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Helping Older People Stay Active At Home

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Blossoming Mon 06-Dec-21 16:20:44

Expert physiotherapists have designed a set of six simple exercises that you can do from your own home to make sure that you are getting some exercise.

Nanascats Tue 07-Dec-21 16:29:09

I can also agree with Monica. The chair exercises for Tai Chi are very good. I had a Tai Chi teacher come to the house to show my husband after he was incapacitated after a reconstructed leg op. It definitely helped him

Gajahgran Tue 07-Dec-21 17:06:20

I have been following Yes2next on utube for simple exercises for seniors or beginners. Some of them are for cardiovascular too. I have not been going to the gym since the pandemic started so these exercises can be carried out wherever you have a little space indoors. and

rowyn Tue 07-Dec-21 17:42:25

Meryl Streep
Thankyou!. Am now thinking what an idiot I am as I should have thought of googling Theraband myself. All I need now is the will power and motivation to exercise regularly! Is there a Youtibe video on that, I wonder!!

HowVeryDareYou Tue 07-Dec-21 18:49:38

A Physiotherapist gave me those exercises to do, following my stroke in July.

nipsmum Wed 08-Dec-21 10:35:26

I walk my 2 dogs 3 times a day. I cook, I bake, I knit, I don't really have the need to exercise thank goodness. It is always wise as we get older to keep brains as well as muscles in good working order.

Blossoming Wed 08-Dec-21 10:45:32

That’s great nipsmum. Unfortunately my impairments mean I have to do my exercises every day to prevent my mobility issues from getting worse. I can only walk a few metres so going out for a walk 3 times a day isn’t an option smile

jeanie99 Fri 07-Jan-22 00:49:11

I'm an older person 77 Yrs old please be absolutely careful when you do any exercise even the ones the NHS say you should do.
An exercise I was given last year caused Plantar Fasciitis on my right foot. This is a very very painful condition on the foot and you can only walk with a stick.
This in turn because I was walking differently caused a sciatic nerve pinch in the same leg. I was in pain for 5 months and A& E told me it was walking on my toes that would have caused this, an exercise I was told to do by a Physio in the NHS.

jeanie99 Mon 02-May-22 23:12:25

Just a word of caution with Exercise 1 and with doing exercises when you are elderly.

This was one of the exercises I was given by the Physio and I ended up in A&E, I was asked what exercise have you been doing when I said this one she said STOP doing it that's the problem.
I had Plantar Fasciitis which later on because of how I was walking made the pain even worse with a pinched nerve in my leg. The pain was excruciating and it lasted 5 months, so be warned.
I have also had a neck injury doing Yoga and Pilates, still have damaged nerves down my face 4 years later.

Hetty58 Tue 03-May-22 00:59:34

lizzypopbottle, so true (no good waiting until you're old and unfit). I don't feel a need for special exercises yet, though, as I'm very active every day.

Today, for example, two long walks with the dog, several hours gardening (mowing with a push mower, pulling up weeds and trimming trees from a ladder) - and after lunch, cleaning windows. Yes, I did sit down with tea for half an hour before the second walk. I believe too much sitting around, lack of normal exercise and really bad lifestyle/food choices (for decades) gradually cause so much illness, injury, weakness, unhappiness and frailty (conveniently considered 'normal' in old age) in our western societies. This study found quite a dramatic difference in (so-called) age-related health problems between countries:

tradermt5 Fri 10-Jun-22 00:42:36

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will48993 Sat 25-Jun-22 17:55:13

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mokryna Sat 25-Jun-22 19:28:20


M0nica Sun 26-Jun-22 09:18:50

There are so many helpful Youtube exercise regimes. Everyone should be able to find one that is just right for them.