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Things that you have never eaten and why ?

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NotAGran55 Tue 10-Nov-20 06:18:15

Mine in a topical one .
I have never eaten turkey.

When I was a child we had a capon at Christmas for some reason . I haven’t ever heard of one since ? Did I imagine it ?

From the age of about 18 I stopped eating meat and will now never taste it .

Ashcombe Tue 10-Nov-20 06:28:01

Black pudding - the sight of it is off putting.

Sushi - just don’t like the idea of raw fish although I happily eat many other kinds, both fresh and tinned.

Prunes - horrid memory of being made to eat one in a school meal when I was five. I held it in my mouth as I left the canteen, planning to dispose of it in the playground bin, but I was spotted. I guess I must have looked like a hamster with a bulging cheek!

Esspee Tue 10-Nov-20 06:31:59

I won't try raw sushi. I have seen worms in fresh fish so nothing would induce me to eat it.
I never eat raw meat either, so steak tartare is out.

CanadianGran Tue 10-Nov-20 06:33:30

I'm not sure where I saw an article about smoked eel, but I have not ever tried it, and in fact have never seen it available. I had to look up to see if we have eel in Canada, and we do not have any native eels on the west coast.

I think I would try it if I was offered some, but would not go out and seek it.

Esspee Tue 10-Nov-20 06:35:22

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Ashcombe Tue 10-Nov-20 06:42:38

Quotes previously deleted post

Calendargirl Tue 10-Nov-20 06:49:06

I don’t think ‘they’ are allowed to caponise, if that’s the word, nowadays.

Bellasnana Tue 10-Nov-20 07:07:10

My mum used to refer to a capon as a ‘castrated cock’😂

I have never, nor will I ever eat snails, oysters, jellied eels, or anything else slimy.😖

Calendargirl Tue 10-Nov-20 07:17:17

Just looked it up.

Caponisation is illegal in Britain, but is freely practised in Europe still.

Marydoll Tue 10-Nov-20 07:22:38

Eels of any sort. Yuk!!!🤮

tanith Tue 10-Nov-20 07:25:54

Eels,oysters,snails and lobster I really must try lobster just never h ave. None of the others though too slimy.

Humbertbear Tue 10-Nov-20 07:27:02

Tripe and all types of shell fish as well as snails and frog legs.

Puzzler61 Tue 10-Nov-20 07:31:19

Crab 🦀
and eels (my dad used to eat the small ones caught locally in the River Severn and he called them elvers).

M0nica Tue 10-Nov-20 07:34:36

Fresh milk as a drink or anything where the fresh milk smell/taste remains. Even as toddler I would not drink it. I dislike it so much it makes me heave and throw-up.

Otherwise I am happy with it milk in cooked-in dishes, cheese I adore, but I also cannot eat yoghourt or cottage cheese, I do not throw up but I feel queasy.

BlueBelle Tue 10-Nov-20 07:35:01

I can’t say I ve never eaten because I do try anything just the once, how else would you know but Sushi one taste and yuk
Snails have never come into my life, I would try though
Steak I cannot bear, tried it once a long time ago when I did eat meat I feel quite sick when I see people eating it with blood running out of it
I can’t bear any strong tasting fish, I ve never had more than a mouthful of salmon and bass smells dreadful to me although I know people drool over it
Liquorice can’t bear it
Aniseed yuk smell puts me off
Garlic no don’t like anything with garlic in but I love all types of onions funny isn’t it
Soda water nah horrid

JuliaM Tue 10-Nov-20 07:35:41

I could never bring myself to eat any kind of slugs or snails, yet l love to eat Prawns, Crab and Lobster!

On the subject of Capons, our large catering Butchers who do both Counter service and commercial deliveries were advertising Capon Cockerels last weekend as part of their Christmas Meat range available to order, apparently they were produced in France.

Blinko Tue 10-Nov-20 07:56:16

I've never eaten eels, oysters, lobster or tripe. I' know I wouldn't eat eels or tripe in any circumstances, but could be persuaded by lobster and possibly oysters. If the opportunity arose..

cornergran Tue 10-Nov-20 08:07:17

Jellied eels, tripe, whelks (although happy to tuck into cockles and muscles), black pudding and steak. Happily eat roast or casseroled beef, but steak? Nope. I know, there’s no logic.

Jaxjacky Tue 10-Nov-20 08:13:42

I’ve tried anything put in front of me, including sushi, yuk, snails, yuk, but never tried tripe, think I’ll manage without!

MaizieD Tue 10-Nov-20 08:29:24

I could never bring myself to eat snails. I'm sure that eel is fine, it's the 'jellied' bit that has always deterred me, and I don't think I will ever try andouillette (I think that francophiles will know why 😀)

NotSpaghetti Tue 10-Nov-20 08:32:38

JuliaM - "Capon Cockerels" is an odd phrase isn't it... given that capons are of necessity cockerels.

I don't know when they stopped producing capons but I'm sure we also had them in my youth. I think they grow plump and breast-meaty and quite bit bigger than an ordinary "table" chicken. I expect like other castrated animals they are fattier and so probably need less basting.

NotSpaghetti Tue 10-Nov-20 08:37:23

I have never eaten Fugu and don't want to eat it either.
I'm vegetarian now.

mokryna Tue 10-Nov-20 08:43:56

Capons are sold in France at Christmas. I cook a free range one early year. When I watch tv vet programs castrations seem to be run of the mill for pets as well as farm animals.

lemsip Tue 10-Nov-20 08:46:39

oysters, black pudding, curry! |I'll think on.

sodapop Tue 10-Nov-20 09:05:24

I'm with you tanith on the slimy thing, can't bear the thought of oysters, tripe etc.

Andouillette smells so disgusting I couldn't eat it MaizieD my husband says its like a cow farting in your face. Such a charming turn of phrase.