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Putting things in "a safe place" and then...

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giulia Wed 01-Jun-22 09:17:35

I doubt anyone reading this is as daft as I am:

A few years ago, I crocheted two little curtains for my daughter's kitchen window which was a very awkward size.
The pattern was quite complex, with a vine and bunch of grapes down the centre. I completed it and had even found two small brass rods to hang them.

I then put them in a safe place. I don't remember why there was a delay in hanging them at the time. Anyway, when the day finally came, I couldn't find them anywhere. Searched high and low over the following months. Was heartbroken. It had been a work of love.

Eventually, we all forgot about them. My daughter has now moved house.

Yesterday, at least five years later, while doing some serious clearing out, I came across them (in my mother's old tapestry sewing bag of all places!).

Neither my daughter nor I have a window of the right size anymore. Nor would it go with her very modern house style.

Have any of you ever put something in a safe place and not found it for YEARS?!

Floradora9 Thu 02-Jun-22 21:36:17

I had an uncle who liked a drink and also a bet. He came home one night having had a rreally good win and a good drink and hid his money. It was never found even after they moved house. It was thought he had put it up the chimney and someone lit a fire later on .

Georgesgran Thu 02-Jun-22 22:18:11

Same here Grammaretto. DH took our house deeds to show to neighbours over a parking dispute (not ours, but it showed boundaries). I can picture the envelope they’re in, I can see the writing on the front, but can I Hell as like find it, even though I’ve been through all DH’s stuff, which was all meticulously filed and labeled.
Apparently it’s all online anyway, but it’s got me really puzzled,

nandad Thu 02-Jun-22 22:41:09

Not the same but, friend’s husband put a very expensive watch in a shoe for safe keeping and wedged it with a sock. Friend put the shoes in a charity bag as he never wore them. Unfortunately as he seldom wore the watch either it was a long time before he discovered what had happened. She blames him for using the sock as it meant the watch didn’t move when she picked up the shoes!

Catterygirl Fri 03-Jun-22 01:25:01

I have heard of many hiding places, mainly books, but then bags of cash in the freezer and money cellotaped to the underside of drawers. I have a good memory but prefer to have few valuables in the house. Have no valuables anyway.

Beautful Fri 03-Jun-22 06:28:53

A safe place ? Often put things in a safe place , only to forget where it is ! My head is like a sieve & the holes are getting bigger ? ... as long as you don't forget where you put your phone , put a message on it , or write in a book ... although can put their is a code ... obviously don't forget what it means !!!

Oldwoman70 Fri 03-Jun-22 06:46:50

My late DH liked to keep money hidden in safe places around the house. 8 years after he died I decided to sell up and checked a small space in the garage roof - found a tin containing £400. Another safe place was the skirting under the kitchen cupboards which contained another £100. The strange thing is we had a very large safe!

Shel69 Sat 11-Jun-22 17:33:32

Story of my life, I put it down to having too many possessions now, I was much better at knowing where I put stuff when I was younger and had very little,when clothes got out of fashion I got rid of them, now I hold onto them and don't care about the latest fads, chocolate is my main problem, I find it when it's gone white ,luckily my husband puts paperwork in labelled folders because once I put them somewhere the fairies take them never to be seen again

Yammy Sat 11-Jun-22 22:30:41

Not quite the same but still a safe place. A few years ago we were burgled and I asked the police where was a spot burglers never looked.They suggested the fire box as we had an open fire.
Going on holiday I put what little jewellery we had left in a plastic bag put it in the fire box and laid the fire on top.
When we came home I found my DH about to put the fire on and just in time told him what I had done with the jewellery.
My father inherited gold cufflinks collar studs and collar stiffeners. He put them in a safe place and never found them. Years later when cleaning out my mothers house I found an old tin in the loft that said a present from Dumfries on it and it rattled,there were the cufflinks etc. When I told mum she had a good laugh because my father never liked visiting Dumfries.

Granny23 Sat 11-Jun-22 22:56:07

I have a box file which is identical to my other files except for its label. Everything which needs to be in a safe place is stored within the box and there is a card recording the location of items too big for the box. Works most of the time.

HettyBetty Sat 11-Jun-22 23:18:33

When clearing my aunt's house, which she had lived in for nearly 60 years, we found a small box of jewellery hidden away which must have been put there by the previous owners. We had no way of tracing their family so I gave it all to a charity - who got a couple of hundred pounds for it.

oldwoman69 Mon 30-Jan-23 13:01:26

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CrochetBliss Tue 25-Jul-23 21:42:21

Yes, lost many books and magazines that way.

Please post a photograph of the curtains flowers

Primrose53 Tue 25-Jul-23 21:54:40

My friend lost a big bunch of keys. Housekeys, car keys, various fobs, summerhouse keys etc it was a big hefty bunch.
She was convinced they were in the house otherwise she could not have got in but we searched and searched with no luck. She had been down her garden so wondered if someone had come in the front door and stolen the keys.

She got all the locks changed and a few days later found the keys. They were under the microwave where she had not looked as the gap was so tiny. We think as she dropped them on the worktop they settled themselves almost flat and slid under the appliance. Chances of that happening?

B9exchange Tue 25-Jul-23 22:37:43

We lost the keys to the summerhouse and shed, searched everywhere, in the end had to call our a locksmith who charged £200 for new locks and keys. A couple of years later we came across an old glasses case, young grandson had put them in there!

I put the hard drive backup for my laptop in a 'safe place' when we go away. Always trouble finding it later, so now I take a pic of it on my phone so I can look where it is and locate it when we get back.