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Shirleyw Wed 06-Mar-19 18:51:22

I usually go and get weighed, have a look at what's new in their cook books and go but today I stayed as it was the biggest loser awards and inspirational they were to, three people have lost over three stone each .. also it was a taster day where people made food syn free or low syn and brought it in, all looked very nice but I didn't have any....

How many guys on here go to SW?... I think a small number of us do on here

Katyj Wed 06-Mar-19 20:15:50

Hi, I don't go to sw classes, but I am following the diet.I joined 4 years ago and lost 22 lb for a wedding, I've put most of it back on, so needed to start again, it is very easy to follow once you get the hang of it, I may start the classes again if I feel I'm flagging, but for the moment , I'm doing okay.

chloe1984 Wed 06-Mar-19 21:58:06

Have been a member for ten years , lost six stones and have managed to keep it off. Attend classes at least once a month keeps me on track.

BlueBelle Thu 07-Mar-19 04:17:40

I have been in the past but don’t really like the format of all the clapping every half ounce I think encouragement is important but it gets silly every week and I realised I was paying out for the same ole, same ole and when I went back for a second go ( as I d put the elusive stone back on) about 3 years later the same leader was still overweight which told me that it was just a clever marketing ploy so I since did it by myself I don’t know if that silly stone will stay off any better alone than in the group but at least I don’t have to sit through an hour of false clapping and whooping

Anja Thu 07-Mar-19 08:05:10

Well done Chloe most people put it back on again ..and some more. You’ve done really well.

downtoearth Thu 07-Mar-19 08:14:27

I have lost nearly 4 stone,and am on the social team,and a target member,it is a big group,and fun,I use it as a way of making friends and treat as a social morning.
I dont like the taster sessions though,as can never think what to take,although enjoy( some ) of the offerings,I usually take fruit platter.
I joined after my annual blood test results showed pre diabetic.

Shirleyw Thu 07-Mar-19 16:33:21

Fair enough for the clapping of the biggest losers, well deserved.....and half and stone loss people a boost I'd say.....I wont be staying every week, was the first time i stayed in 6 months lol....I like being weighed there and the people are friendly and nice too...

NanaandGrampy Thu 07-Mar-19 19:21:45

Both Grampy and I have been going about 16 weeks now, he’s lost 30lbs and I’ve lost 16lbs. We don’t stay every week , just if we have done very well or have reached an award level.

We started to go not for the weight loss per se but for me to manage my blood sugar levels as we are both type 2 diabetic. The weight loss is just an additional extra.

Downtoearth I agree about what to take to taster sessions. We took devilled eggs and stuffed cherry tomoatoes the first time , and coconut mini meringues last time ( all SW recipes) .

Oldandverygrey Fri 08-Mar-19 17:42:03

Been going to SW for 8 months and lost 2 and a half stone. I usually only go for weigh in, the happy clappy routine every week in class was getting rather boring. Not really interested in what other people eat, shouldn't eat, had another glass of alcohol too many etc., Bores me to tears!

Shirleyw Tue 12-Mar-19 04:12:24

That's fantastic weight loss Chloe and downtoearth .
Do you like their cookbooks? I reckon I have the majority of them now 😂 I enjoy cooking from them....I do have fry light but I prefer just the sunflower oil spray, it only has that in it, I can smell the artificialness of the fry light.

downtoearth Tue 12-Mar-19 07:07:38

Hello * Shirley* smile thankyou.
I do have some of the cook books,but I dont really follow them I am more of a bit of this and a glug of that and taste person.I just use the store cupboard basics allowed,and there are many,when cooking.

downtoearth Tue 12-Mar-19 07:09:24

I do use frylight though * Shirley*
I like the bbq one for meatsmile

downtoearth Tue 12-Mar-19 07:14:14

Have the dreaded taster session this morning,my contribution is highly original.....grapes....really CBA..😀
I know you are in the same county as me just wondering if you belong to group nearby...if you want to disclose PM me ,but not offended if you dontsmile

LullyDully Tue 12-Mar-19 08:01:40

Yes Slimming World for me too . I have lost about 3 stone and am now maintaining . I am determined not to put it all back on again, as has happened in the past. The happy , clappy bit is deadly so I stay every two or three weeks. I use spray oil though as I don't like the gloop in fry light and the ingredients list puts me off.

Good.luck to us all.

H1954 Tue 12-Mar-19 08:17:09

I'm very new to SW. What confuses me is all the literature they gave me! I simply don't have the time to read it all! I excercise regularly by going to the gym at least 3 times a week and it's always been my philosophy to "eat less and loose more". Being pre-type 2 diabetic I was not tempted to by reduced fat products as they contained less sugar but SW as blown that out of the water. Any advise from fellow long term members would be greatly welcomed; otherwise, good luck on your SW journey.

Oldandverygrey Tue 12-Mar-19 16:16:56

I find SW Take 5 recipe book very useful, not being much of a cook even I can manage to put together 5 ingredients when making a meal.

LullyDully Tue 12-Mar-19 17:06:45

Yes the 5 book is useful. Don't bother with all the booklets. Just stick to the basic rules of as much speed and free food as you want . Your A choice and B choices are important for calcium etc. Then enjoy up to 15 syns. I have a Curley Wurley kept in the freezer in the evening....6 syns and feels good.

LullyDully Tue 12-Mar-19 18:03:24

PS the website is good for recipes. Keep up your exercise as you will get brownie points!

LadyGracie Tue 12-Mar-19 18:31:53

I was a member until a year ago, I lost 2 and a half stone whilst a member and I’ve managed to maintain it. I bought a few of their cookery books and magazines, I do enjoy the recipes.

silverlining48 Tue 12-Mar-19 20:57:52

I left SW over 6 years ago having lost 1.5 stones. Have maintained the loss since then but peaked a bit too soon as i still have more to lose. I have the recipe books but rarely look at them, perhaps thats where i go wrong.

NanaandGrampy Tue 12-Mar-19 21:19:05

H1954 , Grampy used to be like you, too busy to read the book. He never really succeeded because the whole premise needs you to be in control.

This time ( and believe me we’ve tried before) , he became a member in his own right and he’s responsible for what he eats so to really understand HOW the diet works he had to read the book.

I really recommend you try and make the time , you’ll be much more successful if you live it rather than pay lip service.

Ps. Grampy has lost 30lbs in the last 14 weeks 😁😁

Nanamaz Tue 12-Mar-19 21:19:06

DH and I started SW in January last year and by November he had lost 5.5 stone and I’d lost 3.5. DH has also reversed his Type 2 diabetes and now takes only one medication for blood pressure (previously 9!). We are trying hard to stay in target and have increased our walking to 4 miles a day (in all weathers!). We found much support and friendship in the group. DH has still not been brave enough to try Quark or Skyr but I enjoy both.

LullyDully Wed 13-Mar-19 07:58:57

The crustless quiche makes a good breakfast with tomatoes etc despite the funny name.

Shirleyw Wed 13-Mar-19 18:38:49

Thats fantastic nanamaz you and your dh weight loss...and for your DH to reverse his type 2 diabetes...amazing

SisterAct Sat 16-Mar-19 20:30:48

Lots of inspirational weight losses here. Thank you. I am new to SW on week 1, so will see how weigh in goes on Monday 😊