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Husbands who cook 👨🏼‍🍳

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lemongrove Sun 03-Feb-19 20:00:37

Whenever we watch an Escape To The Country the husband always seems to be saying that he is the main cook, and needs a big kitchen to bash the pots and pans around.
My DH cooks once a week usually, and even that seems to be unusual amongst my friends, who’s DH’s never do more than prepare a sarnie.Do yours regularly take over the kitchen and make several meals a week? Lucky you, if so.envy

Rufus2 Mon 04-Feb-19 04:51:40

As "Onslow" would say; Cooking? That's women's work" grin

absent Mon 04-Feb-19 04:55:11

Mr absent can heat up something that I created and froze and then manage either potatoes or rice. However, even though I spent more than 30 years of my life writing more than a hundred cookbooks, still feels entitled to tell me how to cook.

PamelaJ1 Mon 04-Feb-19 06:30:25

My DH has always cooked extremely well-he follows the recipes unlike me. I tend to be more ‘intuitive’.
Now I’m still working and he has retired so he is now the king of the kitchen. This is an arrangement that suits me down to the ground. He has also taken over the shopping and this is still a work in progress. He’s fine with food but not the other stuff- loo rolls etc. But is getting better.

Madgran77 Mon 04-Feb-19 07:13:06

Mine cooks ...certain dishes he always does but he'll have a go at anything. He developed a cake repertoire when I was still working too, which was nice. Actually sometimes I'd quite like him to just let me quietly cook on my own (I love cooking) but hey ho, cant have it all ways!

Dolcelatte Mon 04-Feb-19 07:13:36

My husband is an excellent cook and also brilliant at chopping onions, garlic, preparing veg etc, and makes at least 50% of the meals. We both enjoy cooking and eating, but he is more ambitious with his recipes. DIY, on the other hand, we are both useless at, and we never do gardening!

dragonfly46 Mon 04-Feb-19 07:18:01

I love cooking so have always done the cooking. DH can cook for himself if I am away and he is great at setting tables, pouring wine and clearing up.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 04-Feb-19 07:47:35

We are fifty-fifty in the cooking department. Mr GG13 can cook most things apart from a roast (no idea why). He will also shop for the ingredients, he has even taught himself several fish recipes as I like to eat fish a couple of times a week.

PECS Mon 04-Feb-19 07:54:16

Just to add Mr PECS may not be a cook but he does do the clearing up, loading/ unloading dishwasher, the cups of tea/ coffee, the laundry ( inc changing the bed linen) and his own ironing. Our home is cleaned each week by a cleaner. We share that cost. Shopping is shared, bins are his job.. I plump the cushions & we do a pretty equal share of the DGC childcare 😂

baubles Mon 04-Feb-19 08:07:59

MrB is the main hunter gatherer as I dither in supermarkets whereas he’s in and out in a trice. He also likes doing the butcher, baker and greengrocer shopping however once he has dragged the bags into the kitchen it’s mostly my job to make meals from the contents. Until I started giving him a list it was a bit like Ready, Steady, Cook in our house.

He does take a turn a couple of times a week though and usually produces something edible. grin

My SiL does pretty much all the cooking for DD & family and my sister’s OH has always been the cook in their house.

I think I’d live on snacks if it were just me in the house, I often just can’t be bothered with the thinking about what to eat.

NfkDumpling Mon 04-Feb-19 08:08:37

When DH retired 15 years ago he took over all the cooking and rearranged the kitchen. My role became cake and biscuit maker and washer upper.

To start with he followed recipes slavishly and put all the ingredients out in little pots and used every saucepan in the kitchen. Luckily that phase didn’t last very long and he’s now very inventive with ingredients and, as our kitchen is tiny, washes up a lot as he goes along.

The biggest advantage as far as I’m concerned is that if he’s cooking he needs to do the shopping. I hate food shopping! I only cook meals now when he’s really busy with something or sick. Works for us!

