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What “popular”food have you never even tasted?

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Shinamae Wed 17-Feb-21 17:21:50

Personally I have never had a Pizza,a kebab,sweet corn or a Jaffa cake/chocolate orange...

lemsip Wed 17-Feb-21 17:24:35

never had a kebab

Redhead56 Wed 17-Feb-21 17:34:06

I have never eaten mussels oysters scallops or lobster. I had crab when I was younger and had an anaphylactic shock after eating it.
My GP at the time told me to eat it again to see my reaction. Which was the same he said it saved time waiting for allergy tests. I have never tried these foods because of it. There might have been logic behind what the GP said but it was pretty stupid.

polomint Wed 17-Feb-21 17:39:46

Mussels,oysters,squid,octopus,snails to name a few

polomint Wed 17-Feb-21 17:40:33

Pork crackling seems to be popular but I've never had any

Erica23 Wed 17-Feb-21 17:47:30

Avocado, keep meaning to buy one, but never get around to it. Lots of fish Oysters, mussels, cockles etc, and kebabs just don’t fancy them.

vampirequeen Wed 17-Feb-21 17:50:04

Oysters, humbles, lychees,

ixion Wed 17-Feb-21 17:50:54

A pot noodle

Ramblingrose22 Wed 17-Feb-21 17:51:56

Sushi for me. Was told it's unwise to eat raw fish. They look pretty though.

tanith Wed 17-Feb-21 18:03:25

Oysters, snails, lobster and eel yuk!

Grandma11 Wed 17-Feb-21 18:04:40

Snails, Welks,Oysters,Runny Eggs or any other Slimey kind of Food!

I Love white Crab meat , Lobsters, Prawns and White Fish fillet though, but strongly dislike the taste of Vinegar on any food.

Missfoodlove Wed 17-Feb-21 18:08:43

Another one who has never and will never eat kebab meat😩.


Shinamae Wed 17-Feb-21 18:09:42


A pot noodle

That’s another one for me....

Saralou18 Wed 17-Feb-21 18:11:38

I’ve never eaten anything from Nando’s which is apparently very popular. Or a doner kebab !

Dragonella Wed 17-Feb-21 18:14:39

sad Thanks a lot, ladies, I need a kebab now!

I have never eaten Mexican or Thai food - if it smells horrible, I've discovered that it invariably tastes horrible, too!

Tea3 Wed 17-Feb-21 18:16:22

Nutella. Never fancied chocolate in a spread.

Puzzler61 Wed 17-Feb-21 18:16:33

If you are all referring to the elephant’s foot looking meat in a chip shop - no I haven’t ever wanted to. (I like the other kebabs - e.g. pork - cooked on a BBQ).

NellG Wed 17-Feb-21 18:17:55

Sushi. It just looks squishy and potentially slimy. Ugh.

MiniMoon Wed 17-Feb-21 18:20:17

I've never eaten an oyster, but that's only because they are usually served raw. I'd eat a cooked one if it was served to me.

There's nothing like a chip shop kebab in the middle of a night shift, especially with the spicy sauce, yummy.

Calendargirl Wed 17-Feb-21 18:22:29

Kebabs, hummus, pot noodles.

Pittcity Wed 17-Feb-21 18:27:34

I can't think of anything "popular" that I haven't tried. I don't like it all but I've tasted it before dismissing it.
I love sushi, didn't want to try it but had a go. Not keen on doner meat, avocado or hummus!

B9exchange Wed 17-Feb-21 18:31:05

Never eaten tripe, (not sure that that counts as popular!) kebabs, sushi, curry, anything with chillies in it, or raw garlic.

Mapleleaf Wed 17-Feb-21 18:34:31

Doner kebab (the one they take slices off as it rotates in some of the fast food outlets)
There are other foods I’ve tried but will never try again, such as avocado, pork scratchings and beetroot.

NotSpaghetti Wed 17-Feb-21 18:39:08


Oysters, humbles, lychees,

What are "humbles"???
I've obviously never had them!
Also a McDonald's. Never had one of those.
Have eaten all the other things above though!

Grandmabatty Wed 17-Feb-21 18:40:01

Oysters. It looks like it has passed through a bird first. Yuck