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Highers in Scotland, can someone explain ?

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Fleurpepper Fri 06-Jan-23 13:02:30

No need for detailed information- but how does it work.

The Continental model of 16-19 education are all based on a very wide base, specialising towards humanities/languages or maths/science- but continuing all main subjects to the end. That means, maths, sciences, geo and history, their own language + 1 foreign language, PE and Art.

Whereas the English/Welsh/NI is totally different and VERY narrow, with 4 subjects for AS, and 3 only for A'levels- most of the time either all sciences/maths, or all humanities, or all art/design/IT, etc. Both the above have pros and cons.

A middle way seems to be the way ahead and the Scottish Highers seems to fit that bill.

Can anyone explain in simple terms? Please.

jacongeller Sat 25-Mar-23 09:03:33

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Fleurpepper Sat 25-Mar-23 09:20:54

It does seem like an excellent half way house between the hugely (and almost unique) English A'Levels and the very wide Baccalaureat system as in most countries in Europe (the Baccalaureat in England is very different to the Continental model).

OlwenPeterson Fri 26-May-23 20:19:07

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