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Cauliflower cheese

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Anja Wed 13-Feb-19 08:31:39

When my SiL came to pick the grandchildren up after work yesterday he asked conversationally (he’s chatty like that)

‘What are you having for tea?’

I said ‘Cauliflower and broccoli cheese’.

He wanted to know what we were having with it and was surprised when I said that was the meal, nothing else.

We always as children in Scotland just had this as a complete meal (well not the broccoli 🥦 I don’t think it had been invented in the 1950s).

Do others find it odd that there was nothing being served with it?

jusnoneed Wed 13-Feb-19 08:39:47

It's a side dish in our house, although my OH will eat any left overs reheated the following lunch time with a slice of bread. Not that keen on it myself but he loves it.

Framilode Wed 13-Feb-19 08:42:40

Occasionally ham or bacon but most often on its own. I love it. I have never tried it with brocolli though.

Marydoll Wed 13-Feb-19 08:44:22

I'm the same, Anja. In my Scottish secondary school, it was served as a main dish at lunchtime. That was the only time I got a chance to eat it, as my mother had only about four dishes in her repertoire!
When I was pregnant with my first baby, I craved it all the time. smile

Greenfinch Wed 13-Feb-19 08:49:54

We always have something small with it such as crusty bread or tinned tomatoes as we like the cheese sauce to be thick. Other times we might have a few peas.

Anja Wed 13-Feb-19 08:50:59

Perhaps it’s a Scottish (or a Northern?) thing then Marydoll.

Framilode I add broccoli if there are only small caulis on sale.

Anja Wed 13-Feb-19 08:52:57

Cheese sauce must be thick and cling to the cauliflower I agree Greenfinch but what does the tinned tomatoes have to do with the thickness 🙄😳

kittylester Wed 13-Feb-19 08:53:33

It's a side dish at our house too. I make it with broccoli and a tomato sauce before the cheese sauce goes on.

Chewbacca Wed 13-Feb-19 08:55:25

Side dish here, usually served with meat and other vegetables.

Greenfinch Wed 13-Feb-19 08:55:42

Sounds deliciouskitty

Bathsheba Wed 13-Feb-19 09:03:06

It's a side dish in our house, served with meat and potatoes. Either just cauliflower or with broccoli if I have a small amount left and want to use it up. Sometimes I add sprinkled almond flakes on top before it's popped under the grill (a legacy from my vegetarian days wink). I also do a 'mixed vegetable cheese', typically cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, broad beans, and courgettes.

MissAdventure Wed 13-Feb-19 09:18:03

South east here, and it was a main dish for us, with crusty bread.

shysal Wed 13-Feb-19 09:22:07

A side dish for me. I remember visiting a friend and being served cheesy mashed potato, browned in the oven, as a main course, which I also wouldn't do.

Lazigirl Wed 13-Feb-19 09:33:06

It's a main for us too, sometimes with another vegetable, ie grated carrot, mushrooms etc. Used to have crisps on the side which was total indulgence, but have ditched the crisps now. It's important to have a good flavoured sauce with strong cheddar and mustard. I don't think it's a regional thing, but think it's too filling to have as a side dish.

Greyduster Wed 13-Feb-19 09:35:22

DH considers cauliflower cheese to be a meal on its own; I like a couple of rashers of bacon with it or I feel as if I have been short changed! I also have a version of bathsheba’s mixed vegetable cheese where I layer the vegetables - diced carrots, lightly fried onions, turnip, broccoli, green beans - with cooked sliced potato and a strong cheese sauce, and brown it in the oven.

luluaugust Wed 13-Feb-19 09:35:33

Deep South here and we eat it as a main dish but mum always served it with Lamb.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 13-Feb-19 09:39:00

I am from the South East and it's a side dish, usually with Sunday Roast. (my favourite veggie dish)

narrowboatnan Wed 13-Feb-19 09:39:31

We have it as a meal on it’s own, with crusty bread to mop up the sauce at the end. You’ve made me hungry now 😀

bikergran Wed 13-Feb-19 09:39:50

Side dish here in Lancashire...although a few weeks ago I kepy yearning for plain cauli with butter on think I had it about 5 times in 2 weeks just on its own nice n soft yummy

pen50 Wed 13-Feb-19 09:48:59

I had something similar as main last night except it was with a creamy anchovy sauce topped with toasted almonds, rather than cheese. Delicious, I ate far too much!

Oona2158 Wed 13-Feb-19 09:51:33

A meal in itself for me, lovely and hearty

carolyn12 Wed 13-Feb-19 09:52:03

Cauliflower cheese and jacket potato with peas here. Yum - nice and cheesy, please.

grandMattie Wed 13-Feb-19 09:53:10

We usually have it as a side dish or on its own. If on its own, I put an egg or two in the sauce and extra cheese on top.

Corkie91 Wed 13-Feb-19 09:53:57

No eat it as it is with some bacon or ham added.

mumofmadboys Wed 13-Feb-19 09:54:34

Usually main dish here, occasionally as a side. Sometimes use broccolli as well. Quite like few breadcrumbs on the top too. Will try flaked almonds. That sounds good.