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Choosetolovelife Thu 11-Nov-21 15:42:00

Hello everyone. I a am an estranged grandparent. This appears to be uncommon around me and I can feel isolated and “different” as a result on occasion. I read about this forum so have joined the site today hoping to feel part of your community. I am looking forward to reading posts and joining in. ?‍♀️

AGAA4 Thu 11-Nov-21 15:45:58

Welcome Choosetolovelife. You are not alone there are many on this site who know how you feel.

Smileless2012 Thu 11-Nov-21 17:18:01

Hello Choosetolovelife and welcome to GN. I suggest you look at the 'Support for all living with estrangement' thread on this forum.

Those of us who are regulars post almost daily and the majority of us are estranged from GC because we've been estranged by our adult child.

You will be among friendsflowers.

VioletSky Fri 12-Nov-21 11:32:00

Welcome to gransnet!

crazyH Fri 12-Nov-21 12:44:53

Welcome to GN, choosetolovelife. You certainly won’t feel isolated here. I came here a few years ago when I was on the brink of estrangement due to An extremely difficult middle son, and an even more difficult d.i.l. The nastiest things were said to me….started with the the silliest of arguments. But, they allowed me to see the grandchildren. I used to visit for an hour every week/fortnight. Son and wife would go upstairs while I spent an hour with the grandchildren. Things are easier now, but certainly not 100%. I am divorced. My ex-husband and his wife seem to get more visits than I do. She is called “Nanny” just like me. I wish they had called her “grandma” or “Nana”. Just writing about it hurts me but perhaps I am just too sensitive.
I am sorry you are in this position. You will have lots of support. There are some very kind and caring grandparents here. Take care flowers

Madgran77 Fri 12-Nov-21 14:06:49

Choosetolove Welcome and do look at the "Support thread" t mentioned by Smileless, it provides understanding and support even when being critical friends for those who are estranged or who fear estrangement. flowers

Namsnanny Sat 13-Nov-21 11:15:07

Hello choosetolove welcome. What an apt name! flowers

Blossoming Sat 13-Nov-21 12:12:41

Hello there Choosetolove.

Socksandsocks01 Wed 17-Nov-21 21:19:03

Welcome aboard. I've been estranged by my adult child and adult granddaughter. I was very close to her up until recently. She been brainwashed by my son. Its her birthday and I've heard no acknowledgement or thanks so stuff probably in the bin along with our relationship

Allsorts Thu 18-Nov-21 16:38:36

Hello there and welcome, I know what you mean when you say you can feel isolated and different. I didn’t tell anyone for @ very long time indeed. I suppose I always hoped we would reconcile. Others open up to friends and family almost straight away and it helps them all enormously. We all go at our own pace. I’m sorry you find yourself here, but you are most welcome.