Framilode Mon 04-Feb-19 08:13:02

My husband doesn't cook. I have a friend whose husband does all the meal planning, shopping and cooking. He is also an inventive cook. Oh how I envy her.

Pittcity Mon 04-Feb-19 08:25:24

DH does 70% of the cooking, I do 99% of the cleaning up afterwards. We shop together.

jusnoneed Mon 04-Feb-19 08:37:00

My OH manages beans/eggs on toast and that's about it. If I pop my clogs before him he's in for a very limited diet!
He doesn't help in the kitchen, I watch in amazement when he is trying to find something in a kitchen cupboard, usually in the place it's been kept for years - can he find it? Nope!
I nearly fainted when he washed up after one meal at Christmas.

Glad to say both my sons are the opposite and can cook meals from scratch.

Teetime Mon 04-Feb-19 09:01:19

No No No - we do not want Mr Teetime in the kitchen- Armageddon!

Fennel Mon 04-Feb-19 09:24:34

My husband doesn't cook, but he likes to bake. The trouble is he takes hours over it. He made some good bread last week when I was ill but it lasted all day - he makes up his own recipes and if it doesn't work starts again.
He's good at clearing up though, and does most of the cleaning.

Humbertbear Mon 04-Feb-19 09:26:28

My husband has done all the food shopping for the last 20 years. It started when he retired but I was still working. At that time he volunteered to cook dinner every evening. Now we share the cooking, depending on who is at home at the right time.

SalsaQueen Mon 04-Feb-19 09:54:10

My husband is a very good cook (although he only cooks once a month now). He had to teach me to cook, when we first set up home, 40 years ago...I couldn't even make scrambled eggs then!

Izabella Mon 04-Feb-19 10:24:26

We share, and are good at different things, but both excellent and inventive cooks. Neither afraid to try something new. However, I never bbq as he is far better than I.

Gma29 Mon 04-Feb-19 10:43:52

Mine will cook himself breakfast, as I really can’t stand the smell of cooking first thing. Sadly, that is the extent of his repertoire!

lefthanded Mon 04-Feb-19 10:49:14

I do all our cooking and have done for the last 15 years. Mrs lefthanded is a wheelchair-user and our kitchen is simply not wheelchair-friendly. If I have to make something from scratch then I need a recipe (I have all the Hairy Bikers' cookbooks!) but I do tend to use ready-made sauces for most things.

craftergran Mon 04-Feb-19 10:54:31

Mine cooks but I had to show him how to make a cheese sauce. He doesn't really bake though, so that is still my domain.

Craftycat Mon 04-Feb-19 11:00:38

Some years ago he was made redundant & was at home for about 2 months. I bought him a men in the kitchen cookery course which he loved & he brought home some wonderful gourmet dishes. He did made a couple of them at home but when he went back to work it all stopped.
TBH I love cooking & I think I would resent him taking over 'my' kitchen.
He does toast etc. if he fancies it but if I am going out for the evening he buys himself a ready meal rather than cook. I'm sure he could manage if push came to shove though.
I have made sure my grandsons all know how to cook basic meals! ( & some not so basic )

MadFerretLady Mon 04-Feb-19 11:02:55

We have always had what I call an 'equal opportunity household'. I am very lucky in that my husband shares in all the tasks. We share the housework and the cooking more or less equally, depending on what else is going on. We share dog walks too with him doing morning, and me the evening. We each have our own 'tasks' though. He will do the ferret maintenance (we have 7) of hutches and playtimes and I'll do laundry and ironing. It sort of works for us ...

MadFerretLady Mon 04-Feb-19 11:05:11

Oh - and I tend to do all the washing up ( because I enjoy it... ) and he does the shopping now. He started it when he retired from shift work and kept it up...

inishowen Mon 04-Feb-19 11:07:34

My husband does all the cooking. He's lucky as he enjoys it. I however do not enjoy ironing, cleaning toilets, or hoovering but that's my job!