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Lizbethann55 Thu 07-Jan-21 19:37:14

My poor DH went to the dentist this morning for a check up and came back feeling very sorry for himself as he had had a tooth taken out. The side of his face was completely numb and he had a list of do's and dont's. By lunchtime he still looked as if he and Tyson Fury had had a disagreement. So I asked him if he fancied scrambled eggs to eat. Healthy and easy to eat. Suddenly his face lit up. "I know what I would really like. When I was little and poorly I always had...." I knew straight away what he was going to say because it was what I always had if I was poorly. Two soft boiled eggs mashed up in a cup with salt and butter!!. I don't know why the cup made it special, but it just isn't the same in a bowl. What was your "poorly food" when you were small?

PollyDolly Thu 07-Jan-21 19:40:28

Heinz tomato soup and sherbet lemons - but not both together 🤣🤣🤣

HurdyGurdy Thu 07-Jan-21 19:40:42

Yes!!! That's exactly how I used to have eggs as a child. I didn't like eggs in general, but I did love the eggs done that way. I loved holding the cup by the handle and dipping the spoon into eggy mixture. Lovely.

Now, my comforting, "poorly" food, is mashed potatoes with butter and fried onions. grin

MiniMoon Thu 07-Jan-21 19:43:14

I suffered from repeated bouts of tonsillitis until I was 7 and had a tonsillectomy.
My sore throat food was smooth soup with jelly to follow.

grannysyb Thu 07-Jan-21 19:46:03

After my tonsillectomy my mother was told to give me anything I fancied, I chose toast and marmalade, still my comfort food!

Jaxjacky Thu 07-Jan-21 19:46:14

Poached eggs on mashed potatoes, wouldn’t fancy it now.

merlotgran Thu 07-Jan-21 19:46:19

Heinz tomato soup with crusty bread and butter.

lemsip Thu 07-Jan-21 19:47:36

if poorly as a child mashed potato with a soft boiled egg chopped on top of it,,,,,,, also bread and milk as a small child.

recently had a tooth out but didn't eat sloppy food as needed to eat the other side keeping clear of the wound! had a cheese sandwich after 3 hours!

Nicegranny Thu 07-Jan-21 19:51:33

If I had been to the dentist and had any dental treatment it had to be Baxter’s pea and ham soup.
If l was poorly off of school l would have a piece of lightly fried bread and a fried egg on top with a splodge of ketchup.

Gwyneth Thu 07-Jan-21 19:54:52

Heinz tomato soup and the original luzozade.... yes the orange stuff but there’s nothing like it for me if I’m feeling poorly and off my food.

avitorl Thu 07-Jan-21 19:55:33

I am going to the Dentist tomorrow.I hope I don't need poorly food after my visit as I can't think of anything I would want to eat. I will definitely avoid nuts though as that is what broke my tooth in the first place!

ExD Thu 07-Jan-21 19:55:34

Bread and milk! (Just the thought makes me feel ill now).

Tizliz Thu 07-Jan-21 20:02:25

Soft boiled eggs in a cup was my ‘poorly’ food as well. My OH thinks it is disgusting

EllanVannin Thu 07-Jan-21 20:13:09

The chopped up eggs in a cup was called coddled eggs at home and that was our poorly food, with soldiers.

What gets me on the road to recovery should the need arise, is porridge.

tanith Thu 07-Jan-21 20:24:42

Bread and milk here too my mum would break up white bread and pour hot milk over and sprinkle sugar on it. 🤢

rockgran Thu 07-Jan-21 20:31:18

Cornflour - sweet white sauce. Mum always made me a bed on the couch with a little quilt.

GagaJo Thu 07-Jan-21 20:36:03

Bread and milk here, too. Although that was also what the dog got if we ran out of dog food!

EllanVannin Thu 07-Jan-21 20:42:07

Dad used to have a pan of tripe and onions.

We also had the dreaded calves foot jelly too.

lemongrove Thu 07-Jan-21 20:43:38

Pea and ham soup, chicken soup, eggs mashed up in the cup with butter (yum) scrambled eggs with baked beans.
Bits of bread were added to the soup, called ’pobs’.

EllanVannin Thu 07-Jan-21 20:43:54

Although----I could just eat some pigs trotters with salt and vinegar grin

midgey Thu 07-Jan-21 20:44:14

I was often ill as a child, my farmer dad would come in and especially bring me bovril and Jacobs cream crackers up to my bed to chat. I really hate bovril!

Greenfinch Thu 07-Jan-21 21:14:41

I'm with rockgran. My mother always gave me cornflour for an upset tummy. I always gave it to my children too.

ExD Thu 07-Jan-21 21:17:42

Yes. What was the thinking behind the cornflour cure?

(Talking of upset tummies - remember kaolin and morph? You can't get it with the 'morph' any more ! but it worked).

Shinamae Thu 07-Jan-21 21:18:56

Another bread and milk.......yuk! 🥴

BlueBelle Thu 07-Jan-21 21:39:14

I don’t remember what my poorly food was but my kids still remember what I gave them
Chicken noodle soup and lucozade