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Shirleyw Thu 11-Feb-21 03:20:34

I sort of plateaued now, have got to the top end of normal weight so shall still carry on till I’m in the middle but I really do need to up the exercise. I do walk a lot but I don’t think that’s enough. Got some ankle/wrist weights so been using those around the house but not set times. I really must do some aerobics/toning as a routine but it’s getting in the habit. I used to go to aerobics and Pilates every week but once I stopped going that was it do you discipline yourselves into regular keep fit.

Kim19 Thu 11-Feb-21 03:29:17

I only do walking on a regular daily basis. Find any other regime boring beyond belief. I'll also get a booster when gardening kicks in again. That is pretty labour intensive for me. I can wait......

Esspee Thu 11-Feb-21 06:03:19

We have been doing exercises for seniors on YouTube as well as walking when the weather is suitable. There is a huge choice so I'm sure there are classes to suit everyone.

Bellasnana Thu 11-Feb-21 06:17:29

I looked up ‘walking at home’ on YouTube and found some good programmes to follow. I have to force myself sometimes but am always glad when I make the effort. Just walking doesn’t use enough muscles but these exercises use all the muscles and aren’t too difficult.

Ashcombe Thu 11-Feb-21 06:23:04

My lovely “Move It Or Lose It” class teacher sent us these routines on video during the first lockdown, which I’m happy to share with you:-

Just click on the links and off you go!

Sound is a bit iffy on the windy days! Have fun!

PBKNOX Thu 11-Feb-21 06:50:15

Hello there,

PBKNOX Thu 11-Feb-21 07:03:08

I'm here to share the secrets of my Fathers daily routine. He is 73 now. For over 40 years, he didn't change his exercise pattern. He has a perfect and healthy body.

He is doing 108 counts of Sun salutation every day (half in the morning and a half in the evening). It surely helps you to burn excess calories. I don't tell you to do 108 counts like my father. You can do even 12 counts per day. It depends on your ability. But this will help you to fit in both mentally and physically. And do walking 20 minutes both morning and evening. Follow a healthy diet too. Avoid sugar content foods maximum.

Try it. You won't get disappointed.
Thank you

Liz46 Thu 11-Feb-21 07:39:28

I had trouble doing the sun salutation when I was in my 30s!

Juliet27 Thu 11-Feb-21 07:47:11

Same here Liz46. My sun’s set!

Ashcombe Thu 11-Feb-21 08:03:30

To my shame, I’d never heard of sun salutation but Mr. Google seems to know all about it! Such a clever chap....!

Maggiemaybe Thu 11-Feb-21 08:11:55

I’d recommend the Fabulous Fifties exercises on YouTube, even though I’m in my less-than-fabulous late sixties. There are dozens of routines on there from 10 minute stretches, 15/20 minutes targeting balance and/or strengthening, 30 minute fitness walks. It’s easy to mix and match depending what mood you’re in and you’re not likely to get bored. The Australian scenery’s uplifting as well in the outdoor videos. For a change I go to Lesley Sansone’s fitness walks, though they’re all filmed in a gym and I do find some of the team exercising alongside her irritating in their perkiness. grin

Gymstagran Thu 11-Feb-21 08:24:38

I cam emphasise with shirleyw. Yes there are lots of online excercises , yes we can go for walks. But the way I recharged my motivation was to walk with my personal trainer, socially distanced and within the rules. He plans where we go, how fast, how many inclines and encourages me to keep going. He also checks what I have been doing in the week with my weights routine. I now feel as though I am improving my fitness again.

Doodledog Thu 11-Feb-21 08:35:47

I'm not going for walks these days, and asthma means that I can't do much aerobic exercise, so I invested in an under-desk cycling machine. They are meant for office workers, to ensure that their circulation doesn't suffer if they sit down all day. There are various different models at different prices, and they are widely available (eg Argos and Amazon).

