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Putting things in "a safe place" and then...

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giulia Wed 01-Jun-22 09:17:35

I doubt anyone reading this is as daft as I am:

A few years ago, I crocheted two little curtains for my daughter's kitchen window which was a very awkward size.
The pattern was quite complex, with a vine and bunch of grapes down the centre. I completed it and had even found two small brass rods to hang them.

I then put them in a safe place. I don't remember why there was a delay in hanging them at the time. Anyway, when the day finally came, I couldn't find them anywhere. Searched high and low over the following months. Was heartbroken. It had been a work of love.

Eventually, we all forgot about them. My daughter has now moved house.

Yesterday, at least five years later, while doing some serious clearing out, I came across them (in my mother's old tapestry sewing bag of all places!).

Neither my daughter nor I have a window of the right size anymore. Nor would it go with her very modern house style.

Have any of you ever put something in a safe place and not found it for YEARS?!

Happygirl79 Wed 01-Jun-22 09:26:25

When my daughter was about 8 years old I had hidden some slippers with rabbit ears and face as part of her Christmas present somewhere in the home. I never ever found them. She grew out of them anyway but we moved house and they were never found

grannyrebel7 Wed 01-Jun-22 09:27:19

No I haven't done that, but I lose my glasses on a regular basis. I am on the hunt for them as we speak! Good job I have two pairs. smile

DillytheGardener Wed 01-Jun-22 09:28:03

Not quite the same, but when I was working in cosmetology I would receive paper cash tips from the ladies I saw at Christmas. I put them all in a book, which DH then took to the local hospice shop when doing a book clear out (without telling me or asking).

Thankfully I realised the day after he did it and went lurching down to the hospice shop to try and retrieve the book. They’d found it, and had put the book with an envelope of the cash together to return.

Was ever so relieved and left them a nice donation for their honesty.

DillytheGardener Wed 01-Jun-22 09:29:06

giulia I would love to see the curtains you made, please post a picture!

timetogo2016 Wed 01-Jun-22 09:36:39

Well guilia,you are not the only one.
I put some new £5 notes in an envelope to save for a rainyday so to speak,went to get them and the envelope was nowhere to be seen.
Whilst looking for something else i came across the envelope,so again i out them in a safe place,haven`t found them to this day.

MiniMoon Wed 01-Jun-22 09:45:13

Just after we moved here we had a summerhouse constructed on a patio across from our house. It was lockable and came with 3 keys.
I put the keys in a safe place.
I have never found them. We had to force the doors open, and find a way to shut them again. We have done this for about 20 years.

I bet those keys turn up soon as the summerhouse was demolished last week due to the bashing it took from storm Arwen.

TerriBull Wed 01-Jun-22 10:12:06

We were given two vouchers (birthday/Christmas presents from family) one for a really lovely lunch another for a night or meals at a very nice hotel. So this was just prior to the lockdown, which meant we couldn't use them. During that time we moved, they're in a really safe place SOMEWHERE! but have been in our new home over a year, still haven't found them, probably by the time we do, even though many places have deferred expiry dates, there no doubt has to be a limit and we will have passed it angry

Blossoming Wed 01-Jun-22 10:31:35

I do this a lot. It’s a result of my brain injury and I have to try to put things away in their designated place. Doesn’t always work though, but at least I no longer have to stick post-it notes on all the drawers and cupboards.

Elegran Wed 01-Jun-22 10:51:01

DillytheGardener While we were clearing out my late uncle's house, we were emptying the bookcase, and from sheer habit I shook each book as I lifted it. One of them (a very slim and rather battered paperback on the care of orchids - one which even the charity shop would probably have binned - scattered £200 from between its pages. We took extra care with the rest, but that was the only cache.

GagaJo Wed 01-Jun-22 10:57:54

When I left Switzerland a year ago, I took a wadge of the money from my Swiss account with me in cash. Put it in my purse and forgot about it once I got back to the UK.

