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Where has tomato purée gone?

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Ealdemodor Wed 17-Mar-21 16:46:53

This seems like a daft question, but tomato purée seems to have disappeared from the shelves. My daughter has found this too, so it isn’t just me.
Any ideas why?

timetogo2016 Wed 17-Mar-21 16:52:23

I get mine from Sainsburys/Aldi and Tesco Ealdemodor and tbh i have never had a problem getting it.

Jaxjacky Wed 17-Mar-21 16:53:40

Tesco have it too, had three tubes delivered last weekend.

Patsy70 Wed 17-Mar-21 16:56:12

I buy it in a tube. Always plenty around when I’ve shopped recently in Lidl and Tesco. What I can’t find is the Knorr or supermarket own brand of fish stock pot. (I’ll send you the tomato purée if you send me the fish stock pots Ealdemodor.) 😊

Ealdemodor Wed 17-Mar-21 17:02:03

This is odd. I shop in Tesco regularly, and Waitrose, but no luck.
Guess I’ll just keep looking!

BBbevan Wed 17-Mar-21 17:05:12

I bought some last week from Sainsbury’s .

Nightsky2 Wed 17-Mar-21 17:05:16

I think it must all be in Tesco smile

Dinahmo Wed 17-Mar-21 17:09:40

Maybe it's because the tinned tomatoes are mainly Italian?

The other side of the coin - no Pedigree dog biscuits and treats in my local supermarket here in France.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 17-Mar-21 17:10:51

Aldi have it on their shelves, and Sainsbury’s.

Smileless2012 Wed 17-Mar-21 17:13:54

Always available in Tesco

seacliff Wed 17-Mar-21 17:18:44


Redhead56 Wed 17-Mar-21 17:31:24

It’s in every shop I go to in Liverpool no shortage at all.

Blossoming Wed 17-Mar-21 18:05:16

I never buy it, prefer passata.

Grandmabatty Wed 17-Mar-21 18:05:53

Got a new tube of tomato puree at the weekend from Tesco. But I agree about the stock pots. Have Knorr stopped making them or is it Brexit?

AmberSpyglass Wed 17-Mar-21 18:08:37

I bought so much purée and tinned tomatoes ahead of Brexit (over a period of months!) so they’re probably all in my pantry....

Scribbles Wed 17-Mar-21 18:13:38

Tomato puree disappeared around these parts about 6 weeks ago but it seems to be back now.

Ro60 Wed 17-Mar-21 18:17:27

Saw it in Morrison's yesterday; tinned & tubes.
Also in tubes in my local One-Stop store.
Happy hunting

jusnoneed Wed 17-Mar-21 18:35:13

I have been able to buy it in Tesco and Lidls down, here but a friend who lives in Yorkshire said she was unable to get any for a couple of weeks - finally got some in Morrisons.

Greyduster Wed 17-Mar-21 18:40:47

I get mine from Aldi - no shortages apparent.

Greyduster Wed 17-Mar-21 18:42:21

And I live in Yorkshire!👍🏻🙂.

muse Wed 17-Mar-21 18:58:43

It's on my Sainsbug's order for Friday.

I need some prunes, though. Packet ones not tinned. They haven't had any for 3 weeks now. Think it might just be Sainsbug's though. Rang a neighbour last week and she picked some up from Morrisons for me.

EllanVannin Wed 17-Mar-21 19:01:08

Corner shops here have it.

grandmajet Wed 17-Mar-21 19:27:10

Quite a bit of it is in our cupboard, courtesy of Tesco.

kittylester Wed 17-Mar-21 19:31:23

I've got some because I couldn't get any for a while so I put it on loads of Sainsbury's orders just in case!!

FannyCornforth Wed 17-Mar-21 19:34:09


Maybe it's because the tinned tomatoes are mainly Italian?

The other side of the coin - no Pedigree dog biscuits and treats in my local supermarket here in France.

There is a problem with dog food pouches here.
I assumed that it was a Brexit thing.
I learnt from the amazing prepper boards on MN that this could happen.
But from what you are saying from your home in France, it must be something else 🤔