new 'I'm a pear' thread nankate? As it's nearing 1000 replies lol...

Wishing you all health and happiness in 2020 .....and onwards and downwards...

NanKate Mon 30-Dec-19 08:45:29

Thanks Shirley I hadn’t noticed we were near our quota of 1000. Yes I will start a new thread. Thanks for reminding me.

Health, happiness and onward and downward for us all in 2020 🥳🥳🥳

NanKate Mon 30-Dec-19 08:48:12

I will start the new thread on 01 January 2020.

fourormore Mon 30-Dec-19 12:31:33

Happy New Year to us all - may it bring us all what we need rather than what we want!
Together we will achieve and hopefully encourage more to join us in our band of support for each other!
Let's see less of each other as the year progresses tchgrin

NanKate Wed 01-Jan-20 07:47:34

Very well said Four. Just off to start our new thread.