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Sensitive to onions

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dahlia Sun 23-May-21 17:23:25

For the past two years I have become sensitive to onions, including leeks and garlic. I am also a vegetarian, and onions of course are an essential ingredient in many recipes. I have made Cornish pasties without onion, and tried other recipes which have turned out too bland. Have you any suggestions for what I can add to my quiches, etc., to mask the missing essential onion, please.

grannyactivist Sun 23-May-21 17:26:17

I’m also interested in replies as my father-in-law has the same problem. I feel sad that he misses out on so many good dishes.

Feelingmyage55 Sun 23-May-21 17:30:19

Watching with interest. Similar problem.

Feelingmyage55 Sun 23-May-21 17:30:54

I often use celery for interest.

silverlining48 Sun 23-May-21 17:35:04

I have never eaten onions, don't like leeks either. We buy onion salt or pure onion powder which I am ok with, otherwise its different herbs /spices, it doesn't have to be bland.

Lillie Sun 23-May-21 17:47:04

I use grated apple instaed of onions. Especially in Autumn dishes.

NfkDumpling Sun 23-May-21 17:50:46

There is a Facebook page - The Allium Allergy and Intolerance (UK only). They have some ideas and also what brands to avoid.

NfkDumpling Sun 23-May-21 17:52:53

At least most restaurants don't show disbelief now when you ask what's on the menu with no garlic. Impossible still in a vegetarian restaurant though.

silverlining48 Sun 23-May-21 19:24:25

I like the idea of grated onions Lillie

silverlining48 Sun 23-May-21 19:25:04

I mean grated apples. I hate the idea of grated onions!

Sar53 Sun 23-May-21 19:55:36

My husband has an intolerance to garlic which has got a lot worse in the last few years. Eating out is often a problem and I have to read the ingredients on any packet or tin I buy. Not all restaurants are helpful when asked about the things he can eat on the menu.
Even the slightest bit of garlic makes him very ill although he can eat onion. My sympathy to those of you with the same problem.

NfkDumpling Sun 23-May-21 20:05:53

I have the same problem as your DH Sar53. And almost every bloomin thing has it in now. Why? Most of the time there's so little of it that it makes no difference to the taste.

teabagwoman Wed 26-May-21 11:16:09

I’m very intolerant of onions and garlic but can cope with chives, the green tops of spring onions and green leek leaves in smallish quantities. Asafoetida, used in small quantities, is a useful flavouring. No help to vegetarians but bacon adds flavour to many dishes. I add chives or chopped spring onion tops at the end of cooking for a bit of onion flavour and a drop of garlic infused oil. I’m intolerant of the fructans in onions etc., which don’t dissolve in fats, so I can also make onion flavoured oil by frying onions and then carefully sieving the onion bits out. Worth looking at the Monash University Low FODMAP diet site for other ideas.

Trisha57 Wed 26-May-21 11:20:34

As teabagwoman has said above, Asafoetida (just a pinch) gives a mild savoury touch of onion. I often use it when cooking for my DGC as they won't eat onions because they don't like the strong flavour.

mumofmadboys Wed 26-May-21 11:28:44

It seems as if the majority of veggie recipes starts with fry an onion!

timetogo2016 Wed 26-May-21 11:32:48

Try fennel,thats supposed to have a storngish flavour and it`s really good for you.

EllanVannin Wed 26-May-21 11:38:59

Many of us older bods find as we get older that we haven't got the same tolerance to certain foods that we used to have. The best thing is to avoid them altogether unless you want to be unwell. They won't be missed in/ with your other foods.
Our tastes change in lots of ways.

I could eat an onion like an apple once upon a time but I'd be on the lav. all day if I did that now grin Spider bowels.

MiniMoon Wed 26-May-21 11:53:25

I too have an intolerance to onions, garlic and leeks. I use an eighth of a teaspoon of asafoetida to replaces onions in soups, stews etc.
Asafoetida is a gum from a type of large fennel and is widely used by those who cannot eat onions for religious or dietary reasons.
You can find it among the spices in large supermarkets.

MiniMoon Wed 26-May-21 12:07:35

I just leave onions out of quiches, I use celery in those.

luluaugust Wed 26-May-21 13:32:59

My mum couldn't cope with onions but found a small amount of the dried packet onions ok.

ElaineI Wed 26-May-21 23:15:28

When you say you have intolerance to onions etc what are the symptoms? Be as graphic as necessary please. DD2 has severe bowel problems - prolific diarrhoea - put down to IBS. Lots of weird issues - high platelets, vomiting, period problems. Due to covid was seen eventually by a doctor from Medinet (brought in to reduce NHS waiting lists from anywhere hmm. He was from Lebanon! and ordered wrong test which she waited a year for - it was a sigmoidoscopy and should have been a colonoscopy - doctor doing it told her all this. Was in November and now still due to covid she is waiting for correct test. Anyway we have wondered if it was a food allergy or sensitivity. She has cut out a lot, been taking Yakut, kefir and actimel, some kind of seeds etc but now wondering if it could be this as we eat lots of things with onions, garlic and leeks? Sounds a horrible thing to have sensitivity to.

Hetty58 Wed 26-May-21 23:57:37

Like teabagwoman, I'm absolutely fine with the leaves of spring onions (and ramsons too) so I grow them and just harvest the tops as 'cut and come again' crops - as I believe is usual in other countries, like Turkey.

teabagwoman Thu 27-May-21 13:37:13

Elainel, people vary in their reaction to onions etc., some suffer from acute constipation and flatulence, others have diarrhoea. I would strongly advise you to keep pushing for tests and a proper diagnosis but in the meantime your daughter could try an exclusion diet. Look at for reliable information about how to do this. Monash University, in Australia, are the acknowledged experts in managing IBS by diet. It looks complicated but I found it very manageable and she won’t have to exclude all the foods permanently. That said please push for a proper diagnosis. Hope she finds an answer soon.

ElaineI Thu 27-May-21 13:45:06

Thank you teabagwoman - I have just sent this link to my daughter. It looks very useful.

toscalily Thu 27-May-21 15:16:11

We have a family member who is unable to eat onions, apples (which are easier to avoid) and cannot have milk also has to be careful with several other things too. Fortunately can tolerate leeks in small quantities so I substitute those if I really need to otherwise I have generally just avoided using them. You do have to check so many things for onions, I read the packet on everything before buying.