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Bubble and squeak

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Witzend Mon 05-Apr-21 20:16:26

I had half a Savoy cabbage to use up before the veg box arrives tomorrow, and nothing that would really go with it, so I made a load of mash on purpose and we had bubble and squeak with bacon, egg, mushrooms and tomatoes.
A fry-up is a very rare thing in this house, so it was a thing of exceeding yumminess.

Amberone Mon 05-Apr-21 20:18:55

Yum I love bubble and squeak - we usually have it with any left over roast but sometimes with a fried breakfast as well.

Sago Mon 05-Apr-21 20:19:29

Comfort food, delicious.

SueDonim Mon 05-Apr-21 20:20:32

It’s a rare event in this house too, usually reserved for Boxing Day. Dh is the b&s supremo. grin

Puzzler61 Mon 05-Apr-21 20:30:03

Yum, love bubble and squeak with cabbage or sprouts. Let it catch on the bottom of the frying pan so that it’s crispy.
A squirt of daddies sauce - pure comfort food.

tanith Mon 05-Apr-21 20:43:45

Oh stop it? I want bubble and squeak now ?

Amberone Mon 05-Apr-21 20:46:16

When I've cooked a ham we have mashed potatoes and swede fried up with a thick slice of ham - with crispy bits and Daddies sauce, of course!

EllanVannin Mon 05-Apr-21 20:54:17

A good old favourite of mine, love it. We used to call it brown cap at home because mum used to brown it top and bottom so I suppose it looked like a cap in the large frying pan. grin

Maggiemaybe Mon 05-Apr-21 21:28:43

That’s just what DH made for lunch today! HP sauce for us. Delicious. smile

BigBertha1 Mon 05-Apr-21 22:14:12

Oh no this was one of the horror foods of childhood.

grandmajet Mon 05-Apr-21 22:32:34

It’s delicious, with pickled red cabbage. Yum.

Witzend Tue 06-Apr-21 19:57:37

Had some left over (I’d made loads) so I had a lovely B&S ‘cake’ fried ( just the barest film of oil) with a scrambled egg for breakfast.

Memo to self, to make a lot more soon.

sodapop Tue 06-Apr-21 20:37:18

I love bubble and squeak with swede as well Amberone especially when its brown and crispy. Could eat some right now.

Blossoming Tue 06-Apr-21 20:41:45

Sounds lovely!

Witzend Wed 07-Apr-21 14:18:50

Today I’ve bought a cabbage on purpose - already have plenty of spuds - and I’m going to make some B&S ‘cakes’ to keep in the fridge and have with an egg for breakfast. (I’m keeping right off bread at the mo and I’m not mad about cereal.).

timetogo2016 Thu 08-Apr-21 17:16:03

Another lover o B n S.
Sometimes i roll the veg into balls and roast them.

Amberone Thu 08-Apr-21 18:48:19

Witzend If you make enough you could freeze them. I bake them in the oven from frozen.

Jane43 Thu 08-Apr-21 18:59:23

My Dad used to make the best bubble and squeak, we often had it on a Monday with meat left over from the Sunday joint, we had HP sauce with it too. I’ve tried to make some as good as his but have never managed it.

Witzend Fri 09-Apr-21 11:11:44

If I had a big freezer I def. would, Amberone. Unfortunately it’s just an under the fridge job so I’d probably need to make space. Good reason for a rummage and a using-up - I did one before Christmas but it’s probably time for another.

Redhead56 Fri 09-Apr-21 12:24:31

It's delicious and comfort food.

yggdrasil Fri 09-Apr-21 14:24:07

you can buy b & s in tesco. If you are only feeding yourself you don't have many left overs, so I get this because I like it :-)

Dinahmo Thu 15-Apr-21 14:00:00

Not bubble and squeak but a Jamie recipe using savoy cabbage and pasta that I got from a recipe card picked up in Sainsbury's many years ago.

Quantities to suit yourself.

1. Put saucepan of water to boil
2. Chop some streaky and put into a largish pan and let the fat start to run. I usually use 4 rashers for 2 of us.
3. When water boils add pasta
4. Finely slice Savoy cabbage and add to bacon. Turn the heat down to low because you don't want the bacon to burn. Don't stir at this point. If you are using the outside leaves which you have washed, fine. If you are using the inside leaves which don't need washing just sprinkle a tiny bit of water over the cabbage because you want a bit of steam a dsp if cooking for one or two..
5. Top with grated parmesan or grana padano and put lid on.
6. Toast some pine nuts (optional)
7 .Cut up some mozarella.
8. When the pasta is cooked, add to the cabbage with the pinenuts if using and the mozarella. Add pepper, stir and eat.

The aim is to have the cabbage etc cooked by the time the pasta is ready

This is one of my favourite lunch dishes made when we've bought a savoy cabbage to go with our dinner.