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Walking boots and clothes: advice please.

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Fennell Sat 15-Apr-23 16:44:28

I’m trying to exercise more. In the last 2 months I have managed an average of 10,000 steps / day.

Now I would like to try some longer walks.

Can you help with the right things to wear / to avoid.

I am sure v good walking boots (waterproof) is a good idea.
Fleece and a waterproof?
What about trousers?
And is a stick/s good...I am not really sure I want to use these walking things...

I would much appreciate help.

Tenko Tue 18-Apr-23 15:46:27

I wear merrell walking boots and trainers for summer . They’re lightweight and so comfortable. I walk with my dog and I’m out in all weathers . I also recommend the what 3 words app.

Fleurpepper Tue 18-Apr-23 15:49:01


On socks, I find the double layer walking socks work better for me than two pairs, my inner socks ride down if I wear two pairs, because it’s harder to pull them up than it is one pair of double layer ones. They aren’t expensive, and are also good inside your wellies when you’re in the garden in the winter.

Advice numero uno. never ever wear two pairs- but one pair og good quality walking socks.

Gundy Tue 18-Apr-23 16:02:18

When I think of “boots” I think hiking. You may only need a very good shoe or ankle bootie, with very good arch support, for walking. I did 10,000 steps everyday in the hospital in soft soled shoes. You’re taking it to the next level - outdoors.

Thick absorbent socks, long sleeved t-shirt as first layer, then tops/jackets you can peel off if you get warm. Definitely pants/leggings.

Walking stick if you have vertigo to stabilize yourself. For more of a workout-type walk there are Nordic poles. Check into that.

Learn to BREATHE properly as you stride and swing your arms in sync for maximum effect. That is so important.
USA Gundy

Nicolenet Tue 18-Apr-23 16:15:17

M&S have new trekking trousers with strap at ankle to avoid tic bites. Rain and wind proof. Try boots end of day and get a size bigger. Nordic walking is great workout for shoulders too.

Siope Tue 18-Apr-23 17:06:35

When I think of “boots” I think hiking. You may only need a very good shoe or ankle bootie, with very good arch support, for walking

American hike = British walk. Or more accurately, British walks can encompass everything from a short stroll to the shop on the corner to a long distance, multi-day walk.

Calling some walks hikes/hiking has crept into British English though.

Greyduster Tue 18-Apr-23 17:12:13

In all the years I’ve been hill walking I’ve never worn two pairs of socks and have never had blisters. Buy good properly structured socks with merino wool in the mix and you won’t get blisters. Merino wool wicks moisture away from your feet.

Gundy Tue 18-Apr-23 17:39:41

American “hiking” is elevated, multi terrain, rocky/smooth, twisty/curves experience. Some look for very hilly, mountainous terrain. That’s a hike.
Calls for good boots.

Siope Tue 18-Apr-23 17:45:52

Gundy, yes, I know. I lived in the US for several years, and my husband is a high-pointer.

In the UK, I would call what you’ve just described ‘walking’. One of those divided by a common language things.

Mattsmum2 Tue 18-Apr-23 18:14:17

I recently got walking boots from Revolution Race, not cheap but the most comfortable walking boots I’ve ever had, they even come with some sole inserts to make them more snug. I’ve always suffered from blisters but no more. I agree with the posting of good walking socks. I too wear a thin pair with walking sock over the top. Layers are the key. Good luck x

Missiseff Tue 18-Apr-23 18:48:59

Decathalon sell all you need and aren't silly prices

Outcast52 Wed 19-Apr-23 19:45:38

I know you specified clothes but I haven't seen anyone mention two things I consider essential: tick-repellent bug spray (with Deet) and a tick-remover tool in case the spray doesn't work!

Fennell Sun 23-Apr-23 18:19:59

So much advice. Thank you everyone.
It is a little overwhelming, so it will take time to think it all over.