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What’s for Lunch?

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jackfowler Fri 05-Jul-19 08:50:21

What we eat for lunch should be balanced with what we had for breakfast and what we are likely to have for dinner, and don't forget the snacks in between.

And today should be balanced against yesterday and tomorrow in terms of what we ate or will eat.

And what we ate the past week should affect our choices for next week.

Good eating is not a specific science, nor is it a crap shoot.
It is, rather, a life style (or should be) in which we consider nutrition, enjoyment, smell, taste, appearance, quality vs quantity and several other factors in a balance that supports optimum health, both physically and emotionally.

What do you Lunch on?

ninathenana Fri 05-Jul-19 09:03:08

I don't think many GN members will appreciate being preached to regarding their diet.
I will be lunching on whatever takes my fancy at the supermarket later.

Jane10 Fri 05-Jul-19 09:05:30

ninathenana is spot on. Ever heard the saying 'Don't teach your granmother to suck eggs' : Well we're grandmothers!

Bathsheba Fri 05-Jul-19 09:05:40

I smell a book recommendation coming up..... hmm

tanith Fri 05-Jul-19 09:06:56

Usually either a granary sandwich, or cottage cheese on ryvita, or salad in Summer or soup in Winter always with fruit.

M0nica Fri 05-Jul-19 09:12:23

Well, we have all reached an age where we have grandchildren. Either we know how to eat healthily, or it is a bit late if our health and well being is already ravished by poor eating habits.

I was thinking of a big fry-up for lunch, or a large curry, fish and chips (large portion) or even a 1lb steak, or, perhaps, all of the above all at once.

On the other hand I will probably go down to our local bakery cafe and I have no idea what I will eat there because I haven't seen today's menu.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 05-Jul-19 09:21:22

Tea in bed

Breakfast - skinny latte and a banana

Lunch - Tin Tuna salad (line caught)

Dinner - Going to our Indian Restaurant- King Prawn Balti,
Spinach Bahje and Mushroom Bahje with one (or
Two) compulsory glasses of wine!!!!

Teetime Fri 05-Jul-19 09:34:50

who'se asking actually?

mumofmadboys Fri 05-Jul-19 09:41:28

Why do you want to know Jack Fowler??

Lessismore Fri 05-Jul-19 09:43:47

Cheese and crackers, some cherry tomatoes.

KatyK Fri 05-Jul-19 09:46:40

I eat what I fancy and try to make it healthy-ish.

Pantglas1 Fri 05-Jul-19 09:56:18

I love threads about food....the last week
Leftover kedgeree
Ham & sweet chilli jam sandwich
Feta salad
Naan bread pizza
Pastrami & horseradish sandwich
And today’s delight will be.....
Smoked salmon, olive & feta quinoa salad

Gonegirl Fri 05-Jul-19 10:01:02

That is quite a bossy original post. All that balancing between what we had yesterday, the day before, this time a year ago, what we intend to eat next Friday fortnight. All a bit much for me tbh.

Fish and chips in a pub garden today. sunshine That'll do nicely.

Riverwalk Fri 05-Jul-19 10:08:13

Ignoring the bossy tone of the OP - I love food threads!

Today will be smoked salmon and whatever salad I can cobble together.

EllanVannin Fri 05-Jul-19 10:28:37

Dover sole, new pots and shell peas today. Strawbs and melted choc.

BradfordLass72 Sat 06-Jul-19 04:42:44

Gosh jackfowler dictatorial sort of cove ain't ya?

If it works for you and you want to be uber-obsessive about keeping lists of everything you eat for weeks on end, then fine. Wouldn't work for me.

I eat what I want, when I want.
If I want fruit for breakfast, or indeed nowt at all except a cup of Rooibos, that's what I'll have.

Today I stood, with many others, in a chilly 2 degrees Celsius for over an hour (we began at 4am) at a Matariki ceremony, so when it was over and we were offered scrambled eggs, mushrooms and tomato, I jumped at the chance.

What's more, though this may surprise the socks off you, I don't feel one whit guilty - and enjoyed every mouthful.

Sometimes I have porridge for my tea or cornflakes for lunch or curry for breakfast.
Today, lunch (at 3.30pm) was mashed kumara with leeks sauteed in butter and a cup of hot water.

And I've no idea if it balanced what I ate yesterday, or last week or when I was 12 and have absolutely no interest in finding out.

Food is supposed to be enjoyable and keep you healthy not be an obsession.

I wonder if you weight your poo to make sure that balances every week? Wouldn't surprise me grin

Whitewavemark2 Sat 06-Jul-19 08:18:38

Yesterday was chocolate yogurt with some muesli sprinkled on it.

Today is smoked salmon salad

Tomorrow is Greek Salad

Well that’s what’s planned😄

Might end up with a jam and clotted cream sandwich or crackers and Stilton and apricot (yum yum) or fish fingers.

Depends on my mood.

Shropshirelass Sat 06-Jul-19 08:26:29

Whatever I feel like eating when I look in the fridge, or look at the clock to see how short time is! I can't remember what I had last week and I haven't a clue what I might have next week. Eating fits round my life not the other way round!

NotSpaghetti Sat 06-Jul-19 08:40:46

Hello jackfowler - welcome to Gransnet if you’re new.
I’m not sure if you were looking for actual foods we eat for lunches or if you are trying to open a debate on healthy eating?

EllanVannin Sat 06-Jul-19 10:20:00

Doorstep sized prawn/mayo sandwiches today with about half a pound of local cherry tomatoes and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. That'll keep me going !

Keeper1 Sat 06-Jul-19 10:44:53

Well sometimes a tuna salad no dressing and some fruit or on the other hand a bag of skittles just depends really grin

lemongrove Sat 06-Jul-19 10:48:09

Probably a bowl of cornflakes.😃

glammanana Sat 06-Jul-19 11:06:27

Egg mayo sandwich and finish the fruit in the fruit bowl nice and easy because I am busy today no time for thinking what I had yesterday or having to-morrow,is jackflower for real
we are grown ups fgs.

Cherrytree59 Sat 06-Jul-19 11:11:24

On a very rare day out (due to
distance) with my little soon to be 4 grandson, I lunched on home cooked chips and homemade farm icecream.
His choice and it was wonderful!!!

It's not all about the food, it's company such as family or friends that can make even the most mundane snack enjoyable .
(Family and friends) roastchicken

Cherrytree59 Sat 06-Jul-19 11:14:04

Oops stated twice!!
ignore (family friends)[blush