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Best method of making real coffee for one

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Needlewoman Mon 18-Mar-19 17:11:12

I like real coffee but not the hassle and waiting that can be involved in making it. Nor do I have a great deal of worktop space, so that rules out a coffee-making machine.

So, I am now thinking of getting some type of stove-top Moka pot but the choice is bewildering - aluminium or stainless steel, and so many different brands. Which and what would you nice knowledgeable folk recommend?

Thank you.

NanTheWiser Thu 30-May-19 12:41:06

Another vote for the Aeropress! It does need a bit of welly to press the plunger down, but it makes delicious coffee.

annep1 Thu 30-May-19 14:57:23

The hob thing is a percolator. We had one in 1970 which my husband's grandmother brought from Italy (she was Italian.) I had never seen one before.

NotSpaghetti Thu 30-May-19 23:56:07

I think the percolator lets the coffee go round and round annep1. Could be wrong but my mother-in-law has a 60s one that circulates.

The Bialetti, on the other hand, has two "chambers". The bottom one has a valve. The water boils at the bottom and is forced under pressure through the ground coffee into the chamber at the top.

I love ours. Makes great coffee.

annep1 Fri 31-May-19 07:09:36

Notspaghetti If memory serves me right coffee was put into a container at the top. Water went up a central tube and soaked through the coffee. We used to love going into the cofffee shop and choosing beans which were then ground for us.

Tweedle24 Fri 31-May-19 18:13:40

I had not heard of the Aeropress until this post. How does the method differ from a cafetière?

PamelaJ1 Fri 31-May-19 19:05:59

Not spaghetti,
An integrated machine about the size of a very large microwave with a milk frother(?) and coffee grinder.

GrandmaKT Fri 31-May-19 19:43:25

Hi Tweedle. There is a lengthy explanation of the similarities and differences here:

I'd sum it up by saying the Aeropress produces stronger coffee than a cafetière (which can be watered down with boiling water) in a much quicker time. It also makes just one cup/mug full at a time.

NotSpaghetti Sat 01-Jun-19 20:17:15

annep1 - I bet that was one of the "cona" types then. I remember those. The early ones were glass.

PamelaJ1 - ah yes, an Espresso type machine. I know what you mean. What a pity you didn't know about it in time!

PamelaJ1 Sat 01-Jun-19 20:18:59

Yes we might have used it more if it had been in the kitchen.

Beammeupscottie Sat 01-Jun-19 20:37:26

Nespresso. Why use anything else? Instant Coffee is disgusting.

PamelaJ1 Sat 01-Jun-19 20:49:17

Beameup- does nespresso use plastic pods?

Beammeupscottie Sun 02-Jun-19 11:17:01

You are given a free recycling service. They provide bags for you to return spent pods. Free.
Can I suggest a shot of strong expresso is lovely poured over vanila ice-cream for a summer dessert.

craftyone Sun 02-Jun-19 18:02:16

aeropress without any doubt. I binned my french press

Tweedle24 Mon 03-Jun-19 12:23:45

Thank you Grandma TK

musthfas Thu 11-Jul-19 08:44:53

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M0nica Thu 11-Jul-19 15:50:38

I buy coffee bags, just like tea bags, put one in a mug, pour on boiling water, take it out a few minutes later and there is a mug of coffee, takes no counter space only shelf space for the bags,

Alternatively use a cafetiere, almost as simple, but does require a mug sized space to store it.