You'd better bet I remembered it was there when I thought I'd lost my purse in the supermarket! Thankfully, I'd just left it at home.

midgey Wed 01-Jun-22 11:01:07

It’s that ‘putting in a safe place’ that is the kiss of death!

Charleygirl5 Wed 01-Jun-22 11:07:46

A few months ago I withdrew around £200 from the bank, popped it in an envelope to pay for odd jobs about the be done, put it in a safe place and to date never found.

Worse still, I would quite like to sell my car but again I can find zilch.

HousePlantQueen Wed 01-Jun-22 12:05:48


It’s that ‘putting in a safe place’ that is the kiss of death!

before we set off for a long overseas trip, pre-covid, DH but his computer hard drive 'somewhere safe'. Never been seen since.

giulia Wed 01-Jun-22 12:17:00


I do this a lot. It’s a result of my brain injury and I have to try to put things away in their designated place. Doesn’t always work though, but at least I no longer have to stick post-it notes on all the drawers and cupboards.

At least you have a really legitimate excuse!

giulia Wed 01-Jun-22 12:19:09

Oh dear!! Some of these stories are quite tragic/ hilarious.

At least I am reassured in not being the only one to be so daft.
"Kiss of death" as Midgey said so well. But, what to do?

annodomini Wed 01-Jun-22 13:30:37

In the process of de-cluttering, I have come across many 'safe places' and discovered, for example, £25 in outdated form and a book of Christmas stamps from goodness-knows how long ago. And I discovered my Kenya driving licence from the 1960s. Years ago, I 'lost' my passport and made a hasty trip to Liverpool passport office - in those days they were incredibly obliging. What did I find in my 'safe place' as soon as I got home with my new passport? Need I say more?

MrsKen33 Wed 01-Jun-22 13:31:42

When we went on holiday in the 60s I would hide the Child benefit books. That way when we came home we had some money for the following weeks. I couldn’t find them one time.6 months later I found them in an old jewellery box. 6 months money in one go. It was great.

grandtanteJE65 Wed 01-Jun-22 13:37:18

I cannot remember all the things my mother put in a safe place and that turned up years after they had been needed.

My safe place was a glass fronted bookcase, but now that we have no longer got it, I decided not to have more than one safe place. The trouble is not remembering where it is, but remembering to put things in it!

DillytheGardener Wed 01-Jun-22 13:41:20

Elegran what a bit of luck that you did check! I’m glad I’m not the only one hoarding money in books. DH said I was daft, but left anywhere else he would have pinched it for odds and ends ?

ixion Wed 01-Jun-22 14:53:49

So safe, we forgot it was there!
Yup, £££ that old! Bank, here we come.

Redhead56 Wed 01-Jun-22 15:10:47

I have on a few occasions stashed money and earrings. I have found money but sadly never found the earrings again.
My husband forgot where he put a special watch. Two years later he came across it by sheer chance in a box file where he kept old documents.

lixy Wed 01-Jun-22 16:22:19

My MiL had several 'safe places' though they were open secrets in the family.
The back door key was kept on a nail on a piece of wood in a plant pot under the third apple tree on the left from the back door, and woe betide the person who forgot to put it back!

Auntieflo Wed 01-Jun-22 16:57:37

I have a pearl necklace that DH bought for me before we were married. It was quite 'dressy', and so only worn about three times. One of the strings broke, and I put it all into a gold and black striped bag. Can I find it! No! Still looking.

Grammaretto Thu 02-Jun-22 08:16:20

DH used to deliberately "hide" money inside books. Elegran His favourites were books which were not the sort people would choose to browse through such as a biography of Maggy Thatcher as she was a notable "housekeeper" and his cash would be safe with her.

I lost my wedding ring quite soon after we were married. It turned up in a pile of dust on our Wedding Anniversary when I was clearing out the garage prior to putting the house on the market - several years later. I had literally struck gold!

Now I cannot find the deeds of the house. I know they are somewhere but have been searching intermittently for over a year.