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Put on a stone over last twelve months

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Sparkling Wed 30-Jun-21 05:58:44

I have been told to lose a minimum of one stone, ideally 20lbs.
I have spent a lot of time alone in lockdown and filled the time baking, all of which was eaten by me. Now I am finding it difficult to exist on the reduced calories required, I never feel slightly full. What is the best diet for satisfying those hunger cravings please, I thought of the Rosemary Conley one that is high carbohydrate.

TwiceAsNice Tue 21-Sep-21 13:19:55

I eat a low carbohydrate diet. Haven’t eaten pasta, rice, mash or jacket potatoes for several years. I’m currently doing the 800 fast diet as I’ve put on some weight again in the last year and my sugars rose after being very stable (I am type 2 diabetic) in just 3 weeks I have lost half a stone and am keeping going. I find after the first few days adjusting I’m not hungry. I also try to drink 3 litres of water a day, the more water you drink the faster you lose.

When I am being more flexible ( strict at the moment) I do have occasional granary bread or new potatoes, occasional glass of wine but don’t eat cake or biscuits or puddings and only miss them occasionally.

I hope when I go for my next blood tests in mid Oct I will be thinner and sugars more stable.

Buy Michael Moseley Fast 800 book, it has recipes as well or I split my two meals around 400 calories each or I smaller I slightly larger meal. I never eat breakfast , just a drink and then there is a long fast period between your evening meal and next days lunch . For me from about 8pm until 1-30-2pm the next day. Fasting helps you lose weight quicker too.

tickingbird Tue 21-Sep-21 13:36:46

Eat less, move more. Slimming World are good and you can eat quite a bit but if you go out and walk each day and just move more the weight will come off. Just don’t eat cream cakes or only once a week as a treat.

Also you can join SW and don’t have to attend classes if you prefer not to.

Riverwalk Tue 21-Sep-21 13:39:12


I would love to cut down on carbs but really struggle to think what to eat, I don’t like that many vegetables sadly. Eg don’t like tomatoes (I know, fruit) kale beetroot peppers cabbage

What about fennel, aubergine, celeriac (root but low-carb), red onions (I roast them)?

Riverwalk Tue 21-Sep-21 13:45:26

I have spent a lot of time alone in lockdown and filled the time baking, all of which was eaten by me.

I think baking is the work of the devil! grin

So much cake-making going on with people eat huge slabs of the stuff; and the size of so-called muffins! Calorie, fat & carb-laden and eaten in addition to meals.

Kim19 Tue 21-Sep-21 13:55:12

I live alone and found the 8\16 worked really well for me. A late start and an early finish of anything you want to eat in that time. Filling up for the abstinence period soon wears off and that with a little exercise (I did a riverside walk) will reap success slowly but surely. I did it for one memorable year (2012) and have not put any of it (4st) back on. There's a site on here for 'pear shapes' which you might find fun as well as constructive. Good luck. I've found it life changing.