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Starling Sun 07-Sep-14 20:06:16

Has anyone booked onto anything new for the autumn? I know adult education classes have been cut back a lot but there are other providers and there does seem to be a choice of courses starting in September - at least in this part of London - for example there's ceramics or ballroom dancing in an arts centre, lace-making in a library, cake-decorating in a college, art in a church, or photography in a scouts hut! I just wondered if people were trying something completely different this September?

janerowena Sun 07-Sep-14 20:17:14

I wish - they no longer exist in my area.

Starling Sun 07-Sep-14 20:20:04

Nothing at all janerowena shock ? Not even WEA or U3A?

janerowena Sun 07-Sep-14 20:27:27

No, they tried to start up a U3A a few months ago - but very few of us turned up to the meeting, not enough interest. It would be a long drive from here on a dark winter's night to get to any of the cities. I moved here 7 years ago and even then was surprised to see that all the adult education courses available were office-based. Nothing artistic or language-based at all - apart from one in english business language for foreign workers. Maybe U3A will have another go another year.

Starling Sun 07-Sep-14 20:37:06

That's a shame. What about Open University courses? I did one on Heritage but I did find the distance learning a bit dull.

janerowena Sun 07-Sep-14 20:46:21

I do online courses, I love languages. What I want is something arty. I have a friend in Brighton who makes leaded windows, machine embroidery, gilding - all sorts of things. Nothing like that around here at all. If I want to practise my Italian I have to travel for an hour - but go on a waiting list first. I did - two years ago. I'm still on it.

Starling Sun 07-Sep-14 20:50:30

I've just googled "craft holidays" - that's another idea!

janerowena Sun 07-Sep-14 22:22:42

Except DBH and I haven't yet got so fed up with each other that we have separate holidays - although come to think of it, since I go with him on his railway modelling breaks, maybe he'd fancy a little light weaving?

Maybe not...

Elegran Sun 07-Sep-14 22:43:57

Sometimes you get several different courses running simultaneously at the same holiday centre. If there are ones that suit each of you, it could make a pleasant break - do your own thing by day and meet up in the evening.

FlicketyB Mon 08-Sep-14 06:03:38

My local university as well as local college run course and I usually do at least one, but this year there was nothing of interest.

suzied Mon 08-Sep-14 06:12:43

Anyone in London or in reach of Waterloo should look at Morley College. It's a fantastic adult ed college, they do everything from every type of dance, arts and crafts, photography, languages, music etc There are so many courses I want to do millinery being one on my list. I am doing couture dressmaking and pattern cutting this year, I spend a day a week at college and love it. The prices are reasonable too.

Pittcity Mon 08-Sep-14 09:02:40

I am doing "Meet your ancestors", a local and family history course, starting at the end of the month. We are down to one adult education centre here which is about 20 minutes walk and includes local history walks. So I will be racking up my 10000 steps on Thursdays!

Starling Mon 08-Sep-14 12:39:54

I think this is the first time I've been undecided about what to do - previously I've done family history, local history, various IT things, literary things - I'm not very good at crafts but like the idea....not musical....can't dance...not sure about cookery.... oh dear!
Pittcity that's a good system - combining the walking with the course!

Lilygran Mon 08-Sep-14 17:40:42

Starling you are lucky if these kinds of courses are still offered where you are. Round here all courses have to be 'vocational' which means being taught for an exam. What used to be called 'leisure' courses have to pay for all costs themselves so really expensive.

Eloethan Mon 08-Sep-14 20:18:58

The Mary Ward Centre in Holborn does quite a lot of interesting courses, and they are quite reasonable. There's also a very nice little café downstairs.

City Lit in Holborn also has a wide range of courses, although they are more expensive. I did autobiographical writing and the tutor was excellent.

thatbags Mon 08-Sep-14 20:23:32

I keep reading this thread title as Autumn Crocuses!

thatbags Mon 08-Sep-14 20:25:54

Mr Bags recommends this site, the Khan Academy for free online courses. He's doing several.

Penstemmon Mon 08-Sep-14 20:34:54

thatbags that is why I clicked on it!

thatbags Mon 08-Sep-14 21:12:01

Relieved it's not just me, pen! grin

Starling Mon 08-Sep-14 22:48:20

I didn't know Autumn Crocuses were a thing. Maybe I should do a course in plant awareness.

Flowerofthewest Mon 08-Sep-14 23:09:24

My DH runs WEA courses several times a year. May be worth looking in to. Quite a lot of areas run WEA (Workers Education Ass.) They can cover many subject from Antiques to Wildlife etc

suebailey1 Tue 09-Sep-14 14:02:53

I used to love Evening Classes but hey are all but non existent her - I used to do something every year. I am hoping as the local combined agricultural and general college are having a multi million £ upgrade that there will be some courses soon for part time students. They do horticulture so something there might be nice and we are told there will be catering classes and a training restaurant so that means nice cheap well cooked lunches I think. I did OU for years but now its all on line and astronomically expensive I think I have had enough of that and really want some human interaction. I get a bit lonely.

annodomini Tue 09-Sep-14 14:38:37

My autumn crocuses have suddenly sprung from nowhere. Maybe now is the time to seek out an autumn course.

Starling Tue 09-Sep-14 15:29:09

So, in conclusion, if you are in a city you can have autumn courses and if you are in the countryside you can have autumn crocuses!

janerowena Tue 09-Sep-14 15:31:55

That sounds pretty much about it!