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How can I lose weight quick? Help!

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Leonora2 Fri 11-Feb-22 14:31:08

My ds kindly paid for a very nice trip to Europe for my birthday, the bad news is it's in 12 weeks time.
I have 12 weeks to lose my lockdown weight. I'm not massively overweight, I think my BMI is about 30-31, so 1 to 2 stones (14-28 pounds) would be wonderful. But the problem as I get older is the weight does not shift easily. Slimming world diet doesn't work for me, I don't think I can do keto and the 800 calories a day or fasting ones seem a bit strict. I'm ashamed to say I don't exercise either. I work full time in a sedentary job. I think most of all I need some motivation to just get me started. I have a bad back so I'm a bit restricted with physical activity, but it's my back pain that I think will be helped if I lose weight. Why can't I do this?? I feel pathetic. If I can see weight come off quick I think I can stick with it better...any tips?? blush
By the way just cutting back and eating healthier does not make me lose weight, my diet is actually quite healthy but I just eat too much of it blush

Lucylastic Fri 11-Feb-22 20:28:32

Cut out cake, sweets and biscuits.
Go easy on bread, pasta and cereal.
Eat a fruit and veg salad every day.
Use a tea plate for main meal.
Have two days each week where you eat only 500 cals.
Make and eat veg soup on these days.
Drink lots of water.
Walk, cycle or swim for 45 mins every day.
My friend and I both lost a stone in seven weeks (and still managed a glass or two of vino at weekends.)
Good luck Leonora and have a great holiday!

Serendipity22 Fri 11-Feb-22 20:40:51

Will power is the name of the game.

I stand on the scales and if the reading is not to my liking i eat salad, salad, salad and no in-between snacks, the weight comes off ASAP.


HettyBetty Fri 11-Feb-22 21:02:01

No alcohol, no bread, cakes, sweets or biscuits. Lots of veg, enough fruit. Clean your teeth rather than snack. Eat your evening meal early then nothing until breakfast.

Take every opportunity to burn a few more calories. Jog on the spot while the kettle boils, that sort of thing.

It has worked for me but you do need to keep at it and really want to lose weight.

Enjoy your holiday whatever your weight ?

SachaMac Fri 11-Feb-22 21:04:31

The Nutri-Check app is good, very easy to use, just tap in or scan your food to keep a close check on your calorie & nutritional intake, there’s a small annual charge but its not much compared to joining a group.
The Keto diet also works well for me. Years ago I had great success with the old SW red days but the plans changed a lot now. It can make it harder when you feel under pressure for a big event. I’m sure you will get there, if only we could buy willpower in a bottle.

Leonora2 Sat 12-Feb-22 12:31:10

Thanks everyone..some lovely inspirational comments. My journey starts here smile

shoppinggirl Sat 12-Feb-22 12:40:22

If you're looking for a really quick fix, I find Slimfast is the best. However, if I was off to France I'd probably put the weight back on by the end of the holiday!!
Have a great time!

Riverwalk Sat 12-Feb-22 12:56:17

As you're already eating a healthy diet you just have to eat less of it, and as you say you want to see weight come off quickly you'll have to eat much less of it!

This is what I did initially to lose weight and now if I put on a couple of pounds I know what I have to do.

As for exercise - can you walk to and from work, even partly if that's not practical, and fit in a walk at lunchtime?

Exercise unless it's really hard-core doesn't help much with weight loss but it will make you fitter and psychologically help keep you on the straight and narrow diet-wise, well it does for me!

Daisydaisydaisy Mon 14-Feb-22 13:08:51

Hi there
Most of the time I do not eat after 8pm and not until 10.30 am the next day and only then I have a yogurt drink... until lunch time .Last August I started exercising at home and built up to an hour a day at least 5 times a week...along with walking ...
People I follow on You tube are..

Body project Daniel and his Wife Alex have real people joining them

Moore to health.(Great when you are unfit but can RIP the anti with more intense moves lovely Lady too)

Get fit with Rick.


Joanna Soh Official

PahlaB fitness
My diet needs looking at more but I lost about a stone and havent put any

Daisydaisydaisy Mon 14-Feb-22 13:09:37

*up the anti

beautybumble Tue 15-Feb-22 09:46:21

I watched a film called 'Superjuice Me' with Jason Vale and it changed my whole outlook on food. Also there's one called 'The Gamechangerts'. Both should still be on youtube. Good luck, you can do it. OH also, look up Simnett Nutrition on youtube. Yeah !!!

mymarie Wed 23-Mar-22 05:02:46

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mymarie Wed 23-Mar-22 05:05:55

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SuzieHi Wed 23-Mar-22 08:29:20

Just start making a big new effort.
Use a smaller plate. Cut right back on carbs. Fill up on cuppa soup/ homemade thin soup if hungry
Count calories on NHS weightloss app or similar. Walk 2 or 3 times a day- even round the block. Only eat 1 piece of fruit a day (contains sugar) No sweets or chocolate or wine! Have 1
G& T or just slimline tonic if you like.
You’ll lose weight- you will feel so much better. May not be the full amount you want but you’ll feel pleased. Good luck ! Let us know how you get on

Whitewavemark2 Wed 23-Mar-22 08:50:20

Cut out all pasta, rice, bread, starchy vegetables.

