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Helping Older People Stay Active At Home

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Blossoming Mon 06-Dec-21 16:20:44

Expert physiotherapists have designed a set of six simple exercises that you can do from your own home to make sure that you are getting some exercise.

Calistemon Mon 06-Dec-21 16:46:50

Thank you Blossoming
I did know a couple of them but not all and am waiting to see a physiotherapist.

ninathenana Mon 06-Dec-21 16:51:18

Thanks for that

MerylStreep Mon 06-Dec-21 17:02:36

Just a little tip.
When doing the exercise for balance ( on your tip toes) it’s a lot easier without shoes.

Grandmabatty Mon 06-Dec-21 17:04:51

Thank you Blossoming. I need to exercise.

Calistemon Mon 06-Dec-21 17:06:25

I was wondering how to save this so have clicked on 'Watch this Thread'

Anniebach Mon 06-Dec-21 17:50:11

I saw a physiotherapist 12 months ago, excercises advised for
wasting muscles ? Clench your buttocks !

Am now in a wheelchair

M0nica Mon 06-Dec-21 18:04:20

I do Tai Chi, which is also very good for older people. You can get chair based Tai Chi exercises.

Blossoming Mon 06-Dec-21 18:16:45


I was wondering how to save this so have clicked on 'Watch this Thread'

You should see a ‘Bookmark’ button in the bottom right corner of my OP.

FarNorth Mon 06-Dec-21 18:44:12

At the bottom of the page of exercises, there is a link to download them.

polnan Tue 07-Dec-21 11:15:20

I have been doing a very simple Tai Chi for a few years now.

this is the one I do,, I like the lady, and do the first and the continuing Practice one.

greenlady102 Tue 07-Dec-21 11:26:46

you can also google chair yoga for loads of ideas

grandmaz Tue 07-Dec-21 11:53:18

Thanks Blossoming…I’ve printed this off…very useful! flowers

Shropshirelass Tue 07-Dec-21 11:59:14

My DM did her exercises daily until about 6 months before she passed away at just over 100! I have just stared Yoga and it has crippled me, my back and my shoulder, not going this week, see how I am next week.

Redgran18 Tue 07-Dec-21 12:06:50

The Joe Wicks for seniors is very inspiring!

schnackie Tue 07-Dec-21 12:12:44

Looks great! I've saved the link and Polnan's Tai Chi link!

lizzypopbottle Tue 07-Dec-21 12:54:51

It's no good waiting until you're old and unfit to get some exercise!

Susieq62 Tue 07-Dec-21 13:14:07

Joe Wicks for me as well

rowyn Tue 07-Dec-21 13:52:14

Looks much more useful than the exercises given to me by a physiotherapist, who interrogated me on the phone for nearly an hour then said he would post me some exercises to do, and phone me again in a month's time.
This was 6 months after the doc referred me, incidentally.

He also gave me a link to pictures of the exercises online, at which point I saw I was supposed to use a 'Theraband', which he hadn't mentioned. Waited for the post, assuming the band would be included, and to cut a long story short, - no post, and repeated attempts by email and phone to get said exercises and band all failed. I even offered to go and collect the band myself.
However he did phone me a month later, and informed me that he was leaving the job that same day! ( did he go or was he pushed??)

I finally got the band by going to the Physiotherapy department; ironically I cannot figure out how to use it, even with the help of pictures.

Maybe I'll forget them and just try out the exercises here. Thanks, Blossoming.

Calistemon Tue 07-Dec-21 13:56:22



I was wondering how to save this so have clicked on 'Watch this Thread'

You should see a ‘Bookmark’ button in the bottom right corner of my OP.

Thank you again Blossoming

The Bookmark wasn't viible until I tapped on the post.

MerylStreep Tue 07-Dec-21 14:05:20

I was on holiday in Egypt with the man who developed the Theraband.
These pictures will give you an idea of it’s use.
They are good.

Grannmarie Tue 07-Dec-21 14:17:08

Thank you, Blossoming, my only exercise now is walking round the park. We haven't returned to our Aquafit class since the pandemic began.

Callistemon, I have WhatsApped it to my sisters, that way I can always find it on my phone. If I email it to myself I'll be able to use it on the bigger screen on my Kindle too.

4allweknow Tue 07-Dec-21 15:23:42

Thank you , have printed off. Will go on kitchen wall beside my Amsler Grid for checking/doing every day.

Retired65 Tue 07-Dec-21 15:47:41

Thank you Blossoming and Polnan for the links. Very useful.

MerylStreep Tue 07-Dec-21 15:59:10

This is a good demonstration on YouTube.
You can bring this up on your TV for better viewing.