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Have you started the new Slimming injections?

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Primrose53 Fri 05-May-23 08:25:44

Anybody on here started on these? They are fairly new out. Someone I know asked the GP who refused to prescribe them. She has now bought them herself online. They are supposed to make you feel full so you eat less but they do have some nasty side effects.

Ginnytonic5 Thu 20-Jul-23 13:23:52

If anybody is on Mumsnet ..there are many many threads about these injections. The reason that doctors won’t prescribe it / them for weight loss is because primarily they are drugs for diabetes, not weight loss , hence why people have to pay for a private prescription.

HousePlantQueen Thu 20-Jul-23 13:24:42

Rather like someone who is dependent upon alcohol, telling your friend that her diet is wrong will not get through. Only her own decision will sort this. You are obviously a good friend and recognise her problems.

By the way, telling someone who struggles with their weight that all they have to do is eat better, move more, have willpower is not helpful. We all know that. grin

Farzanah Thu 20-Jul-23 13:53:23

My friend was prescribed this drug because she is diabetic.
It is definitely not a magic bullet to lose weight and some taking it will suffer unpleasant side effects.
My friend had to discontinue because of the side effects,
I think taking it should be monitored by the prescribing practitioner and not acquired randomly.

Treating obesity is not as simple as modifying diet and there are many complex reasons, including genes, psychological, and perhaps early conditioning amongst some.
It’s sad that being overweight in our society is often perceived as a moral issue and not a medical one, with more helpful treatment, other than simply dieting on offer.

Fethiye53 Sun 29-Oct-23 07:44:16

GP said Im not diabetic so thats a no.

Bessieb Wed 27-Dec-23 20:41:20

Has anyone tried Orlistat medication for weight loss? If so, what are your thoughts? My GP has suggested I think about taking it but I just want to weigh up the pros and cons. Thanks.

BlueBelle Wed 27-Dec-23 22:55:29

My friend was on them because she is amongst many things diabetic under active thyroid bi polar but she’s off them now as they didn’t work