Step up the leafy green vegetables and eat with protein at most meals including cheese and eggs.

CvD66 Wed 23-Mar-22 09:02:41

You have a lovely motivating goal and some great ideas have been put forward. To be clear: is it weight you want to loose or to tone up the wobbly bits? Starting simple exercise is a great way to tone and I concur with the posters suggesting little and often so you can increase your exercise gently. I’m currently using an app on my phone to encourage me to walk more. However using the WI/Denman yoga sessions online once a week definitely helped me tone up with the benefit of feeling wonderfully stretched. I also find choosing clothes that look great but are not too restrictive help me feel better about myself. There are some great spring clothes around at present. In conclusion, if you can make some small changes which you can incorporate into your life, you can loose weight/tone over the next 12 weeks and possible continue after the holiday. Do let us know how you get on, what works and how the holiday goes.

Esmay Wed 23-Mar-22 13:22:58

Hi Leonora ,
Have you heard of the Hay diet ?
I think that it's popular with dancers .
It's the only diet that works for me .
I don't eat protein with carbohydrates .
So a typical meal would be fish or meat with vegetables .
Do try it .
And wishing you luck

tradermt5 Fri 10-Jun-22 01:06:34

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Shinamae Fri 10-Jun-22 01:42:08


Zezelax1 Thu 29-Sep-22 22:45:16

This sounds quite reasonable and doable. My biggest problem is the last part - not eating anything after dinner. What seems to work a bit is to have no-calorie drinks on hand when I feel the urge to eat something, especially warm drinks.

grannyactivist Thu 29-Sep-22 23:55:43

I’ve forgotten what it’s called, (maybe the Movement movement?) but the premise is that you don’t need to do any additional exercise, just keep moving as often as possible. Use stairs instead of lifts, stand up instead of sitting down, walk around when you’re making a phone call etc.

Just googled and its advocate is called Katy Bowman.

Shelflife Fri 30-Sep-22 00:06:50

Stop worrying, enjoy Europe and lucky you having such a wonderful son! Loose the weight on your return, slimming world has worked for me.
Have fun and you will loose weight when you arrive home. Good luck!

JenniferEccles Fri 30-Sep-22 00:24:25

Did you manage to do it Leonora ?
I see that this thread started in February.
It would be nice to know if you lost at least some weight and enjoyed your holiday.

Esmay Fri 30-Sep-22 09:46:31

Hi Leonora ,

You are probably lovely as you are !

Timbuktu ,Katmandu and France - does it matter ?!
The point is you want to lose weight for a holiday .

I last dieted in a mad panic a couple of years ago and failed .
But there is a diet which has worked for me in the past . Apparently , the Royal ballet do it !
I follow the Hay diet from the 1930's
Dr Hay was a chubby GP and he discovered that he'd lose weight if he didn"t eat carbohydrates and protein at the same meal .

I ignore that rule for breakfast , but follow it for the rest of the day .
So I'll have fish or meat with a lot of vegetables or salad .
And fruit .
Exercise helps too .
I did power walking .
I felt hungry for the first three days and then adjusted .
I lost five stone very quickly on this diet about 20 years ago .
I kept it off until I began to care for my father , had a fall and several illnesses . His house is full of junk food and treats .
There's the TV - which I watch far too much .
Lack of discipline on my part means that the weight has
piled on again .

I have tried Jane plan .A neighbour gave me her's .
I thought that it was vile.
I've tried ready meals from Slimming World - horrible !
Many of my friends swear by Slimming World .
I think that it's a question of determination , which I lack .

Get up , make a plan of
walking and swimming and food combining foods for the day .

I'm going to try again .
You've inspired me .

Wishing you lots of luck and enjoy your holiday in Europe !

M0nica Fri 30-Sep-22 11:04:49

Stop eating or stop worrying and enjoy your holiday regardless of your weight. If you lose it in a hurry you will just put it all back on and more when you get back from your holiday.

JaneJudge Fri 30-Sep-22 11:10:05

She'll have been on holiday by now