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Type of nibbles people like?

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Jellygran Sun 15-Aug-21 16:25:46

I am hosting a pamper evening for about 12 ladies in September. I am a bit rusty when it comes to the type of nibbles people like. Any ideas?

DanniRae Sun 15-Aug-21 16:27:53

Olives - always go down well smile

Greendress Sun 15-Aug-21 16:36:28

M and S do some great nibbles - etc.

Greendress Sun 15-Aug-21 16:38:14

should read ; M and S do some greeat nibbles, tiny marinated red peppers stuffed with goats cheese, artichoke hearts etc.etc

Soroptimum Sun 15-Aug-21 16:47:57

For me- nuts, pretzels, cubed cheese wrapped in Parma ham or sun dried tomatoes on a stick, tortillas and dips, cheese sticks.

geekesse Sun 15-Aug-21 17:51:50

Mini sausages, cooked in honey and mustard, on sticks. Smoked salmon blinis. Blinis with sour cream and salmon caviar. Mini bruschette with sun-dried tomato, basil and mozzarella. Cubes of chicken on sticks with a satay dip. Celery, carrot and red pepper sticks with a hommus dip.

62Granny Sun 15-Aug-21 17:53:33

If you go on Pinterest there are some great ideas, nothing too messy and things on sticks so people can pick up, in view of the current climate I would avoid things that people take handfuls of ( perhaps a set of tongs could be used ) and if you do serve dips put a spoon at the side and a little card asking people to use it. I have seen pasta/potato salad served in little plastic/cardboard cups so people just take one, less mess.

Nannagarra Sun 15-Aug-21 18:53:48

I went to a friend’s house last week. Amongst the nibbles were dips served in individual shot glasses, if that helps.

Hetty58 Sun 15-Aug-21 18:55:54

Geekesse, yes, all my favourites - I'd enjoy a visit!

Blondiescot Mon 16-Aug-21 11:16:19

It may be a bit 'retro' - but a good old-fashioned 'hedgehog', an orange/grapefruit etc with cubes of cheese, mini sausages, pickled onions, pineapple, stuck into it usually goes down a treat!

Atqui Mon 16-Aug-21 12:10:12

George Clooneys ear??

CleoPanda Mon 16-Aug-21 12:14:07

Olives - noooooh!
Depends entirely on whether the group are vegetarian or vegan or whatever?

Blondiescot Mon 16-Aug-21 12:49:22


Olives - noooooh!
Depends entirely on whether the group are vegetarian or vegan or whatever?

Huh? Am I missing something? Why would it matter if
there are olives if there are vegetarians/vegans in the group?

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 16-Aug-21 14:25:40

What on earth is a pamper evening please???

Nortsat Mon 23-Aug-21 19:00:26

I seldom buy them because I would just keep eating them.

I love crisps ...

TillyTrotter Mon 23-Aug-21 19:05:00

Asda Parmesan & garlic mini twists. We love these with a glass of wine.

Georgesgran Mon 23-Aug-21 19:09:41

TillyT no Asda near me, but you’ve set me off now. Rushing to M&S for a box of their Cheese Twists and a bottle of wine before they close and no sharing!

NotSpaghetti Mon 23-Aug-21 22:07:18

I would invest in samosas and indian style treats from a great place not too far away!
(And then I'd hope lots will be left over).... grin

JackyB Tue 24-Aug-21 07:04:56

I once had success with three different colour pastes which I piped onto Ritz biscuits. They looked nice and were very quick to do, and to top up if necessary. You can make the pastes and fill the piping bags in advance, but be careful to keep them the right consistency. Some will go too hard in the fridge.

You can make them by blitzing up liver pâté, various mixtures with cream cheese, blue cheese, tuna, olives, peanut butter, tomato paste or sun-dried tomatoes etc etc. Add butter to soften if necessary. I don't bother with further decoration, although you could put a little bit of e.g. olive, radish, parsley on top. They look nice enough without in their colourful pinks, greens, blacks, whites and yellows.

Ali08 Tue 24-Aug-21 07:30:27

Just the one, don't you want his neck, too?

timetogo2016 Sat 04-Sep-21 09:16:10

Same here Nortsat, once opened i start chomping till they are all gone,so avoid the crisp isle.
But if i were having a get together i would buy crisps,nuts,tortillas,a selection of cheese,mini pork pies/scotch eggs,dips,grapes,strawberries and nice small crusty fresh rolls.

Redhead56 Sat 04-Sep-21 09:32:21

Devilled eggs dates wrapped in Palma ham mini bhajis with mango chutney

Witzend Wed 15-Sep-21 20:02:16

My very very cheesy cheese straws always vanish very fast, but they’re rather a faff to make.

I’ve never cared much for crisps, but have recently become a convert to Walkers Sensation Lime and Coriander - most exceedingly moreish.

Smoked salmon and cream cheese on mini crackers or squares of toast are IMO always yum.

Nothing with goat’s cheese, thanks, can’t bear the smell of the stuff, never mind the taste.

CanadianGran Wed 15-Sep-21 23:12:11

When hosting book group I will usually put out a deli/charcuterie plate with a selection of cheese, salami or ham, some olives and dip/hummus along with crackers.

I have a recipe for a hot crab dip that everyone loves, served with crostini.

I will usually bake something easily cut into squares or slices, like lemon squares or banana loaf.

JackyB Thu 16-Sep-21 09:06:02

Jellygran didn't say when her party was and she hasn't been back to report. Has anyone seen her anywhere else?