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Wedding Invite ,lose a stone ?

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NanaAng14 Mon 11-Jul-22 08:50:22

Have been invited to a wedding in 6 weeks and would like to 'drop a dress size '.
I am permanently on a diet.
Every Monday , I have a fresh start and by Tues / Wed its back to eating goodies in between meals !
I fancy wearing a jumpsuit on the evening and have ordered two designs in a size smaller !! to try and motivate myself .
Any advice or tips would be greatful .

Whiff Mon 03-Apr-23 16:20:03

Dam I didn't do want I normally do and look at the date . School girl error🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦

Fleurpepper Mon 03-Apr-23 16:32:56

An old thread. I wonder what happened?

For me, sounds like a recipe...

for disaster.