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Shinamae Sat 23-Jan-21 12:10:40

Have just bought two new pieces of fitness equipment. I am quite flexible already but I hope those bands will help and don’t snap me in half 😱 There is a vibration plate already in the shed but it’s too big and my son has turned the shed into a little gym for himself and has got all the weights and everything so I am buying this little one which I will be able to keep in my little flat let. Will let you know how I go and any injuries incurred....🥴 also I am hoping the vibration plate will help with my aching legs which I did chair and another thread and is possibly to do with long covid....

twinnytwin Sat 23-Jan-21 12:21:01

Gosh - I'm not too sure about the yoga stretching strap - I don't think I'd ever walk again after using it! I was reading that exercise increases the immune system, so I've decided that DH and I will start following some YouTube exercise videos. We've done a couple of Jo Wicks Senior ones. After yesterday's session of 14 minutes, a suggestion popped up alongside it for dancing exercises to popular songs. It's brilliant. No inane chatter, just brilliant music and dancing. We followed along to Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch and then Elvis's Crocodile Rock. So another 10 minutes of heartbeat raising dancing after Jo. There's lots of choose from. And all free.

Shinamae Sat 23-Jan-21 12:23:04

Yes TT dancing to your favourite music can be very very good exercise indeed......