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How can I lose weight quick? Help!

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Leonora2 Fri 11-Feb-22 14:31:08

My ds kindly paid for a very nice trip to Europe for my birthday, the bad news is it's in 12 weeks time.
I have 12 weeks to lose my lockdown weight. I'm not massively overweight, I think my BMI is about 30-31, so 1 to 2 stones (14-28 pounds) would be wonderful. But the problem as I get older is the weight does not shift easily. Slimming world diet doesn't work for me, I don't think I can do keto and the 800 calories a day or fasting ones seem a bit strict. I'm ashamed to say I don't exercise either. I work full time in a sedentary job. I think most of all I need some motivation to just get me started. I have a bad back so I'm a bit restricted with physical activity, but it's my back pain that I think will be helped if I lose weight. Why can't I do this?? I feel pathetic. If I can see weight come off quick I think I can stick with it better...any tips?? blush
By the way just cutting back and eating healthier does not make me lose weight, my diet is actually quite healthy but I just eat too much of it blush

civetcat Tue 01-Nov-22 11:24:17

To add - I lost of lot in the first couple of months

Larsonsmum Tue 01-Nov-22 11:34:39

Half portions, or what I call ‘mouse amounts’. Almost everyone nowadays eats far too large a quantities of food and way too many cakes, biscuits, chocolate, crisps and drinks too much alcohol etc, etc.

mokryna Tue 01-Nov-22 11:44:15

Leonora2 As you said in February there was 12 weeks to your holiday, did you enjoy your holiday in May 22 and did you manage to lose the weight as you wanted?