I try to cycle when I watch the soaps, so an hour three times a week for Corrie and an odd 20 mins or so for Eastenders if I watch that, which is not every episode. I would normally be sitting down during those times, and it's easy enough to cycle as I watch. You can even have a cup of tea as you do it smile.

I take breaks when the ads are on, so I'm not overdoing it. I plan to build up from this to more 'rides' a day, but after nearly a year being stuck indoors with virtually no exercise I need to do that gradually.

Shirleyw Thu 11-Feb-21 19:08:11

Ive never heard of sun salutation either...will google it ....thanks for replies guys....I'm a starter and a stopper of couch 2 5 k...i so wish one day i can complete it....

overthehill Thu 18-Feb-21 19:05:03

I started this about 3 weeks ago. I do it every morning and it is very doable. Just 10 mins

Shirleyw Mon 08-Mar-21 03:04:30

Just ordered some ankle/wrist weights...1.5 lbs each, didn’t want too heavy, got them for when walking the dog and probably wear to work....I do have another pair but they are too heavy and look far too clumpy to wear out , ok for home stuff.....

BlueSky Mon 08-Mar-21 12:25:14

Can’t believe I’ve never spotted this section before and I’m always on GN! I don’t seem able to lose weight, only about a stone, so that could be harder. Always trying to eat healthily, small portions and I walk every day doing around 8000 steps. Starting to think it’s slow metabolism, anybody experienced this?

ImStillGood Wed 10-Mar-21 09:16:20

I take pictures of my progress and do photo collages to see the difference. It motivates you greatly when you want to give up but then look at the 'Before/after' picture and it reminds you how far you've made it. You can use a collage app on your smartphone, but I'd recommend doing it on your computer via collage making software or an online collage maker like Befunky and then print it out and stick to the fridge or to the mirror, so that it would be right before your eyes. Make sure the clothes and poses are the same, before taking a picture, too.
Taking measurements also helps but pictures show the progress better, so I'd highly recommend doing so.

Solar1001 Thu 22-Apr-21 15:25:28

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Barmeyoldbat Thu 22-Apr-21 16:04:21

I now cycle to the shops to do my shopping, not so much effort is required going but coming back up the long hill I live on, plus the weight of my shopping is making me fitter.

bumblebee34 Thu 22-Apr-21 16:41:17

Another one here for the Fabulous Fifties routines on YouTube. Loads of variety and the session times go from 5 minutes upwards. Really easy to follow and not too strenuous. After my early morning dog walk, I tend to do a 15 minute session and sometimes do another 10 minute one later in the day, easy to fit those in around usual activities.

Shelflife Thu 22-Apr-21 16:42:46

Ashcombe, thank you for the links . Just found your lovely Move it or Loose it teacher. I am missing my regular exercise and swims! Will definitely be ' attending ' her class . Ist class tomorrow! Outside if this weather continues or failing that indoors. Thankyou to you and your teacher .

rodneyg519 Thu 22-Apr-21 16:48:27

To my shame, I’d never heard of sun salutation but Mr. Google seems to know all about it! Such a clever chap....!

pooohbear2811 Sat 24-Apr-21 10:53:35

I bought myself a treadmill. Get up at 6 every morning. Started doing 20 mins. Then upped it to 20 mins twice a day now doing 45 minsin the morning and half an hour I the evening. Going faster than at the beginning and fitbit has a lot of my exercise as peak so must be doing some good. Can do it in front of a TV program so a lot less boring. Mixing that with sensible eating and keeping things like quinoa and couscous either cold and savoury or sweet to ring the changes cooked and in the fridge so I can make snacking unhealthily a things of the past.

des Wed 05-May-21 11:24:03

I joined BeMobile who are a group of physiotherapists based in Sydney Australia. They specialise in exercises for the over 50s. They usually start with an 8 week as an introduction but I am now doing a year long course which cost £200 which is pretty good value especially as my husband was so impressed with my progress that he joins in too. The videos are easy to follow and they always give two versions, easy and harder. There is also a weekly Q&A session and a very supportive Facebook group