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Anyone remember Bemax

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Floradora9 Wed 19-Dec-18 11:50:17

I remember my father eating it every morning . I cannot say I ate it too but it sticks in my memory. I looked it up and it is no longer made but Jordans Natural Wheatgerm is similar.

M0nica Wed 19-Dec-18 16:51:10

I remember the name, but not the product. probably because DM never bought it.

Grandma70s Wed 19-Dec-18 17:29:46

I remember it! It was delicious. I used to sprinkle it on my cereal at breakfast time. I think there were also Bemax biscuits.

It as just wheatgerm, I believe, little light brown flakes.

Grandma70s Wed 19-Dec-18 17:31:53

It was. Why can’t I edit my message?

Fennel Wed 19-Dec-18 18:41:18

Yes I have vague memories of sprinkling it over cereals.
My Mum was very health conscious about food.

Chewbacca Wed 19-Dec-18 20:24:43

Don't remember Bemax but doesn't any one remember Bengers? I think it was a drink. Malted maybe.

EllanVannin Wed 19-Dec-18 20:48:03

I used to sprinkle Bemax on soup.

Bengers, yes, another faded memory.
Anyone remember Slippery Elm ? Angiers/Scotts emulsion ?

Virol ? Malt and cod liver oil ? Steadmans EE powders ?

Carters little liver pills ? Seidlitz powders ? Fennings Fever Cure ?

Chewbacca Wed 19-Dec-18 21:00:50

Vaguely remember Slippery Elm but I can't remember what it was used for? Virol... ditto I'm afraid. But I remember only too clearly the malt and cod liver oil.... bleurgh! Horrible stuff.

Grammaretto Wed 19-Dec-18 21:20:00

I remember it now you mention it. DM was health/weight conscious.
She read about wheatgerm and yoghurt so we had that. Cod liver oil especially in winter. Virol? I don't think we had was thick malty stuff and prescribed for skinny children. I was never a skinny child.
I loved Bemax and used to spoon it from the packet into my gob.

NfkDumpling Wed 19-Dec-18 21:24:50

I was a skinny child and loved Virol! I didn’t know it was prescribed. I think I was quite healthy but just grew very quickly - tall and skinny. (It got me into the bad habit of eating anything and everything.) I don’t remember Bemax.

Grammaretto Wed 19-Dec-18 21:28:48

NfkDumpling maybe not prescribed but advised for building you up after an illness.

Chewbacca Wed 19-Dec-18 21:38:23

I used to give my son something called Minadex in the 1980's. He was a very poor eater and constantly in and out of hospital and I was advised to give it to him to "encourage his appetite and build him up". Not seen Minadex for years so possibly discontinued.

Grammaretto Thu 20-Dec-18 06:18:18

You can still get Minadex. I wonder what it's ingredients are.
Metatone is another tonic recommended after an illness. It has small amounts of alcohol so probably wasn't for children.

NfkDumpling Thu 20-Dec-18 07:19:31

That figures Grammaretto. I did have a very bad chest infection when I was two and was apparently very ill. I don’t think our elderly doctor was too good on diagnosis as later my parents were most upset when I tested positive for having once had TB!

BBbevan Thu 20-Dec-18 07:46:32

My DS vomited his milk a lot when a baby. GP recommended Slippery Elm which did the trick.

Grammaretto Thu 20-Dec-18 07:53:01

Goodness me! TB!
My DSister and I were hospitalised for weeks with whooping cough when we were small children. A chest x-ray later showed a damaged lung.
Yet we've both made it so far....
I'm going to get a tonic today but maybe with gin in it this time.

BlueBelle Thu 20-Dec-18 07:53:07

Every time I read this title I think of Brumas the baby bear born in London was it late 59s ? think that was it’s name

Auntieflo Thu 20-Dec-18 07:57:22

I remember Brumas the polar bear

Grandma70s Thu 20-Dec-18 08:20:59

I remember queuing for hours to get a glimpse of Brumas the baby polar bear. I was about ten.

However, he was not called Bemax, though that might make a good name for some animal that’s the right sort of colour.

Grandma70s Thu 20-Dec-18 08:23:50

Brumas was born in November 1949.

Marmight Thu 20-Dec-18 08:36:48

Anyone remember Energen rolls? My Mum used to have them delivered in a big box. I think they were part of a diet regime. They were light as a feather, dry and full of air. i.e. a waste of time (and money!)

Auntieflo Thu 20-Dec-18 09:02:59

Oh my yes. My mum also used to have these.
One bite and they disintegrated.
Thank you Grandma70. I must have been 7.

Jessity Thu 20-Dec-18 09:29:11

Waves of nostalgia here. I hated Virol, made me vomit. Parish’s food (?spelling) was a deep red concoction diluted with water, no idea what it was supposed to cure. Also a pink liquid which separated in the bottle into a clear liquid on top and had to be shaken vigorously, it was called rochella salts and sweet nitre, not a clue why I was dosed with it but the name stuck in my mind.

EllanVannin Thu 20-Dec-18 09:33:04

Mum used to buy Energen rolls and I remember dad once saying that she'd be floating away one of these days as they were just full of air.

I think the Virol appeared after I'd been hospitalized with scarlet fever in 1945.

Up until I started to take Warfarin 12 years ago I had malt and cod liver oil every winter which kept me going, but the two aren't allowed together ( thin the blood too much )

Mapleleaf Thu 20-Dec-18 17:06:33

Anyone remember nimble bread? My Mum used to eat it. It seemed to be made of thin air! I think there was another brand, too, but I can’t remember it’s name. It can’t have been very nutritious, really.