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What sort of bran to use in bread?

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MamaCaz Thu 11-Mar-21 12:06:06

I have been given a new breadmaker, and one of the recipes that I want to make is an oat and bran loaf. However it doesn't actually specify what type of bran.

I had assumed it would be wheat bran, but have now found that the supermarket (online order) only has oat bran anyway.

I was wondering, which do you think I should be using, and if it's wheat bran, do you think it is possible to crush up all-bran or bran flakes to use?

B9exchange Thu 11-Mar-21 12:29:40

You can get wheat bran from Amazon, I would have thought the recipe would work equally well with oat bran though.

Don't think crushed bran flakes would work as well, ingredients listed as :
Wholewheat (59%), wheat bran (18%), wholewheat flour, sugar, barley malt extract, glucose syrup, salt, natural flavouring

Rosie51 Thu 11-Mar-21 12:39:40

You can also get wheat bran from Holland & Barrett. That's where I used to get mine when I made Irish soda bread.

Baggs Thu 11-Mar-21 12:50:28

There are other high fibre things you can use in place of wheat bran, such as Wheatgrass Powder and Psyllium Husk Powder. Just bung some in with whatever recipe you're using. I do all the time.

MamaCaz Thu 11-Mar-21 14:40:20

Ok. Thanks for all your helpful advice. 🙂